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Republican Michigan Governor Plans to Raise Taxes on the Poor to Finance Tax cuts for the Rich

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by duality90

The Patriot Act is not the product of people who respect the rule of law. It is the product of Republican politicians who bemoan the 'trashing of the constitution' in one moment, and then write legislation to supersede it's authority in the next - the same people you would vote in on the belief that it is social welfare that is killing America.

Your arrogance is absurdly stupid. Once again you assume you know something about me, and this time you assume you know how I vote. It is simply moronic to make such assumptions without any knowledge to back them up. Do you enjoy making a fool of yourself?

In regards to the Patriot Act being a product of Republican politicians, again you demonstrate remarkable ignorance. In terms of its passage, it is a product of both Democrats and Republicans. The appropriately named link below will edify you on exactly who voted for, and who voted against the Patriot Act in 2001, and 2006:

That link lets you know who voted for the Patriot Act. Who wrote the damn thing were a bevy of lawyers, not politicians...lawyers.

Your 'american dream' and the Mayflower analogy are not contextually appropriate. America was not made great solely by virtue of pure ambition - up and until the late 1930s and 1940s, the United States was neither a superpower nor the economic powerhouse that it became after the invigoration of its industry when the need to tool up for world war 2 and provide arms under lend-lease became necessary. It was a mixture of various factors which made America successful, whilst not discounting the ambition of its people. Pure ambition alone would have never got the United States anywhere, if it did not have the right natural resources and the prevailing economic conditions were not right.

Typical of the collectivist, it just rankles you to know end to think that individual effort alone is what made America great, and let's not for a single second confuse the "super power" status of the United States the last 50 or 60 years as demonstrative of that once great nation. The United States weathered many different types of economic conditions in its rise as successful nation, and that rise was not due to collectivism, it was due to individualism, and if America is ever to be great again, it will be because individuals on an aggregate level soundly reject the nonsense of collectivism and begin doing as individuals what they can, and most assuredly what they must.

The reason America is seeing its political and economic hegemony slowly receding is because the United States, although still the worlds largest economy, does not 'produce' in the sense that it used to. You certainly have more industry than the United Kingdom, but cheaper labour costs and higher profit margins are forcing production to move to China and India, both of whose economies are rapidly outgrowing the West.

Typical of the Marxist you insist on viewing economy in terms of industrialization, but if the U.S. as a nation of individuals ever hopes to break away from the trap of industrialization, the individuals within that nation are going to have to understand that industrialization does not create economies. Indeed, in the day and age of robotics, and artificial intelligence, the idea of paying any kind of labor for a job that can easily be done through automation is past the point of absurd, it is in every way inefficient. The idea of creating jobs just for the sake of jobs is a losing proposition. There are too many needs on the planet, and way more resources than scare mongers care to admit to, to diminish economy down to job creation for the sake of jobs.

And stop using that stupid phrase 'the priest lawyer class'. It makes you sound like an uneducated ponce repeatedly spouting the same thing which noone has ever heard before.

Yeah, right. Now, go put on your black robe and powdered wig, and all rise...all utter their prayers to the Lord Judge...all be seated. You are very much a part of the priest class lawyer set, and I am greatly pleased it annoys you to be labeled so appropriately.

And as for your assumptions? I imagine you think me to be someone in my mid 30s/40s? Wrong! I'm in my final year of law school.

Yet another stupid assumption. I have not imagined you at any age, or sex, or any other sort of characteristic other than the priest class lawyer mysticism you so clearly worship.

Not quite the East-Coast fat-cat you had in mind eh? Assumptions go both ways pal...

Obviously things go easier for you in your imagination. Welcome to the real world, sport.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 10:07 AM
This video link came in my email this morning.
I hope I posted this right.

More than 1,000 People Rally Against Gov. Snyder's Budget

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 10:20 AM
here is the link for the online petition.

For some reason when I try to edit my above post, it won't let me.
There's no reply button.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by here4awhile
just another slap in the face to any middle class citizens...I expect to see more of this in many of the states to further fill the pockets of the rich pigs

A total slap in the face for the people blind enough to vote this idiot in office. Its as if he's saying "Thanks for voting for me! Now pay the people that helped me get in office off!!!!"

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by DontTreadOnMe
I live in Michigan and will be affected by this.
I will not like it, but please what would your suggestions be to get more money into the Michigan Treasury?

I hear a lot of folks complaining about wht these governors are doing, but see little if any options offered to fix broken states.
No one wants to give up anything, no one wants to lose any of their income.

The engine of any economy is the consumer. If we continue to decimate the average consumer (read middle class) locally or nationally there will simply be less people consuming...less demand.

Demand drives a economy...not supply...and certainly not an increase in money supply to corporations or banks or the wealthiest amongst us.

Demand does not occur when the consumer class is being kicked while attempting to recover from a financial crisis.

We already gave banks and corporations Billions...they sat on the money, they invested in China, they did what was safe and in thier best interest. This was our fault for not attaching conditions to the bailout funds.

Tax breaks for Millionaires and corporations does virtually NOTHING to stimulate the economy....They have no incentive to invest that money absent some promising return (consumer demand)

A healthy middle class is the only thing that can drive consumer demand back to what it once was....and with Demand...corporate profits and expansion follow...they follow the money.

That is just the truth...the rest is just ugly politics and psuedo-class warfare.

The concept of tax breaks for corporations to create jobs at the expense of further pain to an already suffering consumer?

Corporations do not hire people when they get more money...they hire people when people are buying thier product and they need to make more of it!

It's as dumb as the failed assumption that simply giving banks bailout money would result in investing in businesses and thus more jobs...the banks sure took the money and then looked around at the lack of consumer demand and said hell no I don't see anything worth investing one is buying anything...because we got all their money!

Round and round it goes. Tax breaks for corporations will not mean jobs if no one is buying their products! Why the hell would they expand without consumers? They sure will take the money though.

DEMAND...NOT is just so plain as day. Economists that aren't in politics have been screaming it.

Get the consumer back on it's feet or we are all screwed. Enough with scheming ways and looking for opportunities to give payola to corporate political backers.

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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 04:39 PM
It's good to have a businessman in charge of our state. If only 1000 people showed up it's because everubody else was working.I'm in Michigan and our area is growing quite rapidly with our company addinf 1100 jobs in the next 3 years.I for one look forward to the cutting and taxing of welfare it's about time.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by maybereal11

Your post is a rare one for its basic truthfulness. Indeed, demand is what fuels commerce not giving rich people more money who invest in exotic stuff, not job making investments at all.

But the problem is . . . excuse me . . . the very stupid fools who keep voting these nut-job Republican lackeys of the rich in office to do their bidding at the expense of the moronic saps like the Tea party people and others who love the rich.



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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 09:21 PM

Originally posted by maybereal11
Corporations do not hire people when they get more money...they hire people when people are buying their product and they need to make more of it!

Like I said...if tax incentives and trickle-down economics are the answer...then how come it doesn't materialise as rebates. Rewards for jobs created and economic prosperity accomplished...not tax breaks for those who send labour off-shore and registered in tax sheltered foreign banks.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 09:50 PM
Get a life...You Marxist SEIU idiot's!

No one belives your 'left wing' crap anymore..Go back to your $100. an hour job.

Your only making a fool out of yourself!

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by dragonridr
reply to post by inforeal

I was just talking about this today with some family i have in michigan. Your article here is crerry picking its information and well its wrong.

First Michigan is one of only three states that shield most pension income from state taxes. His plan is to tax all income, regardless of its source (except for Social Security). Michigan has all ways taxed private pensions and his budget wants to include public pensions (government employees). I was asking my uncle what made him so special oddly he had to agree hes retired from teaching. His other proposal mentioned was getting rid of the earned income tax credit roughly 400.00 for low income families. Now in truth this was give me money because they all ready paid no taxes and get more money back then they pay. He stated this will allow the state to continue to pay for Medicaid benefits.

Now he is cutting the k 12 program which i don't agree with i think education is important but his argument is that Michigan teachers have an average salary of $57,237 which puts them as 11th in the country. His idea here will force local school districts to become more efficient and lower their costs. School districts would get $300 less per student. In particular, he wants school boards to extract concessions from unions by getting employees to pay 20 percent of their health care premiums.My problem with this isn't the teachers picking up more of there health care. My problem with it is he could place school districts who are enabled to negotiate new deals in big trouble. Taking away the money assuming they will be able to do this.

Now hes not giving a discount to corporations hes proposing a corporate income tax of 6% Here was the catch about 40% of businesses were exempt from state taxes under mbt.However manufacturing was taxed at 9.9% and people wonder why the car companies ran from Michigan. His idea here make the taxes simple get rid of all the deductions making it easier for businesses to deal with taxes. Hopefully making it easier for manufacturing to move back and return some of those 850,000 jobs lost in the last decade. I have doubts this will work but no harm in trying Michigan is a dying state just visit Detroit and you'll see what i mean.

PS even though we keep being told the economy is getting better obviously its not as they say the gravy train is ending!
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Star for your well explained post. Everything else in this thread was slanted scaremongering.
With so many people going to lose the earned income tax credit, he has no chance of getting re-elected. He can take the money away from the poor but he can't take away their vote, they have a long memory, and do not have the wealth to relocate.

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