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Masculine Women! Feminine Men!

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 07:51 AM

I bring up such a divisive topic for debate because I believe it is a necessary one that any civilized people should be willing to conduct in a rational atmosphere.

My argument is that this video was 1926, imagine what they would conclude now in 2011, oh the horrors they would witness. This video was only a part of the rebellion against the erosion of sexual division between men and women. As the women’s equal rights amendment to the US Constitution had been passed and women were gaining a more powerful hold within modern society arguably their influence upon commercialism and consumerism through targeted advertisement drastically changed the social atmosphere.

The old lines and gender differences were beginning to evaporate, not directly due to the newly legislated equality between the sexes, rather because it was a movement which was ongoing for years. I would not venture to prescribe the antidote to our social upheaval as the ‘fixation of women in their place’ rather the pursuit of sexual equality has failed us, shattering the lines which once so powerfully kept our gender roles in order. The antidote that I personally would prescribe would be the recognition of ‘separate but equal’, women deserve equal standards and rights in society but the roles of gender should be respected and nurtured, not despised and abandoned.

When you seek the marital vows of another, unless you are a homosexual, you want your spouse to have the opposite role of yourself so as the unit together, your union and your family may function properly. Call me “old school” but I do not think a mother should work, it is enough of a job to raise children, the fathers should pick up the slack and fill the shoes their ancestors had to fill for them to be where they are today.

Well this should be an interesting and highly heated debate, hopefully we can refrain from name-calling and childish personal attacks that do not have any factual basis, wonder how long it will last.

Video is great nonetheless, very catchy tune.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 07:59 AM

Call me “old school” but I do not think a mother should work, it is enough of a job to raise children, the fathers should pick up the slack and fill the shoes their ancestors had to fill for them to be where they are today.
reply to post by Misoir

I utterly disagree with this point. In the modern society we live in currently, and the stresses put on men and woman, i think woman should work. In the olden days that you so romantisize, men were indeed the providers, bringing home the bacon. But, i believe the way they lived back then were simpler. Not as rushed as today.

So to say that woman should not work, i think is wrong. Woman are, in todays world and society, equal to men. They have the same oppertunities, the same possibilities. Why deny a woman what she wants?? A woman, as a mother will always put her kids first, and work second. They can cope with having kids and with working, so to take this away from them is wrong.

The fact that a mother chooses to work, to provide a better life for her kids is admirable. I for one appreciate a woman that is not dependend on a man, for her things. Woman can very well stand on their own two feet.

I am sure the divorce rate, and rate of single mothers was also much much lower back in the era you are talking about. Hence, the man would always provide. But in today's society this type of view is not plausable anymore.

I hope you can see the point in this.


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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:04 PM
First off, i S+F because you presented your thread beautifully and didnt try to ram your opinion down peoples throats. I watched the video and what i found odd was women wearing trousers. Really, back in the 20's? I was under the impression that trousers really didnt become fashionable for woman until after WW2 - In the UK atleast.

However, i personally despise gender roles. I dont think that one lifestyle suits all. I'm sure alot of mothers would love to stay at home all day and look after the children, theres nothing wrong with that. My problem comes when its expected. Things just are not how they used to be. Men in the west dont do the hard laboured jobs they used to, the jobs they do can be done by woman which has been just another helpful erosion of the gender roles divide.
I'm just going to try keep my post sort and say simply that designated roles should not dictate an individuals life. Should a man want to wear a dress, let him wear a dress. If a woman wants to work and bring home the bacon, let her do so.
We cant keep restricting people with silly social expectations.

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