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Antarctica And The Discovery Of A 2,000-Year-Old Map

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posted on Apr, 5 2016 @ 11:06 PM
a reply to: MysterX

I like your impetus, but I am more leaning towards our current "cycle" simply picking up the pieces of the last set of Globals displacement Waves that we have managed to find,and THOSE FEW WHO FIRST RE-STARTED HUMANITY WEILED IMMENSE POWER WITH THE BITS AN PIECES OF TECHNOLOGY THEY RECOVERED IN SMALL POCKETS while the few remnants of humanity not drowned lived like cave-men or worse because they will have no survival skills or acumen nor resources to acess and use ,within one SEVERELY SHORTENED Generation schools education and in many places even writing will disappear as will many many trades and skills.Tiny bands of humans with zero infrtsucture no growing seasons toxic water no crops and not live animals to hunt with the entire area of dry land covered by kilometers of mud silt mixed with dead materials,and with oceans filled with dead things vegetable and animal.I dont believe anyone can with surety know what will be mountain top and what a mass of material under 100ft of mud or what will be the seafloor.The DUMBS may be coffins in 95% of the time.

I think many trillions have been spent on long running suppresions of history , simply engineering a series of Global continental sized co-ordinated EMPs would cripple the Globe and remove the internet and all forms of communication and commerce for an indeterminte amount of time and I think between Nuclear wars and other happenings that Humnity hs been intentionally tripped up many times .I believe the only reason we were allowed the internet is because we are near the rubicon and in a humanitarian thought all global information and knowledge was shared and a method of mass teaching was enabled..... IMHO BILLIONS HAVE BEEN NEEDLESSLY allowed to die for not having a chance to prepare properly.As it is its a crapshoot as mother nature always is,so why not tell everyone? Well to prevent a world war over areas some might believe have a better chance of being high survival than others and losing billions senselessly before the events which would reduce species survival odds measurably.

I think ultimately things are globally suppressed because of greed and human nature and that other cycles of humanity have survived and passed complete knowledge forward which disseminated globally allowing humanity to be Inter-Stellar at the same point near the end of a cycle we are at now.I think we get our chance unimpeeded to choose how we handle the 3657 years between cyles and that TPTB scewed us out of ours this go-round ,that past groups of humanity do not interfere during the cycle.....that Humanity is already universally spread and it does not cease to exist if our group is totally wiped out , there can be no species extinction when we are already spread universally so we define our own destiny here on earth.

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posted on Apr, 28 2017 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: Doug Fisher

I think you're a bit off the rails with the Agrippa's Orbis Terrarum map. If I understand correctly you present it as a possible depiction of Antarctica. To me, it is obvious that it represents the Medeterranian Sea with Gibralter and iberia at the left, then with Italy and Greece as projections around the top. Then continuing clockwise there is Egypt at the right of the sea area and finally Africa at the bottom.

posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 02:29 PM
a reply to: Davidh

Hello David,

Sorry for the late reply. I do not make it over here often enough.

In response to your post, I admit I tried to cover too much in the title of the post and it can prove confusing. That's on me.

The post itself reveals the discovery of the 2,000-year-old Agrippa's Orbis Terrarum. So of course we appear to be in full agreement that Johannes Schöner placed an ancient Roman map on the bottom of his 1515 globe and not a map of Antarctica.

The article goes on to explain that Schöner's 1524 globe used a similar two-point scaling method with a map that resembles Antarctica. (See section IV of the post)

The fascinating aspect of these two finds is the way in which Schöner's 1524 depiction of a continent that looks very much like Antarctica is intertwined with his 1515 inclusion of Agrippa's map. If I had not determined that Schöner had potentially scaled an ancient map of Antarctica to his 1524 globe based on two points, Atka Bay and the island set of Carney and Siple, I would not have gone on to attempt verification of this method on an earlier instance of his globes and discovered Agrippa's Orbis Terrarum which Schöner affixed to his 1515 globe utilizing the same two-point scaling method. Hence the title.

Hope this provides clarity.

All the best,
Doug Fisher

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