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1956. My first UFO.

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posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 01:17 PM
I was nine. TV had only three stations and those broadcast limited programing. We could not have dreamed about tv as we know it now. Even then my parents were very restrictive and about all I could watch were the old Loony Tunes. I Would wake up in the morning and wait fit the programing to begin. There was no 24 hour prograhming. Just a stationary test pattern for about 6 or 8 hours a night.

In our movie houses, we didn't call them cinemas, a large portion of the movies were still in black and white.
That didn't matter to me because I could only go with my parents and then only rarely. How did we ever survive?

I fill in these details to set a context for my sighting. Unlike today we were not completely saturated with saucers and aliens and scifi. Sure there was some but for the most part UFOs were all about crazy people where I came from.

There was no space program that we knew of. No Sputnik.

So there I was on a warm summer night. Camping out with my friend in the back yard looking up at the stars. Just looking and wondering when we notice a star moving through the sky. It was moving at about the pace as would a satellite today. But no satellites yet, remember? We considered that it might be a highflying airplane but the light was not flashing or fluctuating. It was just floating along at a straight and steady pace.

After five minutes or so I noticed that it's path was taking It directly towards a bright star directly overhead. Now one of my favorite cartoons was one where the rabbit or the pig or the fat whatever is being chased by the hunter or the fox or whatever villain. The chasee would try to find a place to hide and find nothing but a skinny tree, which was of course to skinny to hide behind. But hide he would. Just disappearing fat body and all behind the skinny tree.

So I thought to myself,my nine year old self, as the moving star drew closer to the bright star overhead," Wouldn't it be funny if it came up to the other star and didn't come out the other side like the hiding bunny.
A minute later as it drew very close to the star overhead I marveled at the amazing coincidence that the moving star I had first noticed way over there, had traveled half way across the sky and was about to be in the exact same place as the stationary star. It didn't come close. They matched exactly. And it didn't come out the other side. There was only the bright star left overhead.

We were jazzed for a moment but then moved onto other things. For us there was nothing to make of it other than it just was. We were only nine. It wasn't until ten years later when I had several other sightings that I even remembered this experience.

I've been up and down my memories trying to explain this to myself as anything other than a UFO. I certainly don't want to use as a fundamental piece of my understanding of reality, an optical illusion or product of childhood fantasy.

I was prompted to tell this story having read another thread which was causing a bit of interest over some video clips including one posted by member "Zargon" which displayed a Russian launch which completely explained the true nature of that sighting.

As I said I have been over as much speculative ground as I can cover already but might appreciate any serious input from those with more in site than I.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 02:42 PM
That must have been pretty cool to see, being from that time !

S&F for ya !!

posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 07:09 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire
Reminds me of a sighting someone once told me. They said two lights shot out of another light, going in opposite directions and crossing the horizon. Like drones from a mothership. Too fast to be flares.

Likely explanation? No idea. Maybe earth lights. Maybe brain dysfunction. Maybe some kind of gun? On a helicopter or maybe even plane? I can't recall any other details about the sighting.

Who knows what it all is. Just a story without more to go on.
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