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Alien Cortez

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 02:04 AM
I think the fundamentalist obsession over the second coming is potentially dangerous. Not just for the obvious doomsday cult" lets blow up the dome of the rock and rebuild the jewish temple so jesus can back" reason. The Aztecs were in a similar predicament just before they were conquered. They were awaiting the second coming of Quetzalcoatal and seeing all sorts of signs and portents that his return was near. All of a sudden cortez shows up. He sets up base and makes his presence known in mexico. Miraculously Cortez bears a superficial resemblance to Quetzalcoatal who is described as being fair skinned and red haired,and had sailed eastward on the ocean, promising to return someday. Cortez of course took advantage of the confusion and impersonated tthe Aztec god allowing him to gain a foothold in Mexico and gather allies before the might of the Aztec army could be brought to bear. The rest is of course history.
Now think of the state of world right now. Look at it from the point of view of a hostile alien race intent on conquest. The majority of the populace are by their standards superstious primitives awaiting the return of their supreme being, who will vanquish evil and rule justly for eternity punishing the wicked and rewarding the faithful.The clever aliens decide they can take advantage of this they send an advance force down disguised in aform pleasing to human eyes. Once established the strike team leader proclaims himself to be the second coming and through advanced alien technology convinces a good portion of the populace of his divinity (performing miracles, fulfilling prophesies,etc.). The governments of the world are sceptical but they dont want to offend their citizens so they play along for a while.
After that I see two possible scenarios. Scenario one humanity realizes the truth only after the aliens have attained conquest and dropped all pretense at divinity and scenario two the governments realize something is up and try to organize a resistance. Only to be thwarted when their populations revolt in the belief that all the conspiracies about the NWO and the antichrist are true and are playing out right before their eyes. Either way not very pretty. Anyway tell me if you think any of this is plausible I welcome all comments

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