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The Catholic Church and Witchcraft

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posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 12:45 PM

Sunday is the Sabbath because that is the day Christ rose from the dead

actually Sunday is the Sabbath because Constantine ordered that the courts
be closed on the " venerable day of the Sun". up to that time the fledgling
christians had still honored the Jewish sabbath of saturday, or the ( as i recall
7th day)

It was written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit.

well they were inspired by some kind of " spirits" , wine maybe or a strong
ale perhaps, maybe them pretty poppies?

he of his own accord claimed to be the first pope. No one had the nerve to dispute him - people feared him!

as i recall from my studies of this time Constantine's asperations were a tad higher than pope. He was already the high priest of a Sun worship cult ( Sol Invictus), as Emporer was a God, his claim was nothing less than being The
Messiah. he created or bought however you wish to phrase it, the first pope
and gave them the Laternan palace. there are several "legends" for lack of a better word, that he had what were purported to be the Nails of the crucifixion afixed to his crown. While his Mother converted to christianity he
did not until on his death bed he was baptised when he was to weak to resist.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 01:41 PM
Here is further discussion relating the Catholic Church with evil:

Was there ever any relationship between the Druids and Jesuits?

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 07:54 PM
Actually, the first real "pope" was St. Peter - appointed by Jesus. Maybe they didn't call him the pope, but he was.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 03:10 AM

I refuse to believe that the Catholic use of pagan symbols is a coincidence. I understand though that both pagans and Catholics alike may not want to admit a connection or alliance. That would certainly hurt the "church's" bottom line, as well as, pagan credibility.

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by checkers

What is the photo of the Pope supposed to be revealing? How does the photo tie into the pagan theory?



posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by James the Lesser

You know nothing of what you say. I am here to tell you am a witch a true witch my priestess is very upset with churches. As am i. Just because i have powers and practice rituals does this make me bad. I respect your lord jesus he was a powerful witch in his time. If i got some people to follow me and made them write a book on my journeys would you worship me in your churches? Would you beg for my power. Think on that before spreading lies!

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 03:20 AM

Originally posted by Relentless

Originally posted by 2b4thought

Also, 2b4 - Sunday is the Sabbath because that is the day Christ rose from the dead, after conquering sin. The greatest day in the Church.

That is NOT correct - actually - in those days - a day was sunset to sunset - Christ was buried before sunset Friday which in the Hebrew culture means first day was sunset Friday through sunset Saturday (DAY ONE)

sunset Saturday through sunset Sunday was DAY TWO

sunset Sunday through sunset Monday would have been DAY THREE

That my friend is an inconsistency of church teachings - just because church teaches what they want does not make it correct!

So now you are telling me that Christ didn't rise on Sunday. Honestly!

This all depends on how you count it. The day of the death I think we both agree is Friday. This is counted as day one (and the burial is not the event so sunset has nothing to do with it).

You can count it how you want but there are plenty of instances where counting days from events uses the first sign of the event as day one. You can view it how you want, but I really don't think the Church counts it the way I presented because Christ rose on a Monday.

Christ wasn't even buried on a Friday, and he never rose on a Sunday. Yes he was put into the grave before a Sabbath, but the Israelites followed annual Sabbaths also, one of them being the first day of the feast of unleavened bread, which is the day after passover, the day Christ was crucified. Christ himself said he would be in the grave 3 days and 3 nights, and by Sunday morning, he was already risen. Christ was put in the grave late in the afternoon, so if he was to be in the grave three days and three nights, he would have risen late in the afternoon also. If you count back three days and three nights from the afternoon previous to Sunday morning, you come to Wednesday afternoon, which would make sense because the day after Christ's crucifixion was an annual Sabbath (Thursday), the next day the spices etc would have been purchased and prepared for Christs body (Friday), then comes the weekly sabbath (Saturday), Christ is risen Saturday afternoon just before sundown, and then early the next morning (Sunday) the women go to his tomb and find it empty.

Matthew 12:40 For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Notice how the Sabbath after the death of Christ was not an ordinary weekly Sabbath, but one of the annual High Day Sabbaths....

John 19:31 The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day, (for that sabbath day was a high day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.

Now notice that it doesn't say Christ rose on the first day, but that he was already risen....

LUKE 24:1 Now upon the first day of the week (Sunday), very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulcher, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them.
2 And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulcher.
3 And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.

Christ must have been buried late afternoon on a Wednesday, and risen late afternoon on the Saturday. Biblically, the weekly Sabbath never changed, it is still sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

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