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Dream about Bomerang Shaped Mothership...

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 10:28 AM
Hi everyone i haven't posted in a while. So i know that this thread is more for the dreams and predictions, but i feel that it should be posted here, because i saw a Grey worker in the dream, so to me it makes more sense to post it on this thread, most likely it will b moved to the dreams and predictions area...

What makes this one so intriguing is that what ends up happening is that i end up inside the mother-ship...
Now i do believe these beings exist and u nay-Sayers aren't so open minded... I know there are good and bad guys and i u do happen to be chosen by the bad beings to have an examination (abduction) that's just real bad luck...

So hears the dream below and Ive also draw a picture of the Grey worker, i believe he is with the good guys...
I have been recording all my dreams for reference and lately they keep getting more odd and interesting...

p.s this dream is really long so plz bear with me...

March 7, 2011 -

Its daytime in this dream/ expirence, and im in our house. Im inside with my dad and sister, not sure were my mom was. This part is fuzzy just a little. My dad was on the laptop as usuall in the living room. The patio door blinds are open as usuall. I walk up to the glass patio door and i look ouside in amazement. The moon is closer than usuall. Closer to us. I found it odd but cool. Next to the moon in the bottom right corner of it was a smaller planet. Strange...but cool...Anyway, I asked my dad and he came over and to me and said to me it was the moon and venus. I thought it was an awsome sigt to see.

I told him i was gonna go to my room and grab my camera. I ran to my room and grabbed the camera. Then i ran back. I also grabbed our telescope. Then i took the telescope and positioned it towards the glass patio door. Then i had realized that the moon and venus was higher than the house so i had to take it outside to get a much better view, and so that when i had the telescope in view i could take the camera and put it into the tekescope lens so i could get a much closer view of the moon and venus. So when i took it outside and when i looked up at the sky to look up and in the place of the moon and venus was a mothership. I could only see the front side, it looked complex but plain.

Next to the left side of the mothership was a bunch of shuttles, ones that looked similar to mass effect 2's shepards shuttle. Anyway on the opposite side of the mothership were two looking rod like things. They looked like a straight metal objects but in the middle was a longer horizontal rod and above that rod was a shorter horizontal rod. And at the very top of these two induvidual rods was a circle metallic looking ball. Like a walking cane, similar. Anyway the mothership,shuttles, and rods hovered motionlesdssly. And when we saw all of this i heard, "Over there!" in my head. Like they saw us and they told them to go and get us style. After i heard "over there", one or two shuttles came towards us slowly, but maybe it was fast but our view was slow...

Anyway me and my dad are back inside he imidatly closed the blinds. I did not feel any negativity from them. But he wanted to get away from them as far away as possible so i followed. Mom and stef didnt even seem to care or even know what was going on. I had to explain to her that they are here. She didnt seem to think they existed. I think she understood and then believed me i think. Next part is really strange...Now our van is in the house. Its able to fit in the house and still have room to drive around! Dads driving. Moms next to him in the passenger side. I think me are sitting in the back. This next part is also very strange.

Now he starts driving up onto the kitchen coutertop. Amazingliy there was even enough room to drive on top! Now he drives up the cabinets. Then after were back on the dining room floor, still in the house. Then he drives threw the glass patio doors! Now he drives fowards and goes left into our backyard. Then he makes a left. I dont know why but i think hes still trying to get away from them. I felt the shuttles coming after us.

Then he makes anothewr left were the capri should be in the backyard, but its not even there! He drives down and then smashes threw the fence! Now were on the actuall road ( still cannot understand why he couldnt go threw the garage). So now were going down our home road, towards the down side of rockland dr, but now i think were inside an ATV, which we dont even own. Stef falls out some how and then he turnes around and pickes her up. Now were heading up the hill on rockland. When we get to the top we make a right turn. Now were inside the van again. I dont think there following anymore. Were driving slowly.

No one is even panic-ing. When we dive past the small field/valley area in that road there is supposed to be a large building, but it wasnt there. When the building should of been the mothership was above that area. I can now see the side view of the mothership. Its shape is similar to a boomerang pointing to the left, similar shape. Exept not quite as wide as a boomerang, the smooth pointed edges were shorter and came closer to each other. Its hard to explain. Now were driving down and we get to the gas station, which is about 2-3 minutes away. We stop when we come to viewpoint road. Which is literally next to the gas station.

But when we stop there is a foggy substance in the air. Even though its daytime this fog stuff was in the area we were in. (Now that i think about it maybe "they" did that so we could not drive further so they could come and get us?) Anyway, next thing i know i was sitting down crossed leg on this smooth metalic looking floor. I felt i was inside the mothership. As i sat there i looked around, my dad and mom was to my left and my sister to my right. There were others too sitting. We sat in this specific area waiting for someone, like similar to doctors office and you wait for them to call u, like that similar. While i sit there i notice its quiet.

Now theres a green-ish misty substance in the air. I dont know were i got a white cloth from but i grabbed it and put if over my mouth. I wasnt sure if it was even safe to inhale this stuff. I took it off eventually, and then the green mistly stuff stopped out of nowere. There was a light but it was a little brighter than dim. There were young people too. I forgot to mention everything was the same metallic smooth walls and floors. Some people walked from an area to another with a white towl over them to hide our parts. There is one open room area that looks like a seperate rest room/ change clothes room. It was like a small seperate room like when u go to walmart and the public restrooms are just walk in and no doors, similar to that. The color of the walls for that walk in was a brown/ beige color wood. Fancy wood, if u will. (Im still sitting waiting to be called, so were the others too) Towards the middle of the room there was induvidually marked measureres for feet engraved into the floor.

They all went in a semi circle. There were abount 5-8 induvidual ones. A young boy in white towel walked over to an empty one. He put his feet on the thing and then rested his hand of a pedistool infront of each induvidual measureurer. He looked down looked at the numbers and then walked off. Next thing i know Flor (floor) comes up to me. She is an old friend of mine. She is my moms friends amandas sisters daughter. I was happy to see a familiar face. When she came up to me she said, "Well, this is surprising," smiling at me. She sits next to me to my left. Mom, dad, me and stef are still waiting to be called. Next thing i know someone comes up from behind me. I felt his legs touch my back. I look up and i see silas; my old bf who was 6ft tall.

Flores not happy to see him. He then walks and sits away from me. Flor told me not to go near him, i dont think she likes him
...Anyway, next i think i know a grey comes walking towards us. He dosent look fake at all. Ive actually never seen one before. He matched the description of the short ones. But he didnt look animated or anything. He was real. It was what i felt. I wasnt alarmed but i was infact a cool site to see. He stopped a couple of feet away from us and called out stef. His mouth moved and words came out of his mouth. This was odd cause there known for talking to u or others by mind. Anyway, stef gets up and either he (grey) followers her or she follows him(grey) away to another area, away from my view of course. Next thing i remember is im standing at a doorway. Same metallic looking walls and floors. Im looking into a small room. There is a wooden table in the middle, with two chairs. Me and a grey being are going to have a chat?

After that is fuzzy, then i wake up.
- I still remeber exaclty what he looked like ( grey )
-That would be cool if i actually was inside a mothership

I will post a dream about the metal flat table soon

The Grey Worker...

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by AlienDecendants

I don't really get what you want us to say? I'm sure it's just a dream and in no way reflects reality.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 10:46 AM
I believe the Skunkworks are gonna come callin'

As for dream; tldr by far - get thee Satan to the correct forum!

And don't come back because there's a boomerang involved!!


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