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How many threads do we need about the fossilised alien life NASA spotted on a meteorite?

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by moosevernel
Hang on.... NASA found fossilised alien life on a metorite..!!!!!

When did this happen and why has nobody told me about it..!!

You missed the boat... sorry...

Nasa Says "No Support" for Claim Of Alien Microbes

Good Ole NASA Never A Straight Answer

No Astronaut Saw Anything
Need Another Space Agency
No Access to Space for Americans (Robert Bigelow)

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower
What we frown upon are members posting in those threads with just " USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION, etc.."

Please use the search function... already a thread on this
Duplicate Thread post etiquette

Thread closing in 5... 4... 3...

Sorry couldn't resist the irony

I posted this in that one...

Yeah I find it amusing when I see scores of people claiming to be upset at duplicate threads that feel the need to enter those threads just to bash the OP for not searching. A simple "Here is the original with a LINK then alert the mod would be the right etiquette.

Several times I only find a topic because of the new thread because of the speed they go down the list, so a link would be nice to save having to look it up

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by TrueBrit
Im just curious as to how many threads are actualy necessary for this one, single topic. And folks, please dont try and tell me that ALL the copies are down to people not looking for the subject on search first, or not being able to find it on search first. I seriously havent been able to go a day in the time since the story broke, without literaly falling over a thread about it.You dont need to search this thread, because it jumps up, latches on to ones netherparts, and refuses to go away.
Now, seriously people I wish to make a suggestion. For those of you about to post a thread on the subject, I salute you for your efforts, but you really just need to google the damned subject line, and ATS, and that ought to tell you what has been posted so far.
And a word to you wonderous mods as well if I may.... can we please have a crack down on the sheer amount of these threads? They are like flippin tribbles!

Awesome, let's complain about something the mods handle just fine.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 04:36 PM
I checked the most likely forums, and didn't see it, so assuming it's been resolved already. If I'm in error, please let me know a few examples, and what forum they are in. Thanks.

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