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And for our next trick: RFID!

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 06:46 PM
well start becoming self sustained now then as once this does happen and you shun it you will have to fend for yourself

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by vkturbo

that is a no problem as long as the seeds for my veges are not GMO, nor radiated, just good old seeds toms, carrots, peppers cucumbers, radishes,and such.

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 11:41 AM
No, thanks I'd rather die. God willing I have kids one day anybody that tries to put a chip into them well. Lets just say they are already at a hospital so they Might live.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by bekod

get the heirloom variety of seeds they are the best to get

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by darkl0rd

i have a damn solution. id rather go live off the grid and hunt and gather whatever wildlife is remaining after the # hits the fan. and i expect there to be heavy natural disasters, or not so natural depending on your take about weather manipulation/space based weapons. but there will always be wildlife and there will always be people not willing to succumb to this travesty. we dont need to buy things and look at a damn computer every day to live a fulfilling life. ive been saying for 10 years the day they try to force this on us is the day im going off the grid, alone or with whoever wants to come. id rather die then be implanted. it will be like in that movie surrogates where they had small pockets like "villages" of people living without the technology. count me there.

kevy kev

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by darkl0rd
It is so laughable to read the comments about this RFID chip idea!

Do you people really think you can resist it? Dont you understand that the resistance is futile! All you NO sayers will be assimilated by the new Borg community. If you dont, you will be discriminated and hated by your fellow citizens. You are distracted from the real event of being watched since years. If you think the only sh*t you should concern is the RFID, just go on with that. What about the 3G, WiFi and nano tech that already collect all the data needed. You have this chip or not, you are already in this cage of big brother. You live in their territory and therefore you are all subject to obey their laws.

As socially conditioned as people may become, there will also be a brave many who won't touch the chip procedure with a twenty foot pole. There will also be just as many unchipped people who will be viewing those who are chipped as "compromised" individuals, still people, but potentially under partial mind control from the new technology. Let's look also at all the new awareness that will surge forward if or once this becomes mainstream - only those hiding under the deepest rocks will not be made aware of the slippery slope and projections for their use.

I agree completely about nanotech, rfid/wfid product tracking, and all the other covert methods of tracking which might already be in implementation. Industry fibers, rfid ink with micro-trackers, and literally any newer product from participating companies has the possibility of becoming a tapped device in the ownership of citizens. It should be a standard survival tip : microwaving new products. Any tips on destroying miniature spy devices encased on metal products?

People are just saying NO but giving no alternatives to this idea to abandon it. So who is the smart guy then? You or the TPTB. You cant compete with their intellect and you know that very well. You can write 10000 times "NO" but at the very end the day will come and you will see that there is no other way. The newest RFID chips for under skin are smaller than a pin point.

From what I have gathered, studying demons, Revelations, Daniel, and human spiritual interactions, it's the willing compliance that meets the letter of the law, no matter the false terms they are put under for presentation, and accepting the chip even under false pretenses meets the esoteric "agreement clause" of the mark of the beast.

I think anyone who says no ten thousand times will find it worthwhile to say it once more, or ten thousand times more. No worries. If Agenda 21 plans on displacing people to pre-planned super-cities across NA, then our problems could be compounded.

For anyone interested in the crux of the Agenda 21 matter, start watching at about four minutes.

When the money as it is told for decades, cease to exist in paper form and the only way to pay will the electronic way.... how will you be able to survive? Will you riot? Will you ban the economy? Will you give your golds to others in exchange of buying food with their chips for you?

Between French President Nicolas Sarkozy reworking the world currency, the emergence of the Supereuro, and the Chinese economy picking up, we might have a world currency within a decade ... the States are being pushed along on an ambitious nwo coast which might collapse sectors, but economic sectors are like air pockets in a liner, and won't usually sink the entire boat. What's left becomes a smaller boat, right out of Stateside, into the trail of disappearing money which has already started. Why wouldn't they, if they can so commandingly get away with it in the present day? That taxpayer money should be addressed by referendum!

We'll always have a distance economy too, the world is large and a credit card not an impossibility. It doesn't involve a chip implant, and surely there's a noble banking system that can be created, if it isn't already part of our infrastructure. With the infrastructure in place, transforming to a finer system would be republican of us to undertake. If they take away the lawfully elected governors of the Michiganders on some future emergency call, then the Michiganders should be content to govern themselves! If that's the first place this new sweep of legalities FEMA-style to entrench in the States is stepping foot, then we should doubly investigate what are other mission States. The Codex Alimentarius implements, Bill S-20, and Bill C-36 come to mind.

I did a thread a year ago on C-6, as it was at the time. Bad news for us, Canada. The bill was passed.

Bill C36 passed this week in Canadian Parliament which abolishes the law of trespass in Canada. Some Liberal Senators state this breaches civil liberties.

On December 14, 2010, Bill C36 became law after a contentious ride through the Senate. Many Liberal senators were concerned that this bill does not adequately protect the privacy of Canadian citizens. PC Senator Elaine McCoy, and Liberal Senators Joseph Day, Celine Hervieux-Payette, George Furey and Tommy Banks, all of whom are lawyers, all expressed grave concern that Bill C36 is a breach of civil liberties. Tommy Banks commented to the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA), "It is undoing 400 years of common law."

Read more at Suite101: Bill C36 - Health Canada's New Powers Put Canadians at Risk

How depressing.

So how will you be able to resist it? Simply you cant! You are dealing with the high intellects and they calculate every kind of possible resistance and find a solution for it before you even realize the situation. Govt or banks wont force you to have those things.... No, no, no!! It will be your very loved ones, friends or neighbours, who will convince you to have it. While you are resisting to actually nothing, people are already getting conditioned to this idea by the other products and they love it...

Lol ... that describes it well.

If you can pay today with your phones sim card, simply by nearing to a wireless reader, why not doing it by your hand? You can lose your phone but you cant lose your implanted chip... this idea will be spread out and well accepted.

Instead of hearing this bla bla about how you gonna NOT use it, create some thoughts about alternatives! TPTB gives you all the answers about your future decades ago and until now none of them was declined by the public and well integrated. You are not dealing with joe six-pack...

Oh sweat Lucifer.... people are sometimes so ignorant and in state of denial, please help them for their illumination.

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated and be the part of that Borg community.

ee that when some smacks you down because you resist to change their beloved life style. Think about that!

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