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The Associated Press: Capitol ceremony for WWI vet blocked in Congress

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:50 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — West Virginia lawmakers complained Monday after their hopes of having the remains of World War I veteran Frank Buckles honored in the Capitol Rotunda were dashed, at least for now.


This just makes me sick! This should be a no-brainer, but as usual, the criminals in CONgress just have to politicize EVERYTHING! This is an effort to not only honor the last living WWI Veteran, but to also honor all those who served during this historic conflict of nations... If ever there was a reason to kick both parties to the curb, this is it!

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

He wasn't the last surviving WWI veteran.....

But I do agree, it's total BS

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:56 PM

Nearly a week after Frank Buckles died at the age of 110, politicians on Friday were still at odds over how best to honor Buckles and the 4.7 million other Americans who served during World War I, which was called the war to end all wars. Lawmakers from Buckles' home state of West Virginia want to see his remains lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda and have expressed their unhappiness at House and Senate leaders who have resisted that idea.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., are seeking Pentagon permission for holding ceremonies in the amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery, where Buckles will be buried.

Talks were still going on in the Senate about a resolution, offered by West Virginia's two Democratic senators, to approve use of the Rotunda to honor Buckles, but the indecision was frustrating Buckles' family.

"The leadership of Congress is standing in the way" of a Rotunda ceremony, said David DeJonge, Buckles' biographer and the family spokesman. "We want the highest level of respect for all that Frank Buckles stands for," he said. "It's not about Frank, it is about the passing of a generation."

Kansas City Star

So they're just let this guy's body sit around and rot while they argue over how to honor him.

They may not have figured out how to honor him yet but, they're sure doing a great job of dishonoring his body. I hope to God I don't end up outliving all the other Desert Storm vets and end up like this poor guy.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:40 PM
I'm with you JR. Absolutely infuriating. Here is a link to a list of those who have lain in state in the Capitol rotunda, on the website of the "Architect of the Capitol". There have been other veterans, unknown soldiers, the "planner of the city of Washington", Capitol Police Officers, Presidents, members of Congress and a civil rights activist.

I believe Mr. Buckles was at least as important to the United States as any of those and more so than the Congressional members.

S&F for bringing this to ATS.

In case others have an aversion to using the facebook link in the OP, here is another.

reply to post by RustyShakleford92

True, but he was the last surviving U.S. veteran of WWI.
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

Congress and both parties are a damned disgrace. S&F

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 08:14 AM
I agree with the OP there is absolutly no reason for the bull crap. Im really afraid for the future of this country when its become so polarized that it cant even honour its vets.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 10:13 AM
He's dead...put him in the ground.

Congress can't afford to fund the living Veterans needing healthcare/medicine for their war injuries.

I laugh everytime I see one of those magnetic twisty ribbons on peoples cars "support the troops".....

When in fact Veterans are killing themselves every single day because they can't get their pain medication routinely every month from the Government....Veterans Affairs contracted their doctors out...hard to get in to see them every month to sign the prescription for Schedule II narcotics.....nurses can't sign for them. Mail Order drug program won't send out those kinda drugs to people having cancer eating them alive or pain from having half their head blown off in Iraq....

Congress has blood on it's hands.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by Pervius

You are suffering from anal/cranial inversion... I AM a disabled Vet, and there is no problem getting either the healthcare needed nor the prescriptions necessary from the VA... If anything, they are doing a great job! Add to that the multitude of programs such as HUD/VASH and Voc/Rehab, and it is apparent that those of us who are Veterans are well provided for by the Department of Veteran's Affairs... But nice attempt to take the heat of this debate off of CONgress...

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 08:10 PM
How disgusting. It really shows where our country is at when the last remaining American war veteran of WW1 has passed away and all they in Congress can do is politicize his ceremony. What do they win? What could possibly be so important that you must block the ceremony of a courageous and noble man who fought in the first truly devastating war in human history and was the last American alive from said war?

I am sorry but Washington is one screwed up place, but what is even more screwed up is that there is no public outrage over this issue. Americans used to rally around their fallen, regardless of any political affiliation or opinion on the war, “you are an American and fought nobly for your country? I salute you.” That should be what we all say.

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