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Connection - A Personal Experience - Why Cant We All Do It?

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 05:13 AM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
reply to post by franspeakfree

A subject I have studied for many years.

When you say studies, how? and with what means?

Let No One discourage you at any time…

You have "Connected" to the other end of the Mind.

I went through a period of time trying to bury my head in the sand but this sudden overwhelming build up of 'energy' to use a better word, would just force me to take note.

Your “Inner Mind” (that is geographically where you experience from) has "Connected" to the “Outer Mind” which carries a "Cloned Version" of The All.
In all existence there is Nothing at all, which does Not have both….

If this is the case then our galactic neighbours must also be in this 'inner mind' which in turn would suggest that we are all connected in 'life'?

a. An “Inner”
b. An “Outer”

Whether only "Conceptual" or not

Indeed, what I call labelling in order to describe best the experience to others.

So when you say you “Connect” you have discovered the All of the Self, which is a Cloned version of The All itself.

I am having a hard time keeping up with you, when you describe All of the self which is a cloned version? cloned by who?

The "Sceptic" avoids this, perhaps Not wanting to know, in case the “bogy man” is there.... Hence why some fear, or are nervous of darkness.
But there is no “bogy man” there…. LOL

From experience I can categorically say that there are bogey men in this ether and that when one treads this path there are many many many dangers that you can face, I always revert to the ''fool' in the tarot card when trying to explain this fully.

IMHO - I believe there is something literally physically stopping people from understanding this and experiencing from themselves, however, with a few simple excercises I really do hand on heart believe it is possible to extinguish those barriers in the hu-man psyche in order to see clearer.

"Knowledge of the Self" is the greatest wealth one can have, as all else has a beginning and an end.
But the True Self is "Immortal".

Its an extrememly complex and complicated journey to the 'knowledge of one self.' I have see recently why people do not want to tread this path it is not an easy one and thats for sure.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 05:37 AM

Originally posted by kennyb72
reply to post by franspeakfree

I can follow a conversation for what seems to me for 5 minutes or more, what throws me out is the sudden realization of what I am doing. My mind seems to flip between two modes, I can only describe it as the "here" and the "their" my awareness of self brings me back to here.

Its funny isn't that even though I you and many others it looks like can relate to this, still the sceptical minded people insist its all in our heads and mere delusional fantasy.

As I described in the OP it is my opinion that we are thrown out of this 'state' when we try and use our physical senses in order to press our way in to this 'existence' It took me alot of time to work my way up to training my body and consciousness not to interfere in these states. When I am connected I am not aware of time in the sense like I am in everyday life, time plays no part in this existence. Its as if everything around me is nothing but an illusion sometimes.

I can't imagine yet how I can control this, as the very act of consciously trying to expand the experience brings me back into the "here". Now that I am aware of the phenomena, I will try to take some control over it and see where it leads me.

If there is one thing that I have learnt and it is this IMHO the more you try to figure it out the more you will stumble and fail. I know it sounds absurd but this is the truth in my opinion. I have simple labels which I will share if anyone is interested and one of the most important ones for me is ride the wave which simply means do not question just go with it and see where it takes you. This 'thing' cannot be controlled by us hu-man in 3d land. It just can't be done.

Interesting the word connect as I don't feel that their is any two way communication I feel as though I am a fly on the wall figuratively speaking and that those I am witnessing have no awareness of me.

Again this is completely normal, well at least it is to me, from what I understand we observe, we learn, we keep our heads down (figurally speaking) and then when it is time they make you aware that they are aware of you and always have been. The rules to this are that there are no rules as rules are simply hu-man understanding not necessarily 'lifes' If rules were implemented then our growth would be distorted and controlled and 'they; would be no better than us hu-mans. However, sometimes I wonder whether they are.

I will contact you if I can expand this experience into something more tangible.

Please do I am really surpised by the positive feedback I have received and I am hoping that more and more people will be able to emphasize with me over time.
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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 05:57 AM

Originally posted by Greensage
So what do other people see when they lay down in a darkened room with ambient sounds or music? I see a kaleidoscope of movements and colors and I then am able to break into my imagination where I can manage what I see by visualizations. Funny, I always thought everyone could do this!

Visualisations are vital in all of this, I was once told, "imagine an orange sitting in your hand" - I didn't really understand what I was being taught until a few years later. In order to differentiate between your 'imagination' and altered reality one must first understand visualisation. I find that if I concentrate on the kaleidoscope of colous and flashing lights then I can quickly 'connect' however, lights and flashing do not always appear sometimes there is nothing until the screen is turned on, then I just go with it.

I know I hear voices and others say they cannot, but the visuals? Are others not seeing them? Sometimes I use these to build things in real-time, I will take a project and completely do it in my head then if there are any adjustments or snags I can take care of how to overcome them before I actually start the project for real.

Can yougive an example of building things in real time?

I dream within dreams.

I also, I was thinking about starting a dream journal as I dream every night (apart from if I have had a drink of alcohol, but that is rare

When I go to bed at night sometimes the visuals are so intense it takes me hours to finally get to sleep. I see lots of purples and violets but on several rare occasions I see a speck of light shining in the far off distance and just as I begin to focus on it it disappears.

Please share some more details of the visuals.

Sometimes, just as I am ready to doze off is when a voice jumps in and says something to me or a noise will shatter the silence like a bang or explosion. I can usually dismiss the voices but the explosion can sometimes set my heart racing for a bit. There have been times when I have had to sit up because suddenly my heart was pounding so hard like I became frightened but there wasn't anything associated with fear.

Haha I can absolutely categorically empathize with you, the initial shock when the voices come in like a radio station finally finding a channel, your heart beats a little quicker and then WHAM! your in, lying still, between unconscious/conscious state and trying desperately to remember what is going on.

I always thought everyone went through this. I always wondered how people lay their heads down and then within seconds they are snoring and are out like a light! I cannot, even when I am so exhausted it does not work that way. I run through my day and I run through visualizations before my mind shuts down into sleep.

I have addisons so I suppose this is the reason I am able to attune quickly, although if I am tired I will go straight to sleep.

I am a natural Lucid Dreamer, I have always been that way since I was in the Crib as a child. I know Lucid is not the average experience but I never really think of it as rare or unusual.

I also we have much in common lucid dreaming is the norm for me now, I enjoy dreaming very much.

*On a side note I want to add that when I speak of being 'connected' there is a difference between going to sleep and connecting and lying down ready to 'connect' (normally in this state it is far easier to remember what is going on)

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 06:09 AM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by franspeakfree

If you can do it, it can be taught to other people as well.

Please write out a set of excercises to help people get to this "connection" you speak of, then bundle it into a free pdf guide and create a good link and send it out into the ether. People need help these days, to get to these places. My intuition tells me you might have a future helping people get into this state and to make their own connection.

NewAgeMan, I have no agenda, stars are in the sky and flags are flown from a pole.

It would be my pleasure, however, I am not a creative genious and writing PDF's are not my forte, however, if somebody would like to help me then thats fine with me. That said here are a few simple steps for now that work for me:

1. Relax
2. Relax
3. Relax
4 Relax
5. Relax
6. Relax
7. Relax
8. Relax
9. Relax
10 Begin

Close your eyes and think of nothing if your mind is racing and you have the entire weeks intinery going through your mind you are not relaxed at least not relaxed enough to connect. This is what I call 'gardeners meditation' if you have a whole load of thoughts zipping around your head, then its time to tackle them one by one. Get a piece of paper and write down each thought in your head on the paper, it may take time but after a while your mind will quieten down and you will be ready to 'relax'. Once your mind is still and there are no thoughts buzzing around, just exist. Listen to the sounds of outside and concentrate on them, use your ears as a guide to hone in on your inner self. Then use your mind to explore your body in order to feel and explore every part of you inside and out.

It is vital (at least the way I see it) it is vital to explore your body in order to be able to experience yourself out of it. Now I know that won't make sense at the moment but there will come a time where you will experience yourself as a seperate entity outside of your body. Its complicated!

So for now its: Relax,Relax,Relax,Relax,Relax,Relax,Relax,Relax,Relax,Relax, Close eyes, Still Mind,Listen explore body - Exist

I guarantee you this if you are willing to try and open to exploring new things then you will either freak out entirely or snap out of it within a blink of the eye when you see something out of the ordinary once you follow these instructions.
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