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NPR a DNC Tool or just a Tool?

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 04:53 PM

Originally posted by TheWalkingFox
reply to post by Blaine91555

Yeah, so? Dude gets to have his own opinion. Unlike you, who's just licking up whatever James O'Keefe barfs up and calling it your own.

Let me guess? You agree with him.

Sorry, I'm not taking the bait today. The video is what it is. You have no problem with it, that's your choice to make.

Thank you for demonstrating your Bigotry towards anyone who is not in lock-step with your beliefs. It helps demonstrate the problem well. You can't have a simple conversation without resorting to an attack on the other side.

Instead, why don't you enter the debate, without your hate and explain why it is OK for NPR, funded by taxes, to represent one Parties point of view? That is the topic here along with the character of the person on the video, an Executive of NPR.

Yes he is entitled to his opinion, but not when he is schilling for millions of dollars from the Muslim Brotherhood for a U.S. Taxpayer funded media.
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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

How about you demonstrate some proof of such a claim, first, Blaine? 'Cause you've already got ONE blatant lie on your record for this thread. You're going to add another one to that, with your statement that NPR is one particular party's voice box? Then you better get your ass in gear and offer some proof ; a deeply edited video of one man's opinion manufactured by a guy who's known for making faked videos expressly for that purpose doesn't prove anything except that you'll buy any garbage that suits what you want to believe anyway. it certainly doesn't prove anything about NPR.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by TheWalkingFox

Prove what? The video is what it is. If that man did not say what he clearly said on that video, show how it was created. You don't have to attack people like a Troll; if you disagree debate it. If I don't want my tax money going to pay the salaries of people clearly biased and working for only part of the population, I have that right. The Political Parties can pay for their own mouthpieces and if this was the Republicans doing this, I'd say the same.

As for me, I thought some would find that interesting. I'm done posting on Political Forums. To many angry, crazed fanatics for my taste. Everyone trying to shove their idea's down everyone elses throats from both sides. The whole plan is to divide us and as you demonstrate they are successful with people who blindly support what they do.

As long as we are divided over lies, like anyone disagreeing being a Racist, the bad guys win. But then they know how gullible most people are and it always works. It's the same method used by tiny minorities to control the populace all throughout history. Keep you busy hating each other or another country and people do whatever they are told. No time to watch the pick-pocket playing us for fools.

I think most of us have had enough of this Race Card crap and the liars spreading it. We are all just Bozo's on the same bus who can either work together to work things out, or keep being willing pawn's with a D or R after our names. I've been in and quit both Parties and found them both to be bad. Now I equate Partisanship with the opposite of intelligence. Partisans are just people to lazy to think for themselves and do whatever their chosen masters tell them blindly and without thought. Hate who they are told to hate and say whatever they are told to say.

Until people realize all the bad stuff about BOTH Parties is true, we have no defense.

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:45 PM

No gun-toting? Really?
You think FOX News viewers who represent the Tea Party are not ill informed?
No evidence of racism or xenophobic attitudes and fears?

Seems the real problem is the truth being spoken outloud.

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by spiritualzombie

Racist's exist in all groups, period end of subject. There are Black Racists, White Racists, Hispanic Racists, Democrat Racists, Republican Racists and yes even Tea Party Racists, but they are the exception not the rule in any group. To however label all members of a group based on a tiny minority of its members is not only dishonest, it is something only a bad person would do. It's made even worse because Race Baiters know what they are saying is not true at the time they say it. It's just a propaganda tool to keep us at each others throats. We are not all stupid enough to fall for it.

When I was young for instance, the KKK was comprised primarily of Democrats in the South and that is why the Democrats voted against Civil Rights and the Republicans came to the rescue. Most Democrats were Pro-Life then. Secularists were outcasts in both Parties. The world changes.

The Parties change over time, passing traits back and forth, throwing accusations at each other to keep us separated and to stop us from joining together, so they can control us.

All of this goes away from the whole point of this thread. That an organization that is accepting tax payer money, only represents one point of view and is in fact a propaganda tool. I have zero issue with NPR continuing through private funding. People who do not subscribe to the political party that obviously controls them, should not have there monies taken from them. If their listeners and the DNC are not willing to give them the money they need, what good are they anyway?

Why are people who like NPR so scared of loosing tax funding? How hard is it to take out your checkbook and mail them a check, because if you're not willing, NPR should not exist.

The point here was not to debate about any group of people, but to show that NPR is not being honest about who and what they are. They are lying so they don't loose taxpayer monies. That is hardly a secret.

As to the Race Baiting. For shame! Labeling millions of innocent people who just want better government is so wrong, it's hard not to call it evil. Knowing Slander is a terrible thing. I think at times it is now so bad that people think the elections are a football game. So brainwashed by one of the Parties they no longer think anymore for themselves. People have become willing to crucify others with lies and innuendo just so their team can win.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

On the topic of Civil Rights its a bit misleading to say Republicans supported Civil Rights while Democrats were against it. The fact is it was conservative Democrats who fought against it... and Liberal Republicans who supported it. That's right... Libtards wanted Civil Rights... Seems its the libtards always coming to the rescue whichever party they belong to. Evil libtards and their sinister ideals of equality...

As far as the Tea Party... they seem tocollect a lot of racists... gun-toting seems to also be an accurate discription, a false Christian base that clings more to xenophobic tendancies than actual peace and love and equality, rather than the teachings of Christ, also seems to be accurate.

Exceptions to every rule... but generally speaking, the npr exec is speaking the truth. I am no fan of NPR... I really care not... except when I hear someone speak the truth and then get attacked for it.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by spiritualzombie

It's truly sad you have fell for the line that all Conservatives are Racist if you have. It's a lie and I'm betting those using that slander know it. Your out of touch with real history if you don't know the roots of the KKK and who was involved. The whole Liberal / Conservative mess is a scam to keep people divided and it works.

Truth is that most people are decent people regardless of their political stance and the rest is just propaganda to control us. Your conversing right now with a man who is White and Who's daughter is the same race as Obama. You do the math. I lean Conservative on fiscal and governmental issues and to the Left on Social issues and people like me are now the majority and we do not belong to the corrupt Parties. The Parties who's vile slander and hatred we see posted here daily.

Every time I meet a person who can not or will not see beyond the control methods they use to lead Partisans around by their noses, I'm amazed how blind they are. I can understand a kid like a College Student, brainwashed by Professors who are more into indoctrination than education not getting it. They fooled me too, but I grew up and matured. I stopped letting people with bad intentions control my thoughts and actions for me.

You think I'm arguing for the Republicans when in fact I'm just pointing out how the Parties have flip-flopped over the decades I've lived through. Right / Left it's all a sham. There are good people and bad people and those at the top of the ladder in the Political Parties got there by being really bad. Only rarely does the genuine article come along. Perhaps a couple of times a century.

This divisive behavior must stop if we are to get anywhere in the future and anyone would be plenty foolhardy to not realize that.

Anyway, back on topic here. Stopped by to note that the NPR CEO is outa there!!!
They clean that mess up and I'll switch to supporting taxpayer funding. The Bigot's have got to go. The Race Card is no longer viable and only a fool would use it now. The self-funding News can do as it pleases, but if they want tax money, this crap must end.

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 04:44 AM
Sooo there's no actual material from any NPR articles or news stories that show they're liberally biased? Just this one guy whose official title was "Senior Vice President for Fundraising" at a lunch hosted by 'muslims' offering a $5 million donation with 'no strings attached' which he and his colleague both did not accept.

Show me, please, show me the bias of NPR. Is it anything like this? Maybe this? How about this one?

Those dastardly liberals.

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