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HOUSE - "Bombshells" - The Musical

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 03:15 PM
I have watched the show from the beginning. always loved the mix of sarcasm and erudition. Trying to guess the prognosis and laughing at House belittling everyone including terminal patients. If you havent seen it, it sounds terrible and mean. but it is very funny, and at times quite poignant.

well last nights episode was very strange. The dean of medicine at the hospital House works in, is also his girlfriend. She was having some health issues and a mass was found in her kidney. Preliminary opinion was that it appeared she had terminal cancer. Much of the show was the main characters reacting to the news. Both House and his GF, Dr. Cutty had dream sequences in the show. very odd sequences in light of current events, in my opinion.

I have been scanning the forums and blogs for some time now. I have a ton of ideas, theories, and frankly misinformation swirling in my head. But a few ideas have become a bit more concrete.

The use of zombies in media represent the billions of hungry disenfranchised people that are soon to populate the planet. "The Walking Dead"? Almost like that idea is being shouted to the heavens.

This new age, quasi spiritual idea that humanity is moving into a 5th dimension. That in death we will experience bliss. That we are moving into the galactic age, and that all of humanities problems are going to be solved by an alignment of celestial bodies. i hope Im wrong, but i dont see it. I believe that "the Walking Dead" are being conditioned to just lie down at some point. Or at least to dilute their urge or instinct to fight improper leadership. "Its all going to be ok" playing in your head as its crushed under a boot.

So its with these ideas that I interpret things. It doesnt seem to ever go unsupported.

So here is a dream sequence from the show last night.

dark and joyous at the same time? I see that sarcastic tone he takes with terminal patients again.

"None of this is possible"

i will post one of the other vids if it become available. Its a video a patient of House had made. he is a depressed slightly psychotic teenager that had been making pipe bombs. In the video, he goes on a rant before he lights the bombs fuse. He basically says that people are useless eaters that because society has protected them, they havent been subject to natural selection. Not a new thought, but its the way that its delivered. His face fills the camera lens, and with malice, he is talking "to" you. i will try and find the vid, and edit this post.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 08:26 PM

Video I referenced above.

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