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On 'man made' disasters and evil beings ruling the planet in 2012

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 04:37 PM
This is just coming to me now so writing as goes.

I ponder a lot and recently I thought up all this 'satanic blood sucking devils' stuff after getting over the duality phase and something came to me. These rumors of man made disasters, mind control, and other forms of satanic worship are allowed and even pressed to be spread (even formed from the 'elites') because it is meant to hide the fact the planet is shifting, changing. The mass collective of human consciousness still relies upon primal instinct.

Self pleasure, fear, instincts. It's why there's so many horror movies, so many wars and brutality in the world and general suffering as well as MANY looking at the world as a negative place. It's because most want to, they enjoy it deep down. It's far easier for the 'elites' to let slip that they might be destroying the world but it's a conspiracy! Because most will gobble it up in a heartbeat and take that and turn it into utter fear and devastation. If they openly admitted that most of the population would die out and the continents would shift, people would # a brick. They'd be stunned, many would have a heart attack, that amount of change cannot be accepted all at once.

As an example of change, there was MASS outrage of the loonie being introduced here in Canada. That was mass outrage for $1. Imagine being told where it couldn't be denied that our way of life was coming to an end. There would be riots world wide and just massacre. People would resort to pillaging, raping, murdering, and just tearing apart the world by primal instincts. We are our own worst enemies.

Lots will deny and try to not think of that, but we really are our own worst enemies. If we do not work on ourselves to know ourself, to get rid of those instincts, then we will resort to just that when the time comes. It's the time to face self. Surrendering to the universe, facing fears, putting yourself through desperate situations is the key. I know it sounds lunatic but I only mean the best to help others. This is how all will learn. That's why I believe once we get back on our feet, each person that is born is 'pushed from the nest' and initiates themselves to self, by being put in a plot of wilderness when older and learn to still the mind. Yelling and screaming that its abuse isn't going to help and would just make people plenty lazy and 'comfortable'. Is birds didn't kick their young out of the nest, they'd never learn to fly.

Cutting past all the aliens coming to save us, the elites being blood sucking vermin, life out to get us, I wish the best for my brothers and sisters to spread their wings of Earth and go out there to live! Sitting behind a TV is not living! Being with nature, learning yourself, and putting self through stress and fear (stepping on eggshells here as there's a completely different mindset as to what most look at that word as and what I use it as.) to progress.


The current mindset is a full circle.

You're born and see the world as it is, just something to get by in, watch TV, eat, sleep, have fun.
When you get older, you experiment safely on your couch and make excuses to keep yourself from yourself, such as satan and evil aliens coming to get us
A bit older and some work experience, we complain the money system is flawed and meant to keep us enslaved.
Later on some get to the point of seeing that life is all those view points but not. That every little thing that happens in life is actually to be appreciated, awe inspiring beauty.

Shapes, colors, and nature are the keys to our shining future out of this learning phase of hiding from ourselves into seeing outside the box and shell and looking at what life really is.

Rather then staring at the only dead tree in the forest and calling it the work of Satan, look at the whole forest, look at each tree in its utter beauty.


posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Congratulations, You are seeing life as it is meant to be.

We come into this World to “Grow” spiritually. The sustenance that our soul requires is the beauty and peace our mother provides us.

However, there is a force in this World whose goal it is to starve the Human soul and prevent its ability to mature.

This force has many tools of distraction and multitudes of our brothers have been diverted from the path.

Our species stands on the “knifes‘-edge” in this time. We are bombarded on all sides with delusion, many will be fooled and fail.

Time has come for us to awaken, throw off our bonds and declare we are Free Men.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 07:44 PM
I applause your thread. This is a really beautiful message here. There is no good, no bad, everything is relative to one's interest and relative to The Game, which is life/reality in fact. We are in a game, and it is very hard to win when the Elites know the rules, but not the population. People think our life is all there is, they do not see it as a game or a school, which they should.

Since I'm aware of that, I can really see the difference in soul maturity in my everyday life. It's hard, but you get used to it. Just the way someone talks, thinks, the deepness of the eyes...You just know when someone is "old" or "young"...

S&F for bringing an intelligent thread in this lacking category.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 07:59 PM
Rather to look at the dead trees in the forest of life and become disgusted, look to the rest of the forest at its utter beauty. When most get there, they stop as they're content and chop the dead ones down. But there's also realizing that the dead trees are much needed in the forest as one would never stumble upon the utter beauty that life is without those same dead trees.

Let the dead trees flourish and given a chance to evolve through numerous lessons rather then being the sole judge and duty of any part of life as to what lives and dies. Let life sort that out and enjoy.
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