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Re: The Billy Meier Contacts

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 11:11 AM
Note: This is my first post here and I may not have this right. I hope that it is in conformity with the rules and that if this isn't the right section that it could be placed there or inform how I may place it there.


I just found your forum and glanced, rather quickly, at the content, by no means reading everything but enough that I wanted to make a few comments. I don't have a lot of free time to engage in forum discussions but I've posted enough articles conveying my point of view so that anyone interested can certainly see what my positions, and reasoning, are. I know some people have looked through at least some of it and had comments.

In my opinion, the Meier case is either the greatest, most impenetrable hoax or the most important story in human history with no middle ground to choose from. I am satisfied that Meier's photos and (yes, all the still irreproducible) physical evidence is authentic. I am satisfied that he has had, and continues to have, contacts with the people called the Plejaren. I don't know if everything in the case is true since, as mentioned by others, the greater amount of material is untranslated from the German and many things referred to, or foretold, have not yet happened, if they will at all.

From my research I was able to verify that Meier published information about dozens upon dozens of scientific discoveries and/or world events prior to their "official" discovery or occurrence. I have seen many more than I documented, as have thousands of other people who had the opportunity to read the first English translations of the Contact Reports in the early 1980s. Since I had these reports from the years 1975 - 1978 in my possession, and read them, in 1986, I can personally attest to the fact that they contain information that I first noticed being validated in 1988, up to 13 years after Meier published it and and two years after I read it. In fact, some of the information in those early contacts were almost 20 years in advance of some of the specific events/discoveries that they foretold. Anybody like to tell me how he "hoaxed" that?

When people say something to the effect of "anybody could have predicted that", as in a series of specifics from Contact 251 in 1995, I have to ask why didn't they (and all the other know-it-alls who like to make the after the fact claims)? The prophetically accurate information is so abundant, diverse and specific that it's almost as if it's just an extension of the other "joke" on us that I perceive the physical evidence to be. By that I mean that Meier's physical evidence, i.e. the photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples became more abundant in quality, variety and amount AFTER he lost his left arm.

Most people are probably also unfamiliar with the series of photos Meier took, in 1964 in India, of up to eight craft hovering over the ashram at which he was staying. And most people are unaware of the, now retired, UN diplomat who came forward just a few years ago to vouch for personally seeing Meier, the UFOs and one of the occupants of the ships there at the time.

Most people, as well, are unaware of Meier's stint in the French foreign legion, his travels in the 60s through some 40+ countries and his meeting with many of the powerful, soon to become powerful and often dangerous people of the time, including Saddam Hussein and many others. All of this was part of his education, as was his studying of virtually all of the world's major religions. His life has been something like Indiana Jones meets Star Wars.

I laugh when people claim that the unusual craft photographed hovering behind a car at night is a "model". Perhaps if they look at the clear daytime video of that craft hovering in front of a tree, in an open meadow some 300'+ from Meier and the camera, and then watch as he zooms in on it, they'll demonstrate just how the one-armed guy pulled that one off. Couple that with a whole slew of never before seen photos of that ship, which will soon be made available along with the photos from India, and all the geniuses who sit around "debunking" Meier will have "some 'splaining to do". I think the jokers at CFI-West, and the pathologically inept James Randi, have already put the final touches on the illusion of credibility that the professional skeptics and debunkers wished to project so I won't further flagellate them here.

For those who've never troubled themselves to really study and think the Meier case through but who discuss "reptile" ETs as if there was even a shred of evidence for such, and then build whole nonsensical, unscientific theoretical scenarios on it, the phrase "too much time on their hands" comes to mind. If Dick Cheney is one of these "shape-shifting" reptiles why in hell did he choose that shape (in every sense) to get come back to/get stuck in? I have noticed that some of the most public proponents of these hallucinations do quite well filling lecture halls and, to the best of my knowledge, don't have to dodge assassins as much as they do autograph hounds. For his trouble, Meier has survived 19 documented attempts on his life, I've spoken to witnesses to 12 of them. A lot of trouble to go through for a hoaxer, wouldn't you say?

I've read that some people think that Meier is a tool or member of the "Illuminati". Funny thing, at least as early as 1956 Meier was told in detail about plans for an all-controlling one-world government whose driving forces were America, Russia, China and Zionists. Rather than crazy rants that typify most conspiratorial literature, it was spelled out to him in the context of the patterns of domination and world control that have long been a part of the "development" of this planet. To think that he hasn't been targeted by various elements from within these, and other religious, ranks is to be naive.

As for this idea that this is some kind of Illuminati thing and that the Plejaren are "not to be trusted", assuming for the moment that Meier really is in touch with ETs who can do all the things they've demonstrated they can, why would they provide prophetically accurate information for us, for almost 50 years, instead of just taking over or destroying this place? Why would Meier have gone through the personal hell - can you imagine living with the knowledge for 10 years that your arm is going to be ripped off your body and there's nothing you can do about it? Why would he have suffered the ignorance, derision, slander, attacks on his character, his family and his very life? For what purpose, for what profit?

Has it yet dawned on anyone that we, human beings, have demonstrated that we are so blatantly stupid, arrogant, violent, thick-headed and cynical that we have to be spoon fed, over five decades, conclusive but indirect proof that we're not alone in the universe? Could it just be that there are some actual, developed, evolved "real" humans who have taken it upon themselves to attempt to get this idiotic group of bottom feeders pointed in the right (ultimately spiritual) direction despite our addictions to mind-numbingly stupid, enslaving religious and political systems, which have almost virtually guaranteed our self-annihilation? Does anyone yet get that the immutable laws of cause and effect will deliver back to us the various pendulums sent out in our name over the past decades and centuries of time? Do we understand that this isn't about some other beings having to prove to us their existence or superiority in areas of development, despite what all the arm chair experts think in their vastly exaggerated self-importance?

Meier and his Plejaren friends are humans and, as such, have made mistakes. They have, in fact, so underestimated our collective illogic and lying as to make some hefty blunders to which they admitted once they became aware of them. This case isn't about imaginary space brothers, perfect beings, ascended masters, b.s. "ascension into the fourth dimension" or any of the other crap that's being peddled and ruminated over by people with the proverbial too much time on their hands. If, after nearly 50 years of evidence, we can't "get" the Meier case, why would anyone think we were actually ready for contact with a more advanced civilization. When the approach to the US government was made, in 1979, on behalf of the was turned down. You read that right.

I have long concluded that this is less about UFOs and ETs than it is about our future survival. If you read the Henoch Prophecies you may better understand what I'm talking about. In a country that has immunized itself from the reality of the world, and the often dreadful effect we have on people's lives all over it, and who have substituted "reality TV" for reality, the return of the pendulums may produce some unprecedented wake-up calls.

By the way, I represent the case on a voluntary basis, I receive absolutely no compensation from Meier or his organization. I know that there are people who begrudge me the opportunity to sell my DVD or Guido's book, etc. but after 25 years of researching the case, I wish to make its content and my work on it known to people and I offer my work in exchange for the same medium that is required and accepted by all other parties with whom I conduct business in my life. Is it any different for you? I should add that I've posted a ton of free information and documentation so that no one has to spend a precious penny to get up to speed on the case.

There's a lot more that I'd like to say but this is probably more than enough. For those who wish to take out their scalpels and further dissect the case maybe I've given you some more material you can use to demonstrate what a big, devious hoax it is and just how smart you are to see through it. And perhaps for those of you who already have perceived what it's about I've added nothing new.

I'll be on George Noory's show July 28 for those who have some nifty new challenges. I actually welcome comments to my email address and always to do my best to answer as time permits.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 04:00 PM
Hi welcome to the site michaelhorn
if you have any questions feel free to send me a u2u
cya around the site

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 08:56 AM
Welcome to the ATS, enjoy your stay!

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 10:59 AM
Hi Se7en,

Thanks for the welcome. Is there a way that my post about the Meier case can got to the relevant area, i.e. where the Meier case is being discussed on this forum?



posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 11:06 AM

Originally posted by michaelhorn
Hi Se7en,

Thanks for the welcome. Is there a way that my post about the Meier case can got to the relevant area, i.e. where the Meier case is being discussed on this forum?



Locate the post discussing it, then post the above as a reply.


posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 11:13 AM
Have a look at this recent thread on Billy Meier and go from there.

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 11:28 AM
Hi michaelhorn,
Nice AD!

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