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Weird new virus. Anyone have a clue on this one?

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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 05:55 PM
I think I had this a few weeks back, but I am pretty strict about what happens the instant I feel that tickle in the back of my throat: Theraflu session. Usually will spend at least an evening if not a full day consuming Theraflu and I rarely get sick beyond a day or two. Drink lots of water and green tea as well and take vitamins. Try to eat lots of fruit and veggies, preferably fresh. I am going to look into that silver stuff getreadyalready mentioned above though. Seems interesting.

One thing I will say is to treat this stuff immediately. The quicker one can jump on an ailment the better chance they have of fighting it off. At least IM non-doctor opinion.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 06:11 PM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
reply to post by mrsdudara

Where is "here?"

My kids brought this home from school, and their antibiotics and prednisone worked after about a week. My wife got it, and she is over 2 weeks now, Z-pack didn't work, she is now taking something different, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

I started to get it, but I switched my diet to all raw vegetables and Distilled Water, and I have been taking colloidal silver 3x a day, and I kicked it in about 3 days. I have a little bit of a nagging cough, but nothing serious.

Why would you take an antibiotic with prednisone which is an imuno-suppresent? Was there an allergic reaction along with the sickness? Prednisone works great on poison ivy, but not sure why it would be prescribed for anything viral. If fungal, maybe. Not sure about the diagnosis, just raises a red flag.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by minigunner

They prescribed it for the nasal drainage and chest congestion (wet cough), it is supposed to help dry them up. It isn't working though. I think the kids just ran their course and went away, I don't think the medicine did anything. For the wife, she seems to be doing worse instead of better, but she has been to the Doctor twice and the ER once.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Thank you for that, l wasn't sure how much to take. l am sending off for a kit so that l can make it. The EU is passing a bill to stop the sale of all vitamin and alternative meds some time this year. lf they get their way a lot of the health food shops will go, so we will all be dependant on the pharmaceutical companies. Peace starchild.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 07:09 PM

Originally posted by mrsdudara
I now know 4 people who have come down with this nasty virus here with in the past 2 weeks. They are congested for a long time, been to the Dr., took the Zpack which didnt work much, and all of them got so congested they could not breathe and passed out. One of them is STILL in the hospital where they are runing a bunch of tests, and still dont know more than "some virus". This is so ODD and seems to be spreading fast. I know quite a few more who have bad congestion that the Zpack just wont work for but have not passed out yet and hopefully will not. I cant imagine getting so congested that I literly can not draw a breath.

Anyone have a clue as to what this is? Anyone else hearing of this around their areas?

I am now going on week 3 and literally JUST today regained my voice (but even it is still very scratchy)...this is one NASTY bug that is going around for sure
One of my coworkers actually went to the ER and missed 2 weeks of work due to this flu strain that is going around. But yea it hit me pretty solid for 2 weeks at a minimum, now like I said it is mainly a lingering scratchy voice and still coughing up yellow phlegm that is nasty.

PRAY none of you get this....ESPECIALLY if you are older and/or a weakened immune system

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 07:18 PM
they were giving zpacks for something showing symptoms that severe? uhhh...why? zpacks are more preventive than something to use for treatment, and at that point there's much better alternatives. mucinex and a really hot shower clears up most of that. anything with guaifenesin, really, you can find over the counter. you'll cough a bit, but you won't be dying from congestion problems.

that is, if you trust medications. most reading this probably don't, but whatever.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 07:35 PM
I am an EMS worker and I have yet to run across something like this.

If I do, I will be sure to post an update with possible suspects and what you can do to treat.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 07:36 PM
I was diagnosed with bronchitis when I was younger when I had a breathing problem, but never acted up until last year. I had just dismissed that diagnosis as wrong perhaps or just a severe cold. Then when i turned 20 i started smoking weed because of depression and other factors which are irrelevant to this thread or post. And about last year after smoking so much i started getting wheezing symptoms at night and trouble breathing and i would cough out phlegm and usually wake up in the morning and cough out a huge chunk and no more breathing problem. So i came to the conclusion that I must be smoking to much and I cut down on the smoking a bit and it got rid of that, then this Friday i got the super flu or something it and I honestly felt like i was gonna die from lack of oxygen last night. And I still have it and last night i hardly slept because I was actually in pain from my lungs and from trying to cough that stuff out so I could just pass out or something, This time it didn't go away over night and now i'm not gonna sleep much tonight again :[ Ive been taking cough and cold medicine but it will just make me feel funky for a while not much of a relief to my breathing problems. Maybe i do have bronchitis and its triggered from smoking/chemtrails/flu?

Im thinking I should make an appointment to the doctor>_<

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 07:39 PM
Sorry i forgot to mention that a couple of my coworkers have the same thing but they didnt get any breathing problems that was just me, but we all did get the same flu and i know alot more people in california and in texas where i live that got something similar.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 07:59 PM
It's 21st century biological warfare. Soon you will be craving human flesh and succumb to these beastly desires. It is the nature of the virus, to mechanically alter the brains prime functions, through endorphin release and hormones.Suppressing usual inhibitions,the virus is devouring a compass scraping away at your pink matter

Ripping, how it will end., ..legions of people marching in hypnotic rhythm,seeking the healthy to mutilate.
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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:12 PM
Seems to be alot of sinus type infections going on in my area as well. I live in the Pacific Northwest. My son started complaining about his eye twitching and not sleeping well so I got him some melatonin and gave him an hour long Reiki treatment on his sinus/eye area and the twitching went away. The melatonin helped with his sleeping issue. Around the same time my brow bone over my left eye was very painful which I chalked up to having bumped it or something, though I don't remember doing that. Today at work, I had two co workers both complaining of painful brow bones and one of them has had a twitching eye. Really odd I know. So on my way home from work I stopped by the gas station down the street and was chit chatting with two of the girls there. One of them has not had a voice for about 3 weeks now and sinus issues. The other one is having both eyes twitching for a month, but no symptoms of sinus infection. Does this make any sense? Why are so many people having an eye twitching/painful brow bone issue? Could the twitching eye thing be some kind of virus? I know that the pain over the eyes can very well be sinus related but the other really stumps me. any ideas on that? Anybody? Oh and I almost forgot, a facebook friend was complaining of having the flu and mentioned that she was so sick that her eyes were twitching..........

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:32 PM
Rife treatments for H1N1 and normal flu got me better - intensive treatments using my computer speaker lines, as did Vit C and water kepfir helps clean out lungs ... as does grated onion and if you think viral mutation, take powdered star anise - that is the base of Tamiflu as much as I reseearched.
I do think it is a genetically engineered virus though. It's tougher than the flus of last year.
Also, I got diet warnings - a fast is a good idea, or abstaining from meat for some folks in some periods of this disease. And milk pods except butter and yogurt.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:33 PM
My wife had it for about five weeks! Her phlegm was really thick and she was up most of the night coughing trying to bring up the phlegm. She went to the doctors three of four times and they kept on saying her lungs were clear. They told her she had a sinus infection and kept on increasing her antibiotic which didn't help. She went to a specialist and they were saying the same thing. She finally went to an allergy doctor and they told her she was allergic to our golden retriever which has been part of the family for the past 12 years! They also said she was allergic to dust mites. It eventually cleared up on it's own and we're still puzzled about the whole thing.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by mrsdudara

huh funny you should mention this..

my grandmother got it bad for over a week..

then I myself got sick feb 24th & baked at around 103

and I am now just finshing my Z pack plus another type

no fever but I still am coughing up some serious lung butter..

I have never been so sick in my my life..

I thought I was going to drown a few nights..

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 09:00 PM
Every year influenza and other respiratory illnesses sweep through the population around fall, winter and spring, it is a well known fact.

Every once in a while a particularly virulent viral or bacterial bug sweeps through and really causes trouble, and this year seems to be one of them.

Last year it was Swine Flu (which I contracted), and this year it is a bronchial bug. I'm on day five of the bronchial illness. At the worst my fever was 102.2° which is high for an adult...but with my round of herbals, heat and bed rest I'm past the worst of it---but I'm still very weak.

Powerful illnesses are not that unusual. Around ten years ago we had something nasty work its way through our community and it killed so many older people our newspaper had pages and pages of obituaries for weeks.

The more people crowd together, the more people travel, the more chances for severe illnesses to form.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by mrsdudara


or an allery to GMO?

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 09:50 PM
It is going around here in PA as well. I am currently in my second week of this thing. Can't shake the mucus, sinuses filling constantly, so I am using nasal spray and mucinex to keep the secretions thinner. I had one day at work where I thought I was going to pass out from the congestion, but at the time I didn't think that was the reason. Now I do. Luckily I didn't, and made it home to bed ok. Good luck to those who are suffering this right now. It is not fun and just doesn't quit.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 10:45 PM
I just want to pass along some of the things I do to fight infections like this.

1. Get REST! Stay home. Go to bed. Not only will you fight the bug better, you won't spread it exponentially to the rest of us.

2. Along with the usual Vitamin C and other vitamins buy the herb 'Andrographis panculata' online and take two 1,200mg capsules twice a day if you area really getting hammered. I have had good results in using this bitter herb to fight infections and is readily available online.

Andrographis paniculata

Don't forget to bring home a jug of the best unreconstituted orange juice you can afford and guzzle it down. Hot soups, easy to eat and digest, will help clear up your congestion. Good medicine.

I can't say I had any interest in fresh fruits or vegetables while sick. It was all I could do to eat the hot soup.

Zinc products like Zicam work well for cold germs, but are rather useless for the other more virulent germs.

3. Heat. If you have a fever, don't take anything that will reduce it, at first. Fever allows the white blood cells to work more effectively against infection. It makes you feel like hell, but that is your body telling you to lay down, take it easy, sleep and heal.

Also, apply heat from a heating pad set on low, to your chest, throat or even ears, wherever the infection seems to be taking hold. Get that temperature up so your body can give a better fight. Take care if you are diabetic or have delicate skin. I sleep with mine on and am used to it but caution is called for. The infection tried to get into my ear, but applied heat did wonders to overcome the stabbing pains and the popping and pain are gone.

4. If you can afford it get to the doctor to see if the prevailing illness is bacteria caused. Antibiotics can get you out of bed and back to life quickly, especially if you develop pneumonia as a result of your illness (like I did from the Swine flu last year)

Like I said earlier, I am on day five of this illness and it kicked me down hard, in bed the whole time with high fever...but today even though I am really weak I don't have a bad cough, my temperature is normal, I have very little congestion, my sore throat is gone and my ears have cleared up. It will be a day or so *at least* before I will be back outside taking care of animals and garden.

Take care of yourself and be considerate of others. Stay home and stay in bed.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:44 PM
I am also battling this bug...I do not think I have ever been so sick..I have had this for a month now. It started out like a normal allergy, stopped up head, sneezing itchy throat and so forth. But it always turns into bronchitis after about 3 days. Well, I can say this is the harshest I have ever had it. A month and still not over it!

Went to the dr and he put me on Zmax....he said it was fairly new and it was a one dose medication. He also prescribed an Advair inhaler to help me breath. Did nothing....

The following week called him back and said I am getting worse not better. I had a cough from hell....!! The cough was dry and I actually sounded like I had whooping cough or the croup. It was very raspy and I would cough so much for long periods of time I would almost lose my voice. He prescribed Hydrocodone Elixir..and prednisone..... Did absolutely nothing!! Called back the 3rd week and said HELP!! This time got Amoxicillion. I told him I needed something for congestion. The congestion was sooo bad. He told me to get mussinex. It is not helping.

I do not know what the heck this is, but it is serious. I woke up this morning and my lungs hurt so bad to breath. I told my husband maybe I have pneumonia.. I live in Kentucky. I don't know if I'm gonna get over this. My sister in law that lives in Alabama has also contacted this and spent 10 days in the hospital, the dr told her they didn't know what it was. They sent her home with oxygen. If I'm not better by the end of this week I am going back to the dr. I don't care if they put me in the hospital. Whatever this bug is it feels DEADLY...seriously.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 01:37 AM
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