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The Muslim Brootherhood uprise financed by the oil global elite !!

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:59 PM
Unbeknownst to me in 1977 through 1981 ; the Carter administration was out to cut a deal
with every major oil producing nation (OPEC) via Henry Kissenger.
The deal was that we agreed to not to tap or start prouduction on our huge oil reserves , instead we
would buy their oil at their prices as long as they bought into our T-Bills and securities.

According to Lindsey Williams the ' Global Elite ' are financing the demise of the American Dollar in
aim to establish a one world currency.

This will dooble-cross the agreement made between the OPEC nations and the U.S.
And make all of their investments worthless.
The NWO is making its final move.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by L.HAMILTON

The ignorance of greed now you know what Jesus felt why do you forsake me.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:09 PM
2 birds one stone in this case they get to remove their scapegoat

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:09 PM
2 birds one stone in this case they get to remove their scapegoat

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:05 PM
Alright I think it is about time I finally come out of hiding on this issue. Fact is that the Muslim Brotherhood was founded by a Hassan al-Banna who was a practicing Sunni Muslim who at the age of 12 became influenced and joined Sufism, an Islamic spiritualist movement emphasizing the undeniable belief that the heart must be turned to Allah, and Allah only. However there are many reasons to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by this who was an agent for the British in Egypt during the 1920s.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded and funded at its conception by the British. This relatively same thing occurred in Pakistan-Afghanistan during the 1980s when the CIA began funding the Pakistan ISI who would pump money into the Mujahedeen to fight the Soviets and overthrow the leftist government in Kabul, the CIA using the ISI filtered money down to these Islamist organizations to teach the ideals which became Islamic Jihad politics.

The money did not end there as the ISI along with an influential Pakistan political party joined the government of Bhutto and funded the Taliban in Afghanistan to prop up the opium trades for cash funded by the CIA, using the opiate money to finance destabilizing terrorist organizations in Russian caucuses and the European Balkans. This led to both the Chechnya War and the Balkan Wars. It was to destabilize the regions enough to push the Russian influence out and place the American influence in.

These arguments in favor of intervening in Libya for humanitarian purposes are both a gross lie and distortion of the facts. Russia had observed from space activities in Libyan airspace and confirmed that the Western media and governments were making up false accusations that Qaddafi had been using air raids against the protesters so as to set up a justifiable argument for invasion, then talks of chemical weapons stashed by the Qaddafi regime had come into discussion as well.

These events all echo the beginnings of the Iraq war to overthrow a ‘dictator’ and justified it on the grounds of both humanitarian reasons and Saddam’s supposed production of WMD’s.

What confuses most is the question of why the United States would knowingly create and fund groups to attack the West but when you realize that the more enemies the US creates the more excuses it has to spread out it all makes sense. The purpose is to drain this country of all resources, make it reliant upon other nations for its existence until they can get us to the point of financial free-fall when the only viable option left is to forfeit our economic might to the hands of international organizations.

By turning OPEC nations over to democracy they knowingly have just sealed the fate of America and its economy, the Iraq and Afghan wars were to establish a precedent of hatred towards the West so that when they start the revolutions (which are occurring now) the result will be established regimes which are opposed to and hate the United States.

Then they open the borders to immigration from the same nations of which people began to form a hatred of the West, guaranteeing that tensions will be created when the final economic collapse occurs. This will once again give the governments a legitimate argument that power must be handed over to a higher authority so as to avert the rise of nativist and xenophobic groups which naturally occur as a consequence of policies aimed at dividing up countries into ethnic and cultural sects.

The goal is the complete destabilization of the Western world. The economic collapse of America under a system of debt due to limitless regulations, bureaucracy, war, welfare, and the systematic deconstruction of our manufacturing and agriculture base making us dependent upon the resources of other nations. Same economic system has been the plan in Europe except they have made it even worse there, the plan is to divide up the cultures until tension arises and when the economy crashes and wars are unleashed the frustrations are unleashed too, leading to violence and the march of nationalist, nativist, and xenophobic parties much like what occurred in the 1920s and 30s. Nations will be forced to hand over much of their power to supranational sources such as the IMF, UN, and EU.

In the end the goal is to bankrupt America and tear down its military and financial might, destabilize all of Europe into clashes of culture and possible wars so as for justification of supranational intervention, and the handing over of the worlds power, resources, and influence to the internationalists who run the UN, EU, IMF, and WTO.

Destruction must hit the West for us to hand over our power to them, finally consolidating all the politics, economics, policies, governments, and people into their hands. The Middle East is only part of the game, but my fear is that the culmination of events occurring with both the abandonment of Dollar as reserve currency and the Revolutions ultimately leading to OPEC turning against America, will be their final game plan. If they succeed with this, where we go in the future is left up to them.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by Misoir

Or it could just be that the people of these countries are finally at their last straw, living under dictatorial regimes. I suppose this notion is hard for some to swallow, given the three generations' worth of propaganda that's been telling you they're subhuman.

The "Powers that be" benefited from Gaddhafi's rule. They profited from Ben Ali and Mubarak. Despotisms, after all, are much more malleable to outside interests than representative governments are; The more autocratic a regime, the bigger benefit to the global elite who want to plunder that county.

That's why they've been telling you all these lies about people in Africa and the Middle East. They want you to believe that these people are unreasoning and bestial, so you will happily accept the notion that there need to be dictators and strongmen to "keep those people under control."

After all, those animals only understand force, right? I'm sure you've heard that phrase, and while I hope you don't believe it, I hope you can see the agenda behind it now.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by Misoir

Misor, I agree that your post was well written, but UNFORTUNATELY, your logic erred. Your subjective view of Islam had been the fault of your errors.

1. Why this continual fear of Islam, that some keyboard warriors need to use blind hatred to replace intelligence and aquisition of knowledge?

Is it because Islam poses a threat to the way of western living? No drinking, no eating of pork, ladies coverup, no porn? Everyone knows full well the vices of the western civilisation, let's be honest and straight talking. We love pork, drinking, ogling at beautiful women and will FIGHT to stop it from being taken away from us. It's a fact, admit it.

But the thing is, such vices are also against the doctrines of the western civilisations, but only hypocritally kept under the rug successfully.

In all honesty, vices that does no harm or taken lightly hurts no one. It is only the excesses of it, such as drink driving, obesity with heart problems, dangerous carnal desires against innocent women, etc, that will result in harm and destruction of civilisations.

Islam is no more than just another religion that attempts to keep mankind straight, and are not without its own hypocrisy or lip services that the western world indulges.

2. a.)The SA lmonarch had recently pumped $37 billion cash into the hands of his citizens to prevent uprisings and discontent. This is not a sign of benevolent generosity, but a bribe and evidence of how corrupted his rule had become. That he could come up with with that obscene amount of money goes to show how much he had hoarded, mismanaged on nation's economic policies for his own greed, kept away from the masses, which if he had done it long ago, there would have been no discontent.

b.) Mubarak the dictator is of the same mould. He amassed great wealth at the expense of his masses while he ruled authoritatively, denying civil freedoms for his people. Not only that, he would kill and murder to maintain his rule, as the Egyptian protests had shown.

c.) Gaddafi and sons - need I say more? They are there for all to see. Monsters, inhuman, and everything vile.

I can go on with the lists of dictators currently ruling Middle East. The point is - they had, terrorised, tortured and murdered more people than Al Queda ever could. It is of no surprise that their citizens rebelled.

3. Worse on the list of humanity's enemies are the bankers and Corporations with their obscene wealth made off the backs of workers and slaves. They had financed wars on BOTH sides, profitted mightly for centuries, corrupted and taken over govs, sacrificed millions of youths to die for their interests and not for the masses, etc, ect.

These are evidences that you can see and read daily, with discussion and debates with everyone else including the leaders of community and cross sections of knowledgeable societies across the world.

And you, Misor, as well as others blind like you blamed the pathetic Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and muslims for our civilisation's ills?????

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 05:14 AM
All this discontent got started in Tunisia when someone burnt himself alive because he was so feed up with it all. I think a lot of people where taken back by what happened and now different powers are wrestling to fill this power vacuum that has spread. In Egypt the people had clearly had enough of their regime with estimates of 2 million people in some of the marches. I have seen photos of the streets flooded with people, the MSM usually just showed the smaller crowds. I am a little concerned about the rebellion in Iran as that appears to be one of the few truly democratic nations around. I am not surprised the MSM is portraying civil revolution there as the CIA have been trying to own it for a long time, but Iran have been smart enough to see through the CIA BS in the past. With reports of foreign nations going into Libya is worrisome. For the UN was to even listen to a statement of WMD's is super dumb, the UN would have to dismantle every army to take such a statement seriously. For the USA to push this line again is infuriating as the USA has the worst WMD's of the bunch, but that is political double talk for you and a fart in face to Libya. So the USA engagement is more about capitalising on this situation than democracy.

OPEC and the oil elite do have a part to play with all the money and resources they have. The Muslim brotherhood has a part to play with all the public and religious support they have. The armies have a part to play with all the force they have. The UN has a part to play with the global review and resources they have. For the oil money to back the brotherhood it is a smart bet in these troubling times and will help stabilise the region through the transition of government. Depending on how this political organisation is structured will influence the long term stability of the region. The British do have have some good ideas on political structures so it is not all bad if they help set up the organisation a while ago, has probably helped the brotherhood become more cohesive and a viable political party.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by CIGGSofWAR

Since code pink, other leftist groups, Google, the Obama administration and Soro were actaully connected to creating and participating in this series "protest" coups in the Middle East, and seeing as all these people are against "big oil" and for alternative energy, I don't see this as being real.

Maybe the Left is lying to us about hating "big oil" and really they are working hand in glove? Stranger things have happened, I guess. One thing is for sure: toltaltarianism is on the move through both parties and leading these protests for Mulsim Brotherhood "democracy" in the Middle East and communist "democracy" through the international Labor Unions in the US.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by sara123123

I have yet to have see any connection between Soros, the Obama Administration, and the Egyptian uprisings. What I have seen is Glenn Beck using his chalkboard to draw up some half baked psuedo-conspiracy involving Marxists, Islamists, and American protest groups. Michael Savage has blamed the International Crisis Group, while others are throwing mud at Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy?

I could understand Code Pink have contact with the protesters. After all, they're a major players in the US peace activist movement, and activists often show support or meeting with people participating in struggles across the globe. Its called an "expression of solidarity." But the second people start drawing lines between Code Pink and Ayers and the Gaza Flotilla with the Muslim Brotherhood, Soros, and the Egyptian uprising, that's where I'm lost.

Code Pink has protested the Koch Brother's involvement with the Tea Party Movement. That sets them as alright in my book! Oh, and the Egyptians ousted a key US puppet and IMF henchman? Mark them as alright as well.

Edit: I assume your reference to the international labor unions that are spreading communism is speaking of the AFL-CIO, one of the major partners of the National Endowment of Democracy and the Soros Foundations... never mind that they were utilized by the CIA to subvert more radical unions, show unconditional support for Israel, financed the far-right Contra rebels in Nicaragua, and have been implicated in numerous right-wing coups...
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 07:55 PM
Should we really listen to the ramblings of some old man trying to hawk his books? If anything he is being feed disinfo.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by ArchIlluminatus
Should we really listen to the ramblings of some old man trying to hawk his books? If anything he is being feed disinfo.

Please elaborate on how this is disinfo. Give some sources, some evidence.

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