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Swans and fish found dead in Dublin City - related to recent die offs?

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 06:05 PM
19 swans found dead in Dublin, Ireland.


Saw this on the news earlier and I realise its not a big number but swans are becoming rarer and with all the recent news about die offs like the one in California recently I wanted to know is there anything in ancient texts from civilizations that predicted the 2012 event that mentions animals dying off?

I just recently became interested in the whole 2012 thing and the more I look into the more I start to believe in it and I want to hear more about the flood mentioned in several different religions as I think this is what could happen on December 2012 at the end of this cycle.

Help me and you can come on the ark im building

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 07:33 PM
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I think the flood was created by a Pole Shift.
Here's an interesting theory about 2012:

These forums are good I think, it has nothing to do with David Icke. It's a community fed forum. Look into it.

Where's the ark?

EDIT: Duh! I thought this was posted in Breaking Alternative News...shame on me!
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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 09:47 PM
Well i would just say this is just a coincidence, but with all the other mass animal die-offs you cant really throw this one out.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:04 AM
Another event signifying absolutely nothing other than animals die and sometimes in numbers less than a thousand.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by Gab1159

I'm sorry but your avatar is freaky so your not gettin on board lol

but on a serious note it seems animals that rely on water bodies are dying off lately.
Could this be the biblical wormwood or changes happening to the earths water?
Impact from human waste etc?

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by roasted aliv3

A large animal death happened in Harbin China a few years back. That's the city famous for its ice sculptures. The deaths were due to a toxic spill.

There are many simple explanations for animal deaths. Why would you invoke a nonexistent whatever-it-is?

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by stereologist

Im not adding anything just bringing this to the attention of the community because of all the news relating to die-offs lately and also since 2012 is a mayan prophesy i know the mayans paid attention to omens and such very closely so i thought this being 2011 + animal die-offs would mean there would be interest from this forum.

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