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US Federal Government tramples Constitution

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 08:30 PM
The federal government of today is just like the paper money it prints: Totally invented, baseless, and of its own laws.

The authority that comes from the federal government is the sheer bully power of force, fear, and prosecution of taxes.

Take a good square look at that federal beast, brother citizen! It's gotten far too fat for it's trousers, and now its wants to be the big bully of the world.

Well, it started at home. After inventing the various regulatory agencies to effectively rule every aspect of our infrastructure and modern lifestlyle, we cannot even pop aspirins into our mouth wihtout a stamp from the fed. Out lives and our deaths are liable to rule, overly taxed, bound, and ruled without remedy by federal system that has become a mockery of representative rule.

Justice has so mangled itself while trying to please everyone who has a slightest complaint, as though it were noble to hear all cases, and grant all pardons. So now we have ten millions of laws, yet men have only invented a dozen or so vices, which he repeats regularly in every culture and time in which he appears.

How then do we need so many laws? How many kinds of language does it take to make a simple judgment between a thief and a liar, or a muderer and a rapist? What kind of sentence guidlines do you need to imprison dangerous men?

How many thousands of years of law have you put aside in favor of your own notions of justice? Your ways have led to an explosion of vermin and vice! Instead of reducing the numbers and powers of evil men, you have allowed them to disperse and travel freely, until they mingle so deeply into the roots of the coutnry that its very national character falls into shame.

Incomptence and laziness in the American Experiment have created the old familiar friends of civilized man - opulence and corruption, and in such a liberal and stable environment, such vice like any other virulent matter can reproduce wildly, with no check upon its will.

Generations of criminals have reproduced, fathering populations of degenerate children, who have developed into the most souless and violent inhabitants of our suburbs and cities. This because of a lack of real law, and real consequence for acts that have ALWAYS been rigorously prosecuted in ALL other civlizations.

In the past, states had their own character, own authority, and their own standards of law. The federal government has crept up upon us, instead of a limited nexus of national order and healthy authority, it has taken over the real authority from the states, and tied us hostage to whatever whim is popular to their mind at the time.

From this we are led into even greater distraction, the people of the various states falling into common states of awareness with one another, because they have been stripped of their rightful inheritance, it was stolen by the federal powers.

We have lost the NOTION of BEING OUR OWN AUTHORITY. That is what was stolen. That is like stealing the right of the firstborn from the son of the household. Oue people, especially our children, don't even think in terms of having a say or part in the government. They aren't even taught to participate, just to obey.

It is all related - the loss of the sense of personal authority came hand in hand with the power grab of the feds.

Basically, their bully tactics and power grab killed the spirit of Liberty in the land.

In the name of control, they killed liberty, for no good reason other than the sake of their own corrupted authority. The regulatory agencies you created for my "safety" and "betterment" have become rotten festering pools of corruption and influence, and have ended up catering to the wolves, and eating the chickens. No one actaully cares about the American pulbic, it's all the money you can make. The FCC exists why? The FDA exists why? It seems like the only things they do are allow the powers they are meant to oversee the permission to do whatever they want.

Yet we are bound with more and more laws, and treated like subjects by a powerful federal government. In times of crisis, we have shown ourselves to be willing to submit to whatever authority that should arrive with flashiing lights, without even thinking.

So pussywhipped we have become! It really is different today: Well settled and civilized men would understand and discuss all the business of the nation, that was his pastime among other mature adults, the business of the town and the county was sufficient for the day, people had a sense of the culture and place they were from.

Our language has been pussywhipped and hobbled, our frateral organizations have famished and died, our grandfathers have all died and been forgotten. Well, maybe their souls have departed from us.

Indeed, a terrifying awareness as come to all us young Americans waking up in a nation that has become totally hostile to ITS OWN SPIRIT AND TRADITIONS. Us, the young men descended from the fathers of the land, are not given our birthright, but are treated to the activities of thieves and robbers, in various stages of their craft, either plotting the take or fencing the loot.

Politics has become a craft of earning money and prestige. If you want a cushy job, go get elected. Got a pretty face? Go get elected. Can carry a tune? Go get elected. it's a money game. it's the public face of a hidden monster, with ties and connections to every game in town.

It's true, the government has left the confines of the consitution. it has usupred states rights, and left the power of the individual citizen ravaged and torn. Such a brazen bully deserves to be smashed.

I am a citizen! I will direct my power and my will against the evil I have seen. Alone I will not do much. But if everyone that feels like me also does as me, then we can effect it. All you need to do is direct your power and speech and will against evil. In in place preach good, and reason, and sense.

It cannot endure when the leadership of a nation cannot squarely speak of or look at their own actions. Such a mad condition will result in great disaster. Indeed, those who claim a legal title and legal authority, must be able to justify, in all prudence every public action they make. Especially the great actions!

If you cannot dwell with reason, reason will quickly leave you, Woe be to the governor of a large land who has been deserted by reason. I would not want such men as my president, or any other occupation by my choice or hire.

Our government is filled with liars, secrets, black dealings, and secret combinations. The classes that fill the halls of power are from similar origins, even more contained and isolated than their predecessors. These folks are the spoiled children of the rich war-years generation. These kids who are coming into power never had it hard. They never had to consider HARD things, or GREAT things. Everything for them is packages, ready-made, purchased easily.

In fact, that is the general condition of Americans, our beings have atrophied from full healthy human beings. Especially the men.

I feel this is more by design than not, as the changs happened so quickly that I could see them after only 15 years of time. From the time of my childhood, to the childhoods of today, the entire universe has changed.

And it wasn't that the physical world changed at all, in fact there is less danger now than at any time for our people. Every corner has been rounded, every loose thread tied, or at least an effort is made to do so. Yet at the same time, no one is able to enjoy the safety and plenty that we have, there is some kind of unrest among the people, an insaitiable discomfort preventing everyone from enjoying the fruits of what we have earned.

So we have built a paradise for whom? I think we have been cheated. I think we have been duped for our labors and our money. Why have we worked so hard, only to enjoy a garbage can culture and trash TV? Why do we pay such high F-ing taxes, to go blow up brown people that live in dirt houses? How many sheep and livestock have you destroyed "protecting" Liberty? How many children have died in our efforts? Weigh carefully, you well-polished men.

Yet we are so willing, so eager to particiapte in the system. We are so disconnected and afraid of everything that we can't even think of changing things, God help us all.

So beaten down by the authorities, so crushed by the government, we have become a nation of slaves and defeated men, pretending to have honor in a nation that cannot have any, suffering from the destructive forces in our own people, running unchecked and unchallenged. So between the devil and lawyers we are ground into pieces, and the nation is not advanced at all for our sacrifice and labors.

The first effort against these things must be our speech. It must be in our debates. We must find our brothers. Americans who will not speak of these things with you are not your friends. They serve something else entirely.

Only free citizens will enjoy the fruits of the land. Slaves are not welcome among us, neither are criminals or traitors. Deceptive people are not welcome, along with all other rascals. I refuse to labor to feed corruption.

That perhaps is the first philosophical statement to make for American Citizens. Refusal to assist or help those who are not doing what we know to be good. We can trust our leadership classes to do two things: Get rich legally or illegally. The acquisition of money seem to be the entire depth of modern American philosophy, and the true character of Neo-Conservatism.

Down with these false kings, these thieves and robbers. You occupy our temples as thieves and highwaymen, while we shovel the burden onto our backs and pay your great luxury. We are not subjects, sirs, nor do we labor for your pleasure.



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