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MKULTRA Victim or perhaps just a psychopathic criminal - Mark Brandon ( Chopper ) Reid

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 07:09 AM
Hi All,

I haven't posted anthing decent for awhile and depeding on popular opinion this may not be of any value but time will tell i guess.

Now we all kkow about MKULTRA and CIA mind control experimants that took place in the 70 and 80's.

For anyone that hasn't heard of these experiments please read here;


Other source's,

There are many more sources and many more reports available via Google or your prefered search engine.... just type it in

Now to my point.

Many Australian readers and contibuters would have heard of Mark Brandon ( Chopper ) Reid.

A notorious Australian criminal that was apart of and frequented the criminal underwould in the 70, 80 and 90's in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

In a moment i will show some youtube clips that cover some of his criminal exploits from those years, some from a well known Movie made in the early 2000's and his character played by well known actor Eric Banner and another clip which is a preview of a recently released documentary on Mark B ( Chopper ) Reid in which he explains in his own words what happened to him in his youth and growing up.

Before people become skeptical i would like to mention this upfront, what stood out to me was that at a very young age he was made a ward of the state, and also diagnosed with several mental conditions over his younger years.

In his own words he was subjected to '' Electro-Shock '' Therapy several times per week over a six month period whilst in those institutions. Second to that was something he also quoted - he was told by his ''father'' that he should not touch, insult, inflict pain, or injure the avergage ''man'' or person on the streets, that it was ok to target Drug dealers, Crime figures, Violent people and addicts.

The only reason he ever spent time in prison was for kidnapping a judge to realease a good friend. In regard to the rest of his crimes against the crimnal underworld, kidnapping a judge was nothing!

I urge you, before you make a decsion, please read what i have said so far and watch the footage in full. The movie trailer.., although it is a movie was take from true events.

Remember looking at his upbringing, he should have been a cold hearted criminal in many ways but for some reason he only ever really targeted the criminal under world and people that had done wrong and abused innocent people.

Warning the below footage contains graphic violence and course language:

Read was born to an ex-army father and a mother who was a devout Seventh-day Adventist. He was placed in a children's home for the first five years of his life. He grew up in the Melbourne suburbs of Collingwood, Thomastown, Fitzroy and Preston. He was bullied at school, claiming that by the age of 15, he had been on the "losing end of several hundred fights", and that his father, usually on his mother's recommendation, beat him often as a child. Read was made a ward of the state by the age of 14 and was placed in several mental institutions as a teenager, where, he later claimed, he was subjected to electroshock therapy.

Wiki: Chopper Read

Chopper Read Website: Chopper

Chopper's History; In His Own Words

Also one more point i would like to make, i have heard and seen many interesting movies and documentaries over the years on this character. It wasnt untill in his real life interview or docu-movie when he mentioned being institutionalised and the '' elctro-shock therapy'' that i started to put it together, but i still understand i may be wrong, i will admit that
but i am putting it out there to ATS member and more likely AU ATs member that know about the history of chopper, that there may be more to it.

What if he was the result of experiments on the mind, he was made to target the criminal underworld, in his own words, he makes sense in some ways but other times he is crazy. He is polite and courtious but at the same time planning to hit you or kill you.

Remember he only ever targerted or focused his rage on criminals, drug addicts, peodophiles and crime lords.

Before you make any judgments on the above i urge you to watch the below clips;

Thge first is a trailer and next a teaser from the movie made about him starring Eric Banner -

Remember that although this seems like a dramatic movie it is all based on fact ;

We next have the man himself, in the recent documentary, Fatbelly - Chopper Unchopped. This is the real guy!! He is telling his life the way it was and is.

( contains graphic and viloent accounts )

Also here is some further Video;

HardCopy (US)

Now what does this have to do with MKULTRA you may ask??

Well what first drew my attention was the clinical and as per his own statements the electro-shock therapy in the last 20-30 years.

But now you may ask... well he was diagnosed as crazy or socio-pathic, perhaps even insane. Ok but after all these years how do we explain we he ever only targeted Criminal and drug addicts etc. That was his goal and his hate.



That is the question.......

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 07:58 AM
Just a couple more Video clips to add to the aboe post;

(Comical Skit featuring Chopper himself )

Now as per my previous post or OP, what does this have to do with MKULTRA you may ask??

That is a fair question, and as i said earlier it wasnt untill i watched the ''Fatbelly - Chopper Unchopped'' full version which runs for over 1 and 1/2 hours ( avail online ) that i started asking these questions. I have watched the motion pic '' Chopper '' and thought wow what a nut... but revently listening to him and putting together his past and his targets, that i thought well perhaps there is something more here??

Maybe it was the actual MKULTRA program, but i am sure that as with many other ''scientific'' programs on the past they had their own ''spin - offs '' or side projects.

What makes sense to you, a random phyco targeting the criminal underworld for no reason or a criminal working against the only other people he could work with in that line of work??

He not only targeted them but instilled fear on the AU underworld for many years, ever in prison and sadistically abused, followed, tracked and tortured them in ways the Fed govt agencies would cringe at.

As i ask again... why?

Why not ally hislef with like people, he in his ind classed himself as a criminal, but hated and targeted all other around him, but if you were an honest and law-abiding citizen you could walk past him on the street with a smile and not a worry in the world.

Was he crazy or was he conditioned?

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 09:26 AM
Ok so i am blatantly bumping my own thread... i think imay have posted at at bad time, in between high traffic time zones etc....

Anyways if i dont get anymore responce, even a negative one i will post a encor'e thread in the next couple of hours. Although i do have something worth adding in regard to MKULTRA, this documentary ( unrealted to chopper )aired on ABC AU last year but also aired in thr UK and US on the Smithsonian Ch.

In a rare interview, Bourne Identity director Doug Liman describes how the Iran-Contra case, in which his father was the Chief Prosecutor, provided the real-life inspiration for the fictional secret cell ‘Treadstone’. He also reveals how his incredible meetings with a real assassin helped to create Bourne’s on-screen persona.

The episode also explores the bizarre, secret mind control program called MK Ultra aimed at creating a brainwashed ‘Manchurian Candidate’, and discovers the training in weapons, combat and advanced driving that the real-life Bournes of the Special Activities Division undergo today

Link - ABC


The MKULTRA programme began by looking at hypnosis. In one experiment, a nurse was hypnotised into firing an unloaded gun at a woman. Yet hypnosis was soon found to be unreliable, so doctors turned to mind-altering drugs – including '___'. In one task, employees spiked each other’s drinks without their knowledge.

A disturbing phase of tests began when CIA doctors experimented on mentally ill patients. “Psychiatric patients are a good group to experiment on because they’re disenfranchised, disempowered and they’re very easy to discredit,” says Dr Colin Ross. In the early 70s, schizophrenic Karen Wetmore spent seven months in a straitjacket under the ‘care’ of CIA doctors. On one occasion, she was given 35 electro-shocks in 40 seconds, in what may have been an attempt to induce amnesia. “I just remember wondering what I had done to be treated like this,” Karen says.

US: -committing-these-cia-atrocities-throughout-the-world/

( The Real Story: The Bourne Identity – Premieres Sunday, May 16 at 8pm ET/PT [This is EXCELLENT! Most of the show discloses what that many Jason Bournes are actually committing these CIA atrocities throughout the world, which include drug running; though this show only discusses CIA mind-control assassins! - editor)

Sorry the clip isnt really as good as the actual documentary, it goes for 44 minutes but i have not been able to find it online as yet.

I Beleive it is available in the UK inline and maybe the US but AU veiwers i am sorry.... it was available on ABC - Iview for a short time but has been deleted..

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 09:43 AM
I've read the book and seen the film, he really is an interesting man - and what's even stranger is he's a likeable man too, despite some of the things he's done.

I lean more towards the product of a hard upbringing and his environment rather than MK Ultra - a man that got in with the wrong people and grew up with a 'kill or be killed' attitude. He wasn't a specialist in killing or anything like that, he was just brutal to people that needed 'taking care of'. Obviously there's an element of being mentally unbalanced too!

I definitely recommend reading the book and checking out the documentaries (the film is a bit sensationalist), he's had a very interesting life.

Peace out

PS. Nice find there OP, good to have all the documentaries in one place

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Jimbowsk

Hey JB,

Yeah tnanks, no probs

I have also read some of his books, but in regard to the books he writes it is based on fiction.
He is a bestseller in past years but in regard to fictional writing.

Although i agree he is a sensationlist in some ways, i also beleive there is alot of truth behind him as well. I do admit that i at some of points of the full docu-movie (Fatbelly) it was very interesting and a good strong look into his mind and his thoughts. Scary at times..... but also humurous in the sense that his aparent lack of morals and sense of right and wrong were completly void. He laughed and made light of things that aby one of us would seen insane, disgusting and at times unthinkable.

Although in his time on the streets and even buhind bars he targeted and preyed on on other offenders and sicko's, the only reason he ever landed behind bars was due to kidnapping a judge to protest the realease of a friend who later back-stabbed him... literally!

After knowing the name and eventually seeing the movie - Chopper - IMDB ( Chopper )

It was only when the real chopper and in the interview he mentioned being institutionalised so many times in his life starting in the first 18 months of his life and then continueing on and off untill he was 24 years old.

Some quotes from his Website:
( Courtesy

'' I have been convicted of armed robberies, a shooting, assault and kidnapping a judge. Between the ages of 20 and 38, I had a measily 13 months on the outside. This was my equivalent to the annual leave that most people get through work.''


'' five years at Pentridge, I was alleged , to have attacked 63 men and tried to kill 11. Who invents these numbers, 6311 is my ATM P.I.N number. Their is another story that I would like to set straight. When I had my stomach slit by convicted murderer, Greg "Bluey" Brazel during a prison brawl in 1979. The next day I burst my stiches doing push ups to get fit enough for a revenge attack on Brazel. To this day I cannot believe that I did all those push-ups, the stomach didn't hurt, but the arms ached like hell''

One on One Interview Courtesy - TNT Downunder


This one is a more in depth, personal look at my life. You’re looking more at Mark Reid than Chopper Reid. It’s about my start in mental hospitals and serves of shock treatments. I got a serving of shock treatment every three days which is highly illegal. Most people wake up from shock treatment 24 hours later extremely groggy, I use to jump out of shock treatment about half and hour to forty-five minutes after they give it to me, bouncing around the place playing hand ball and talking a million miles an hour and wanting to run around the yard. They couldn’t understand it, so three days later they would give me another serve. The same thing would happen. I was immune to all the mental hospital drugs, everything they put me on. They had no hold over me.


I’ve never turned my hand towards an honest person. Everyone I’ve ever turned my hand against has been a crook who was either going to try and kill me or a gun-carrying, knife-carrying crook who wanted to do me harm and I got him first. Or they were sex offenders. There was one there in Pentridge, we hung a man, he just got out of jail after killing a 7 year old boy after rape mutilation and murdering him. Three weeks after he gets out of Pentridge he comes back with a rape, mutilation and murder of a three-year-old girl. Me and mad Charlie got in there and bashed him. I got on his bunk and jumped from his bunk onto his head a few times, fractured his skull like an eggshell.

Full Interview

As i said before i have always known of his name and always known he was a ''criminal'' but also only ever preyed on or targeted other criminals. Then looking at his past, upbringing and times in institutions. Maybe there is more to it.....

I have also read and watched many documentaries on past mind control experiments and for some reason only after the recent footage released it seems possible that he may of been some attempt at someone capable of fighting crime but seemingly on the same side as the criminals at the time.

Hey as i said i may he wrong and he may just be a victim of a violent upbringing and other various factors. Thats why i posted this in the conspricay forum on not the fact forum
It's only a theory....

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edit on 8-3-2011 by Havick007 because: (no reason given)

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:32 AM
Can you stop giving me good things to read - i'm gonna get fired from work at this rate!

You mentioned a documentary I haven't seen before, will be checking that out this evening! In fact there seems to be quite a lot I didn't know about Mr Reid from your posts, and I thought I knew quite a bit about him!

Gots me some good viewing and reading for later on now, thanks again!

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:41 AM
Reid was/is an Aussie sociopath. Why the hell would the CIA even involve themselves with him?

1 What did they gain?

2 why is he still alive? he would refute this

3 what agenda did he help to promote? oops that the same as 1

4 any truth to the fact that the CIA built a time machine and were behind the Jack The Ripper killings? Or Al Capone?

5 why havent rappers thrown his name around like that sub-par movie Scarface? I mean, all rappers are Illuminati, right?

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by Pastafarian

He didnt rape anyone, read the story properly.

Yes he was violent and pretty crazy compared to us, just normal people... but as i have been saying he only ever targeted the people we perceive as bad in society. We only perceive him as bad because of the way he went about business and how much disregard he had for human life. Although he never abused or raped anyone, he attacked, hurt and murdered which was still wrong.. i agree 100% but he only ever targeted criminals, addicts, drug dealers and sexual predators. going by his interviews he had a very strong dislike or contempt for the sexual perverts, good on him. Judging by one particular and disgusting part of interview about the child abbuser, i think that person deservered it.... absoloutly sick and disgusting!!!

Anyways back to the point, i am not saying i know 100% or think he was a victim of the CIA or similar organisation be-it British or AU, i am just saying perhaps there is something there...

The up-bringing, the mental hospitals, treatments, phyco-tropic drugs and who knows what else that he may not remember??

But i also admit as per my last post i could be totallly wrong, just putting it out there

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 11:47 AM
Electro shock is one tool of mind control, but it is a lot more comprehensive than that. Back in the 50's and 60's it was used quite extensively to try and treat all kinds of conditions, eventually the science found out it is a pretty ineffective method of treatment. I know a few other people who where wards of the state back in era when Chopper was in the system. It was a brutal place for a kid with lots of fights as the guards placed bets. There is also some indications that some drug experimentation was going on, I am not sure sure what drugs where used but it was put into the food. I have not come across the more comprehensive MK programs like in 'A clockwork orange' with the '___' and hypnosis in the Australian wards of state. There is a possibility it may have been tried but would have been on a small scale.

The culture when becoming a ward of the state is one that tries to break a person, like in the army. The rehabilitation process was non existent when it came to rebuilding the person afterwards. Some people managed to break out of the system, most where left in it for life to some degree. Choppers dark angle image with his assault on the underground is part of this culture.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 02:58 PM
So Chopper Reid is like the Australias anwser to Dexter?

Don't see anything in the way of comprehensive evidence for MK Ultra or anything like that. Some people believe so strongly in their beliefs that it isn't even needed. If a guy doesn't care for being jailed what can you do? I imagine there's many who'd do a "Righteous kill" as it were, if not for the fact they'd be jailed and viewed unfavourably by society.

Society and science were pretty crazy back then. Doesn't shock me what happened to him, but doubt there's anything more to it.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by NadaCambia

What stood out to me was the time he spent in mental institutions, and the elecroshock therapy.

If you look at the documentary links and teaser i posted above in regard to ''the real bourne'' story it has some similarities...

But your right though, i dont have evidence as such, it's only a theory...

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by NadaCambia

Also just to add to your reply...

Dexter is a fictional character on TV yeah....

You understand that even know a movie was made about him, Chopper Read is a real person that put fear into the Australian and more specifically the Melbourne Underworld in the 70,80 and 90's.

I posted the real interviews and the Wiki entries....

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