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How many EGO's do you have?

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:39 AM
Hello to my fellow Community,

Who Am I?

Well interesting question, isn't it?

I am, well, a very strange and unique individual to most. First let me explain about my question, How many ego's do you have? I asked this question, only because you may have a lot more than you are aware of. See, once you have become aware of who and what you really are, this is when you are capable of controlling the reality around you, and make it work for you. I have many Ego's myself, This of course, is one of them. The others I have are when I enter my dream state, although, in a sense I am still in my dream state. The only difference with this one, is that I choose to stay here longer. I will explain a little later, why I choose to stay here longer.

I hope most of you are aware of the ripple effect and how it works. Also how to begin a ripple affect, you must truly believe in what you are doing, is for the greater good, and must never be used for evil. You must realize we have double's, that are our opposites.(matter and anit-matter) Now of course the two may never come in contact with each other, but as long as you know they are there, that's all that matters

I started a ripple effect 16 years ago. This ripple effect has taken on a greater course than I had imagined, but it was necessary, to begin waking up the masses . Now a lot of you have realized by now how far we have come with our collective thoughts, and to talk about such things 16 years ago, people would look at you quite weird, and wonder what planet you came from. But now, most of you realize it has become the Norm. I have only been on the internet for a short time, Short as in 5 and a half years. 16 years ago, I began to tell people I worked with, and friends around me, that there were going to be some drastic changes, within the next 17 years. I even went as far to tell people what was going to happen. I told people of a dream I had, and that there was going to be a new beginning around the year 2011-2012. Now the important part, is to remember I said new beginning not an end. I guess you could say, it's like the Chinese whispers, and gets misinterpreted or changed along the line. Now you must bear in mind, At that time, I knew nothing, of the Mayan calender and any other dates predicted for this time frame. It was just a dream(or was it?) I told people that some changes within the earth were going to take place, but not to fear it, as it will be a battle between matter and anti-matter, but matter will win, as it always has, and the anti-matter will be once again backed into a corner.

Now here we are with every one talking about 2012. When did I figure out who and what I am? I was 14, and began to experiment, if we can alter our realities, to suit my self. And through the ripples of time, I have succeeded many times, even with my alternate realities, within in my dream state. I have everything I want, and did not work hard to get it. I learned how to control my dream state around the same time, so this way I could choose to do exactly what I wanted, while I was there. Now before I go any further, NO, I do not know everything, I doubt anyone does, All I did was figure out who and what I was. And when I came to realize I was not who I perceived to be, I nearly freaked out, and even attempted suicide 3 time's, and failed miserably. Only because I was not in control of me, and my ego-less me, did not allow it to happen. This is when I accepted the fact that I was not in full control of me, but rather a higher me was in control.

Now as I have no proof, of what said about 2011-2012 besides the people that I told this to. I do have some proof of another ripple effect I created not so long ago. This I will explain at a later date. Patients is the key to everything, as there is no time as we see it. ( All good things come to those who wait). So I must ask you to trust me for now, that what I have created this time, is for the greater good, of this reality. Which is the reason I have chose to stay here longer, than my other realities. This reality has been the most challenging. As most of the others I have been to, were quite easy to have the GOOD, as you call it, take control, and most I have been to, were already under control. So, yes I have had some help with this reality, to bring it back under control, And yes it is working. My opposite(anti-matter) is slowly being backed into the corner, and as you can tell, they are not liking it, hence the increase in earthquakes and mega storms and so on. This is there way of trying to defeat us,(the matter). But it always fails, and yes it has tried to do this in other realities to, so it's not the first time, this has been going on for infinity.

Now to some of you this may seem crazy, and some of you may just think I am nut's, Trust me, I have thought this many times myself, But I have to come to except it over time, and just go with the flow, so to speak. Just in case you think I am here for attention, you will be incorrect. I am actually the opposite, and most of my few friends that I hang around, are people who do not listen to me, and I do not remain close to those who do. Go figure. I am actually a keep to my self person, And have very few friends, only because, as most of you know, it can be quite difficult at times, to trust people, as those who follow blindly, never really understand what they are getting them selves in for. I will be bringing forward some very helpful information soon, to help most of you understand more of what I am saying, and yes I will be posting them within the Philosophy threads. Please do not judge me, as those who judge, only judge because they do not fully understand who they really are. I am a peaceful person, and only bring information you all know, but just have forgotten. This is because my opposite(anti-matter) has tried to take control of this reality, and brought dis-information upon this reality.
Which is why it has made mine and many others mission very difficult, to get through to people. In the end though. you can not resist something that is inevitable.

I will look forward to chatting with you all. Until Then Take good care.

Much love

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by MrPhilosophy

Hello and welcome!

Interesting stuff, keep it up (like you have any other option!)

would like to know more about your ripple effect etc!!

see you on the boards!

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by BadBoYeed

Hello, and thank you

I will explain more of the ripple effect and how it works, when I begin creating my threads
Thanks for you reply.



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