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Queer as folk fans

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 02:13 AM
Kind of graphic so please beware lol

Hey, just a thread for all the fans of Queer as folk..

I thought about starting this thread because i've searched everywhere on the net for brian kinney naked, and i've gotten soo many but they were just butt shots...and i figured he wasnt the type that shows his crotch...

then i watched season 2 episode 13...and they actually showed it! (sorta)
he was in the jeep and justin went to go down on him...and they actually showed justin with brian in his mouth! was pretty unseen to the naked eye but if u go back, you can see some of it...

i thought this was weird mostly because gale harold is supposed to be straight in real life...i didnt think actors have ACTUAL sex on tv...

just wanted to tell you that i found the holy grail i guess

oh if anyone knows another episode with penis (preferably justin or michael) then i'd be most happy

P.S. if you plan on discussing the later shows (season 3 and 4) could you say SPOILER before? sorry, i've only seen half

[Edited on 19-7-2004 by sheaisdumb]

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