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U.S. Security Depends on Energy Innovation

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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 01:29 PM

WASHINGTON — Future U.S. security may depend upon energy innovations that reduce dependence upon foreign oil. But the former Silicon Valley entrepreneur who heads the U.S. government's advanced-energy initiative said clean-energy technologies also will represent the biggest business opportunity in the coming decades.

Really? Is this REALLY news???

I thought that was an ongoing issue. Is the government, and everyone else, finally realizing that energy is becoming an issue in the global economy?

Think about ANY energy source non-Arab related.

Starve the arabic oil-rich nations by...
- Producing oil from nationally owned sources.
- Using US nationally owned/operated buisinesses.
- Telling the Tree-Huggers to 'wait their turn'...
- Investing heavily in Solar, Wind, Geo-Thermal, Tidal-Wave, and other natural energy technologies.
- Investing heavily in Fuel Cell technologies, in which oxygen and hydrogen are combined to to create electricity with a PURE WATER (H2O) output.

Just stop talking, fretting, and otherwise complaining about it and just do it.

I don't know about you folk, but my lifetime won't allow me to see the fruits of this suggestion, even if it is accepted and strongly considered as viable.

I would simply like to see US, as a civilization, move more forward than I have witnessed in my short stay on this rock.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:29 PM

"If we can enable them to turn on the right kind of lights, that's the biggest business opportunity for America," Majumdar said. "But many of the technologies have not yet been invented. The future is up for grabs."

His message boiled down to a basic equation: Invent affordable clean energy technologies, manufacture them locally and sell globally. If the United States does those things, it may just ensure the jobs and economic security that every American craves.

Not following President Carter's vision for energy independence got us off course and set America back three decades. We fought wars over energy resources; soldiers died needlessly in such wars. (What's even most tragic are the dead and severely wounded who suffered death and injury in a convoy of fuel supply.) We still have time to rectify our foolish mistakes.

And be the source for 21st century jobs.

posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 11:59 AM

I know that kicking the Arabs is a fun past time, BUT your suggestions are not practical

If you want to reduce the amount of home havc energy we have to use insulations materials that are efficient, not sub par mineral wools, cellulose..
I have been a hi eff insulation contractor for over 30 yrs.
Here is what I recommend based on experience.

Build a geodesic dome insulated with radiant barrier insulation inside, ceramic beads in final coat outside. See: and High wind and earthquake tolerant. Inexpensive, high quality. Stronger than conventional.

Conventional: Ranch style with some portion of living area underground. This reduces surface area reducing energy loss/gain.
Build with insulated concrete forms (icf). Use radiant barrier in ceilings.
Use minimum require size lo-e windows.
Use south facing windows for winter heating. If possible no glazing facing north.
Soffits should be 24" overhang. More if your area requires it for summer shading. Use perennial vines south, east and west for summer cooling.
Use for attic cooling and moisture control. Not cap or rotating vents.
Use geotherm for heat'g cool'g.

For southern areas use skytherm system.

Now these are practical, proven methods.

Why you ask doesn't the gov tell you this? Because our society is based on inefficiency and promoting business. The gov losses a lot of energy tax money when you build smart and efficient.


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