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News media decides to cancel Fear Factor to show the parking lot

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 09:25 PM
Tonight on the last 30 minutes of a two part Fear Factor episode, the news media on the local channel 4 in the upstate of South Carolina decided it was scarier and much more interesting to show a parking lot. They did talk about a police standoff and the swatt team coming in but mainly they just showed the parking lot I heard that a news briefing would commense 45 minutes after the show was over.
I don't understand why some stations think it's ok to interrupt and totally block some shows for something that could and should be discussed on the evening news if someone wanted to know more. Reminds me of a situation where my brother's local cable station didn't much care for Star Trek even though it was popular nationwide at the time. The local cable company would interrupt the show and let sports, news,etc. just run into or block alot of the show. Then later they would say, we now resume regular programming.

So can anyone tell me who won Fear Factor? The last scene I saw was the two cars 100ft up in Vegas and the girl just slipped and fell. At least I saw that she fell. The show was blocked after that for that "special late breaking news." Suddenly I saw something impressive: Wow, a parking lot, they even said they couldn't show positions of swatt team members. Someone give channel 4 in the upstate of south carolina a special award.

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