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Should We Buy Gas Before The "Day Of Rage"?

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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by pirhanna

Originally posted by trusername

Are you willing to bet we'll see $5 / gal for diesel?

How many of you think that now that the US has created a buzz phrase, that Fox can get its teeth into, for the Saudi petition and marches... TPTB will use this to raise gas prices in the US?

It's not far to go. And once you break into the $5 on the signs it's only a matter of time.

Why, are we burning something for the day of rage?

I don't see why Wisconsin doesn't get a cool name like State of Rage - Fox only gives the cool phrases to foreigners. But maybe that's a good thing. I'd much rather be against a tea party than be involved in a Day of Rage I suppose

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:56 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
reply to post by trusername

Those insane prices are due to gasoline taxes, a different issue. For instance gas is still at about $3.69 to a few cents higher here in Anchorage which should always be around $0.30 higher than the highest in the Lower 48. The rest is taxes imposed locally. Any place over $4.00 now is because of their taxes locally.

Nothing you or I can do about this, but there is something we can do here in the US. Demand with such a loud voice that the political nonsense to do with oil production domestically stop and stop now. Demand Congress stop the endless, insane law suit's that have put us all in danger over a tiny percentage of enviro-nuts, who's lies and law suits have brought us to the brink.

I read a recent Poll earlier today that 76% of Americans are for Nuclear Energy. Clean, safe and the best choice until the other technologies are market ready. If not for the Ninth Circuit Court being in the extremists, environmental movements hip pocket, we would not be in this mess now and we would have far less pollution. The Environmentalists madness is actually the cause of pollution.

Then when they do try and build Wind Farms, who stops it? The so called Environmentalists. They remind me of PETA who pretends they are for animals, when in fact there goal is to eliminate all domestic animals by killing them. The Environmentalists say they want a cleaner environment, but then stop the cleanest forms of energy from being used.

I'll never understand how such a tiny minority of irrational people have so much power. Well I can if you think they are a tool being used to destroy us from within, but that's a different topic.

Hee hee - either I'm tired or you're making sense
I am an environmentalist but a conflicted one. I happen to believe that hunting (humanely not sadistically) is fair if you eat the meat and use the fur. I don't believe it is right to "fix" animals - it seems a very Nazi like thing to do to another species to just drive them to the vet and cut off their reproduction organs. I know that birds migrate and crap seeds all over the world so I have no patience for extremist "native plant" people. I have spent enough time in France to believe what you say about nuclear power. And to be annoyed when other countries buy power from France and then scold them for using nuclear power.

So you see, not all environmentalists are nuts
But if you have no gatekeepers you end up with 3 mile island and BP burps all over the place not to mention the banking crisis. I wish that there was a group of extremist accountants the way there are environmentalists.

Moderation in all things including moderation.

About the gas - I think that the gas station owners or the levels above them are also playing with the prices. It's not just gas taxes - I would actually be happy with gas taxes if it meant that $ was actually going to infrastructure or R & D for cleaner fuels. (not if the $ was going to Iraq or bankers though).

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by manta78
reply to post by trusername

I would not be surprised if we see $6.50 per gallon before the end of
this year.....depending upon what happens in the Middle East between
now and then. And then I guess we will be "happy" when it finally drops
to a mere $4.25 - $4.75 per gallon sometime in 2012.

edit on 3/7/2011 by manta78 because: (no reason given)

Ugh - that is the thing isn't it. That is what I think will happen - it will falsely leap very high on the "fear" of the Saudi issue and then slip back to higher than now and we'll all falsely feel relief.

If this money goes to BP - we should fight it. If we're going to pay anyway - let it go to a gas tax - to infrastructure - something that builds jobs. This is what the politicians should be looking at. I think we should really fight it if it is just going into the pockets of the oil execs.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 09:22 PM
What pisses me off is that the gasoline sitting in the tanks of American gas stations right now - did not cost $100 a gallon. So why are the prices inceasing??? Its price grouging, and by God, the govenment wont do a thing about it! BS!!

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