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Green Fireballs Coming! 3/6 - 3/9!

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by bhornbuckle75

I'm not sure if that would be possible. I'm not a chemist. Glad I could help though, and if I come across any more related material I'll send you a U2U and/or post it here

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by cabuki
Ugh! Damn I missed it.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 12:57 PM
not trying to hijack the thread here or anything... I signed up here on ATS as I have been quite interested in all things ATS for a while now and after finding the site have been amazed at the quality of discussion. So I think now the time has come for my first post.

After reading all the posts in this thread from start to finish a couple of weeks ago i couldn't help but taking what I read on the pages, and reading other threads associated with these green fireballs, and green glowing around 6/3 and 9/3 and looking further into what I wonder could be a link between it all.

Has anyone thought anything more about tying this in with "The Agency" warning described earlier in this thread, along with say the recent Japan earthquake and the Nuclear disaster (radiation leak and fallout), and the predicted further massive quakes?

Taken from "The Agency" warning;

"You will not miss it. It will glow green. It will most assuredly be televised on every news network across the globe. This fireball is not a meteor. It is part of a larger plan which will precede further artificial astronomical and atmospheric anomalies."

Nuclear radiation is so often described and shown as being green. Do you think a machine or a weapon, either on earth or close by, could have been developed to create this targetted earthquake pulse (perhaps such as HAARP or of similar proportions to the Large Hadron Collider...) I read another thread today that was posted on the 13th March in which many people reported seeing...

I noticed the moon on the horizon, VERY large (moon at Perigee aka 'Supermoon') and a deep red (not sure why it was so red). My first thought was how massive and red it moon was. As i looked i suddenly noticed that although the moon was cresent, it seemed to be a really odd shape. As i looked closer i noticed that the moon seemed to not only have earth's shadow blocking the suns light, but SOMETHING ELSE creating a second massive shadow on it too.

Not saying that this Nuclear disaster was intended, if something like this WAS the cause, but although it could have been predicted by people such as "The Agency"...

The Agency warning does mention...

you must go inside and stay inside for NO LESS than three days. You need three days supply of water, food and any medication you require, in your home. You need to make sure you do not need to leave your home for three days, for any reason

This same problem could happen worldwide if similar incidents with earthquakes of huge magnitudes were to occur worldwide as many countries have now shown that they too have old fragile nuclear reactors that are being used WAY past their proposed used by date. Predictions such as the Jim Berkland (Geologist) "Ring of Fire" quakes are saying many VERY large earthquakes are imminant. Actually putting approximate dates forward (MARCH 19-26, OR AGAIN IN EARLY APRIL)

Since this thread started my thought cycle, i thought I may as well add it here. If it needs to perhaps start another different thread somewhere, im sorry for unintentionally hijacking! =P Has anyone else attributed any of the other recent topics, events with each other such as the 4 prominant topics that I mentioned including these green meteors.

Perhaps I just have an over active imagination, but I believe there is alot more out there, like many of ATS members so why not think outside the square for possible answers.

Cheers guys

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by FezzleDezzle

Welcome to the forum FezzleDezzle,

I think you are just trying to "join the dots", when there is no real connection. There are lots of things going on in this world (it's a big and complex place we live in), and there are not necessarily any connections between what happens. Anyone can join random dots, and make a picture, since there are so many dots. There are almost infinite ways to join and make a seemingly realistic picture (of what is going on).

For example, lets look at the color green...

I don't know why people are focusing on green - it's just another color, and a common one at that. Why not make a link between plants and meteors? They can both be green!

Meteors can often be green, but they are often red, blue, and yellow too. Plus, this predicted "spate" of green fireballs never took place... so I don't think trying to make a connection between something that never took place and a bunch of other events is going to go anywhere.

I took this photograph of a green Leonid earth grazer in November 2001 in the build up to the Leonid storm that year... virtually all the meteors started off green (as they often do with meteor showers/meteors due to the prevalence of oxygen high up in the atmosphere at the attitude where meteors first become visible), so we saw thousands of green meteors (and fireballs that started off green) that year.

There are green meteors/fireballs every year... I'm sure you could find lots of things to connect them to that occurred in past years, but that would just be more random coincidence, as it is in this case IMHO.

I also don't see any connection with "green radiation". Radiation itself is invisible and colorless. Yes there are radioactive elements that fluoresce/produce green light (Radium, and Tritium), but these are not used in today's nuclear fission reactors. It's a popular misconception that radiation is green.

So I can't really see where/how you are linking these random events/non-events/prophecies... although it is well known that our brains have evolved to see patterns where there are none:

Our coincidence-detection abilities have been finely honed through the ages by evolution and natural selection. Being able to spot significant correlations between events would lend an important survival advantage to our ancestors which would then be selected for through the generations. We can speculate, therefore, that man is hardwired to look everywhere for patterns and connections. Modem culture, however, with its myriad connections between events and people, activates these abilities at every turn, causing us to continually suggest explanations and invoke strange forces—such as psychic powers—that do not exist.

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