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Just venting about (some) men

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:43 PM
Ugh. Friends.

Please allow me to vent here. Putting it in this forum as it has to do with (past) personal relationships. And a biz one - actually a "government" person - too.

I am upset; I am now 'coming down' from the adrenaline rush - this happened two hours ago, yet I still feel dazed and it is hard to type. My hands have stopped shaking though. Mostly.

Someone rang my door bell earlier. This upset and frightened me.

I am the victim of stalking. Nothing has happened lately, but yet - I am still in fear. I was surprised, actually, at how upset I became.

It was nothing, only workers / electricians, testing things. There are always workers here, I live in an ancient ruin,
I *know* there are always people around, working here....

And yet - I pannicked.

I *forced myself* to go downstairs to see what it was.

Might've been a gun stuck in my face.


I *thought* I had relaxed about this, put it in the past, etc. I guess not.

Onto "the government worker".

This was a mailman we had here, now retired, he was grossly incompetent. Other postal workers said so too - but they would not fire him since he was a Viet Nam Vet.

This LUNATIC did his route BLIND STINKING DRUNK! I am NOT kidding you! And was driving a mail truck also. Most of his route was on foot (urban area) - but they do have minivans here also.

Some of my neighbors thought this guy was *funny*. Ugh. Yeah - watch him stagger down the street, engage him in some drunken conversation that you can laugh over later, observe him passed out in his mail truck, point and laugh.

Well I did not think this was funny and I wound up with a case of IDENTITY THEFT from it! That's what happens when your mail goes to someone else or is tossed in some other building lobby, or sometimes just tossed in a heap on the street.......

Then again, for all I know the stalker - or anyone - could have pulled the ID theft on me.

Suffice it to say that I now also fear PROCESS SERVERS ringing my doorbell! Yes I have been sued - this is how I *found out* about the ID theft. I thought it was cleared up - but I have gotten some unusual phone calls lately.

Before the phone broke.

And you know what? I LIKE IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!

I also would like my doorbell to remain broken also!!!!!


Yeah I should talk about drinking because *I* am drinking right now - this doorbell ringing upset me. Other people, maybe they would leap up excitedly thinking its a friend, or a package. Me - I am shaking in fear........

Other people also might fear, in the future, - heartbreak, things not working out, they have such kind of 'baggage'.
Me, I fear obsessive people and straight up maniacs.

No, I don't go looking for it either. It's weird too because if I haven't got some nut bag guy on my case - I got people literally coming out of the ether - such as ID theft - to harass me.

Jesus. Please - gimme some PEACE!!!

I so want to go live in a cave somewhere. Erg.

/ rant over.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:48 PM
Take a moment, look at your avatar, look in the mirror, remember your fierce-self...

And hugs to you.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:51 PM
These all sound like your own insecurities, I fail to see anything done wrong by the dudes in your post. Granted drinking on the job is a little sketchy, but he didnt grope you or anything.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:04 PM
first thing to do is stop drinking. you might feel brave when you have had a few but it only makes the fear worse when you stop. its much darker when your hungover.

you need to meet your fear head on and destroy before it destroys you.

read a few books on what fear is , where it comes from.

you have been brainwashed to fear since you were a kid, u probably inheritied a lot unknowingly from your parents too.

its all fake. none of the fear is real. try and read a book or two. it will help.

i can't stress enough to stop the drinking. you will be a much stonger person without it. honest.
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by nougat420

What I meant to say about the Drunken Mailman - this was nothing about a 'personal' relationship - I described that as I suspect I wound up with *Identity Theft* due to bad mail service - and I now fear lawsuits because of that.

OK? I fear process servers coming for me, cops - they can arrest you even - for non paid bills or not showing up to court - and since I did not cause this - I have no knowledge of exactly *what* might be going on - I am talking about Identity Theft OK? - and I think this *may have been caused by* - poor mail delivery.

Two separate issues. The first one, the stalker, yes that is someone I had a personal relationship with, and he did, on several occasions, threaten to kill me. He also had serious mental issues and was on drugs. So yeah - I think this is something that maybe someone should pay attention to. A dangerous and unbalanced person. On drugs.

The Mail Man thing - this is about my fear of legal consequences due to ID theft. Separate issue. Still involves people who SHOULD NOT be showing up at my door and people I DO NOT wish to see. Especially as there is NO CAUSE for this / not my fault.

On the above - yes I did get an attorney to help me, and thought this was straightened out. But who knows? I can't know about what I don't know about......

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:22 PM
Guys ringing your doorbell!
Drunken mailmen...!
Oh my god.... get out and don't look behind you!

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by LadySkadi

Thank you

Made a separate post on this so as to not minimize my sincere appreciation for your kind thoughts.

It really does mean alot

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:58 PM

I also wanted to talk about this as Stalking is serious business. This is no joke.

There are many people out there we should try and avoid.

And they often look and act perfectly fine.

At first.

It goes for females too. In my case, I have been stalked and harassed by men, mostly. And the drug addled lunatic here, that I spoke of, was not the only one.

I have encountered some very unbalanced and aggressive people in my time.

One thing I read lately which was rather disheartening - I don't even remember where I read it - some 'parent's' type of board, some Mom said that men whistle and yell at her *pre teen* daughter - and the little girl is now frightened to go out.

People need to get a grip on themselves. (Insert tacky joke here.)

NONE of this stuff is cute, nor funny, nor "no big deal" - yes it IS a big deal and I personally have wound up on the wrong end of it one too many times - when I DID NOTHING to deserve it!

The unbalanced lunatic who was threatening to kill me? HE *dumped* ME! And apx one year later decided to start stalking me. OK?

There was a guy before that - a guy I only *worked with* - and had NO INTEREST IN - in fact - I WAS LIVING WITH A GUY AT THE TIME - and this Bonehead KNEW THAT. OK this NUTBAG decided to stalk me anyway - and in fact showed up at my doorstep un announced because he *over heard me telling co workers that I could not find curtains for my AND BF's apartment so I had hung up some flags in the windows.* This STALKER drove around all over kingdom come until he found an apartment with flags hanging in the windows!

And yep he found me, proceeded to pester me - WITH another guy constantly threatening to kick his ass.....

And there was yet another one of these even before - when I was young, early 20s, I dated a much older man. Early 50s. This guy became obsessed with me. It was casual to me, I made that clear, he seemed on the same page. But next thing you know he's shopping for houses, talking about having kids, yadda, I distanced myself and he threatened suicide.

And taking me with him.

I got rid of him pretty quick though. But largely because - I moved.

So yeah, anyway - I do seem to attract the nut bags - I really do NOT want to hear that I make "bad choices" because these people all SEEMED perfectly normal! I don't go around with skid row bums or anything. "Business People", "Average Joes" - seemingly - for lack of a better description.

And in fact - to whomever told me to stop drinking - yes I do not drink that much. Low alcohol beer only, and only a couple and only here and there. I'm a lightweight, believe me.

Why I mention that too is - I have met BETTER PEOPLE - oddly - I have had BETTER LUCK with some "eccentric" people - when I moved here - I became good friends with a former PCP addict and arsonist. Nice guy!
Gay, so he wasn't looking for something else. Just friends. This guy actually *helped me* with the Latest Stalker - yes a Gay Man can, and WILL Kick Your Ass - and my friend - I was so happy to have a friend who could help me
He got right up in the Stalker's face and was about ready to kick his ass! I met a new BF too - who was also about ready to kill the guy.

These people, my friends that I met here - which is more of a 'Hipster' and 'Alternative' area - I was SO HAPPY to meet some people - and these people - who others might LABEL as the "nuts" - they were the only ones with some brains (and balls!) who stepped up to help me!

Again, I'm maybe all over the place here, sorry, but I would like to shed light on "Stalking" - and that this is serious business, not to be taken lightly, people need to be aware and help one another also.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

...i can appreciate the stabbing fear that comes with the phone ringing because it could be a bill collector or some other jerk that wants to ruin your day... when i had those issues, i kept my phone unplugged and only plugged it in when i wanted to use it... yours is broke - that works too, lol...

...uninvited visitors - one of my biggest pet peeves... disconnect your doorbell... its really easy... theres no sure fire way to stop door knockers but a sign that says "deaf occupant" might help - cant hurt...

...sorry you're having a tough day... spring is coming - maybe that'll improve things...

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 06:17 PM
The saddest part about this all is that I am now very fearful of people.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 06:31 PM
I have a good lady friend who was stalked for some time.

I bought her one of these...

and one of these..

She now has a concealed carry permit to go with these tools.

She wanted a long I wound up buying her one of semi automatic.

Showed her how to disassemble and clean it ....outside on her picnic table where this a.....hole could see it taking place.

Then I took her to the range and taught her how it works and to shoot it as well as her two short guns. This AK 47 is loaded with a 20 round magazine to make it lighter the 30 round magazines are not for everyone. They tend to make the tool a bit ungainly. There are also smaller 10 round magazines if 20 rounds is to much.

This guy does not stalk/bother her anymore. If he is stupid enough to continue to do this he is asking to be shot.
He just needed some help to get him to realize he is not sitting on the only one in town.
We still go to the shooting range when ammunition is affordable and well as the time.

This path is not for everyone..but it suited well in this case. She does not have children. I would not recommend this with children around. Most children are to undisciplined as are many grown ups as well.

You decide how scared you are going to be and what you are going to do about it. My friend got sick and tired of being scared/stalked and decided she was not going to take it anymore.


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 07:05 PM
That is scary I am extremely sad about your situation. I haven't had ID theft happen to me but constant door bell ringing has happened to me. After several days I decided I had enough, broke out the shmergah (Kind of like a very large scarf for those who didn't know) and my knives and though tonight I will put the fear of god in said person. Didn't show up the entire night. What I came to the conclusion of was I was letting either a prankster or a stalker get the best of me. Why give my peace to someone trying to take it away it is exactly what they wanted. An entire month of three am door bell rings though will do that to a person. Wierdo's be warned not everyone appreciate angst like that. I and the OP happen to be one of them. Even though the OP had serious crimes committed against them do not be troubled like that. It's what that crazed wacked out fool wants. Keep your peace and like stated your strength that's the way to beat them at their own game.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Orangetom, I have to say - I like your thoughts here!

I have read some of your other posts - and I kind of felt at odds with you. Or, maybe we just see things from different angles. ( I did understand your points as well, and you do 'have' many points, which is why I likely chose not to 'get into it with you' - because you do have your points, even if you do see things differently.) - I hope that makes sense

And, of course, we all "read through our own filter" as they say, too.

I will say a bit more too - which might be illustrative -

I have always had to get by on my own. I won't go into my childhood, let's keep it concise here, but I left home young and from then on out had to get by on my own.

I tried to do right. I put myself through school *twice* + beyond that - I have 10+ years of higher education, I never asked anyone for anything, no one helped me - in fact - I tried to help others and to care "Do Unto Others" and all that - Yet for my efforts - I have had all this adversity - I do not really understand -

I don't know - I didn't even want that much........

I certainly did not want people harassing me.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

Whiffer Nippets,

While I don't ordinarily hang out much of my laundry I will tell you a few things about myself. For years and years I worked the graveyard shift. I am still to this day very much anti social as a result of this. Very individual and don't mix much except with certain peoples of my choosing. A small group.

To make it on the graveyard shift and get some sleep I often turned off my phone or just the ringer. Those who know me, know to come to the back door..never the front. IF you come to the front door you are selling something and I don't want to talk to or see you. If you don't know to come to the back door I don't want to see you anyways. That is just the way it is. I don't have time for nonsense or that which does not make good nonsense.

I don't even tolerate poor service at the stores. I will leave my cart and just walk out. Even the perishable items.
Graveyard shift taught me to appreciate the concept and understanding of not spending alot of my valuable time standing in line somewhere. To many peoples spend to much of their valuable time and life standing in line in different places. May as well be surrounded by "Wildlife." Not for me thanks.

As to your educating yourself. You are to be commended in this. Would that I had a better education than that which I currently possess. But this world cares not one whit for our education except how it will serve the world ..not ourselves. Wildlife will prey on the educated as well as the non educated. There are lots of predators out here and some of them are even in government/public service.

No problem on us having different points and or seeing things differently ..through different lenses if you like. This world requires all kinds to go round and round. There are just things for which I have tolerance and things from which I want to separate.

This does indeed require filtration to get though it or to filter out all the "Wildlife."

I will offer a suggestion if It will not seem presumptuous or to forward.

There are books out here on to get it to keep it. How to maintain it. They are not topics or lines of thinking which will be taught in public schools or in most public libraries. But the information's is available for those who are willing to log in the time and thinking to get something out of it.
Anything from privacy in handling your daily privacy on the computer.
You might want to educate yourself in this arena. It is not something often taught on the Boob Tube or in institutions of public education.

I am going to tell you something at the risk of seeming to forward..but it is not intended in or for this manner.

Those who have the fingerprint of this world on their lips and hearts have a great time ...and get through this world with little difficulty. Those who do not have on them the fingerprint of this world often come into conflict with the ways of this world and are often also put in bad lights by this world and the minions/wildlife of this world. This world does not like them and will tend towards singling them out for "special treatment."

Your post above makes me think if this pattern and knowledge. I am given to asking myself if you comprehend to what I am alluding??

But nonetheless.. It is OK that we see things from different angles or different lights. The important thing is that a level of civility is maintained even in disagreement.

Yes it does indeed make sense what you post. Perhapsed we should have mixed it up for a few rounds in different posts... in agreement or even in disagreement and differences.

My thanks to you for your very considerate post.

With Respect,

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:20 PM
Yeah I was reading your rant and I don;t want to incur any wrath here. But it kind of sounds like you need to break your door bell permanetly. Because you don;t like people do you?? I mean man I hate to see what happens when the jehovah witnesses show up tommorow mourning.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by American-philosopher
Yeah I was reading your rant and I don;t want to incur any wrath here. But it kind of sounds like you need to break your door bell permanetly. Because you don;t like people do you?? I mean man I hate to see what happens when the jehovah witnesses show up tommorow mourning.

I think you are referring to me in your post. No problem with incurring any wrath.

To my knowledge I am not required to like people. There is no automatic default setting which states that I must suffer people automatically. I worked Graveyard shift. I sleep in the daytime. Not everyone works 9 to 5 or such hours. People don't like me knocking regularly on their doors at 3am in the morning..but don't have the brain capacity to realize that 11am is what to them is 3am in the morning. No brain cells working. They mistakenly think that everyone out here is a "Day walker." Not so. I don't have to answer my door or be civil if I so choose. It is my home ..not theirs.

No, I do not have to suffer that nonsense. I am not required to like people and don't make any excuses for my beliefs. People can deal with it or get lost. If Jehovah's witnesses want to speak to me they can come over at 3am..on my schedule....not theirs. I have no obligation to people to adjust my schedule to theirs unless we want to do business/commerce.

I am not interested in being woken up or disturbed by my telephone or my door bell. I sleep with the phone ringer off and the recorder on volume down...and a fan going in the background to drown out any other noise. If it is important someone will be coming to the back door..not the front. And it had better be important enough if they disturb my sleep.

Not everyone out here is a Day walker.

Oh..and while I am thinking about it..I am a nuclear fueler by trade. I install Uranium 235 fuel cells into nuclear reactors. Do you think I need to be doing this work when I am tired/sleepy because someone knocked on my door several times a day with something as important as Jehovah's Witnesses or someone selling windows/roofing??
Try thinking..not emoting. Not everyone out here is a Day Walker or lives a television or movie life or thinking. Not everyone out here lives for social status or interaction.
You are not incurring any wrath here...just the other side of the thinking paradigm for which I don't believe you have ever seen or heard. Hope this helps clear up the difference in thinking and values.


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:15 PM
Just remember it is never your fault. I saw a study not long ago that stated something like 85% of all women will be stalked at some point. Its very scary stuff. Just be strong and know that their is people who will do anything they can to help you. I have seen what stalking can do to a person and it is one of the worst mother was stalked for 3 years by a man who lived down the street. He would send flowers to her work, tell her what she was wearing, leave notes etc. It killed me and my father. Being in the military I always have to be in control of a situation and when im not it drives me insane.

Lock your doors, lock your windows, buy a dog, a gun, and ammunition.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 12:55 AM
reply to post by orangetom1999

So your referring to a "day walker" as I guess someone who has common decency maybe I don;t know. But to most people I am guessing when you sleep this is busssines hours. Thats why when you callla bussiness. they say please call back during normal bussiness hours. But your right not everybody goes buy those bussiness hours. But common courtesy would tell you that these people are trying to be polite by operating on busssines hours. For whatever they are "bothering" you with. And just because you operate at night doesn;t mean you should be isolated or have a diisdain for other people. I know I am judgeing and thats bad I shouldnt judge (bad philosopher! Don;t judge bad philosopher!) But fromt he brief sinpet that you have exposed of yourself it seems your are mean to people. And I know you may think you are living the hermet life style but I think the hermit chooses to be alone because he thinks others will not accept him. I think your in a different situation.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 06:02 AM

Wow!! Do you ever live a sheltered life. No I do not consider at all..a Daywalker... as someone who has common decency. To me a Daywalker is a person who thinks that there are only day people out here. No one or no other kind of thinking exists or is possible/allowed.
I am obviously not "most people" and I have no desire to be or think as do "most peoples."

I am what is called an "individual." I have no desire to be another xerox copy of the bland useless things to be found out here in this world.
I go by business hours only when I have to. Most of the time I will correspond with businesses through e-mail,phone, or by message and or carefully check out their business hours for my convenience..not for theirs. This way I can get my much needed rest and peace. I do not want them interfering with my private life unless I so schedule it.

What are you possibly thinking here with this statement??

And just because you operate at night doesn;t mean you should be isolated or have a disdain for other people.

It seems of late ..that the real important news is the Non Drama of what is going on in the life of Charlie Sheen. This is important to me as what is happening in the rest of the world. I need to be not Isolated from this nonsense. This does not even make good nonsense to me. I could care less what is happening to Charlie Sheen. I need to bend over backwards and not be isolated from this pablum?? Give me a break.
Charlie Sheen is not what is happening in my life nor a standard of excellence or even news and information's. Yet the "day walkers" are spoon fed such constant pablum to keep their droll lives going. My life is not that droll.

I know I am judgeing and thats bad I shouldnt judge (bad philosopher! Don;t judge bad philosopher!)

You go right ahead and Judge...American Philosopher...judge anything and everything. Otherwise this world will substitute its cheep pablum for anything of real value in your life. But I suggest you use a better standard than that which this world tends to offer.

Go ahead and judge. That is what I do and I don't care who likes or dislikes it. Everyone else can piss off.
One of the dumbest things this world tries to use/misuse on us is the concept that we should not judge. What nonsense. Why American Philosopher ..that doesn't even make good nonsense.

If we do not judge anything and everything around us by a decent intelligent standard..the world will try to turn everything around us upside down and call it normal. Just look at the Charlie Sheen example I am illustrating.
Judging is a good thing American Philosopher. This way we are not turned to and fro by every cheap and transient thing this world uses/misuses to separate us from our time and monies.
We are to be discrete and use discretion in our private lives to not be tossed to and fro by every drivel and changing wind of this world. This requires judgement and discernment. Do not allow yourself to be deceived in this. Judging is a good thing. Being constantly tossed to and fro by every changing wind of this world is not a good thing.

Be careful what you think is wisdom...your very handle here....American Philosopher.


The love of wisdom. This requires wisdom..discretion ..understanding..judgement. Not open ignorance and tolerance of every changing wind out here. This is sometimes called Discipline...and discipline is what separates thinking humans from the wildlife out here. I am not here to become wildlife in it's natural habitat. I am not here to become Charlie Sheen.

I am not mean to people. Standing up for ones self is mean?? Once again..what are you thinking or non thinking here. You mistakenly think that only certain people with certain habits can default through on my time, monies, and private life. Not so. If I don't stand up for myself and judge I will be tossed to and fro by every changing wind of the "day walker." I am not interested in this on my time/monies. Is it my time and private life or is it someone elses time and private life by default??
What I am is "private" and also "Salty." I don't care one whit who approves of it. It is my private time and life. I don't have to approve of the world attempting to interfere into my private life and time. I am breaking no laws here. What are you possibly thinking??

Wiffer Nippets appears to me to be a "Day walker" and look what has happened to her. She has broken no laws or morality of which I can discern. Yet the world is attempting to impose on her's non standards of non decency and nonsense.

I have actually had some women try to force their way over...either overtly or covertly by subtlety. They were looking to acquire something for which they were not willing to work by their own labors..but by seduction. This is a type of stalking. It is not just men who do this but women too. I have no problem putting them on the spot...directly or indirectly by asking them the hard questions that no one thinks should ever be asked..or brought to Light. I am versatile sufficient to do both as I taught myself this discernment, judgement, and discipline.

Standing up for ones self is not being mean is being disciplined.

Hope this makes sense.


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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Those who have the fingerprint of this world on their lips and hearts have a great time ...and get through this world with little difficulty. Those who do not have on them the fingerprint of this world often come into conflict with the ways of this world and are often also put in bad lights by this world and the minions/wildlife of this world. This world does not like them and will tend towards singling them out for "special treatment."

Your post above makes me think if this pattern and knowledge. I am given to asking myself if you comprehend to what I am alluding??

Orangetom, these are very intriguing thoughts. I am wondering if you mean people who are inherently different, or those who simply choose not to conform. Of course, both ideas apply to me anyway.

A while back I made a thread in this forum wondering if those with rh negative blood encounter excess hostility. I began to think of this after seeing a video on here about an unusual chimp, thought possibly to be part human. I do believe I have links to those videos on the rh - thread. The chimp *did* have unusual DNA and the other chimps wanted nothing to do with it. This is what got me to thinking about the negative blood and what 'effects' it may have on others. If any at all, might not mean anything. Still, the shunned chimp got me to thinking.....

I am also very non conformist in general. No, I am not the sort to dress weird or go spouting off crazy ideas. But I chose not to live as others do.

Regarding my education - that is one thing I undertook - not so much for $ or try to be successful - I was interested in what I studied, I wanted to know these things. Coincidentally - I too worked on nuke things - on paper though LOL. There is no money in the sciences, not big $ anyway, I did want to do this though.

I suppose I mentioned it previously as I meant that - ah? - well I did not 'freeload' off anyone, I think if nothing else people could cut me a little slack and not look at me like I have 3 heads.

People tell me, have LEANED on me - strangers even - that I ought to have got married, had kids, and been a Suburban Soccer Mom. Because I chose not to - yeah - people are practically looking to commit me.

Oh this reminds me also - why I try to steer clear of any male/female or feminist type discussions - because it occurs to me - that I am very *unusual*. I did not pursue any things I did for any reason but interest. Oh yes I was disinterested in becoming a house wife - this did not appeal to me. I do not think there is anything *wrong* with it - but it does not suit my personality.

Non conformity really riles people up though. But I look at it as - someone might rag on me for a few minutes - I gotta live my life 24/7 and I will not do something that would make me miserably unhappy just to shut some windbag up.

Back to stalking and hostile people. Regarding the above - I can maybe understand why some people do not like one who isn't like them. The thing is though - I do not go looking for any fights. I do not advertise. Right now I am wearing plain jeans, a grey sweater, and have my hair up in a bun. I couldn't be more boring "Jane Average" if I tried.

I am usually like this, when speaking with people I always keep it short and sweet, I RARELY volunteer any info about myself unless I kind of know a person - yet - even for "hiding in plain sight" - I *still* encounter much hostility.

As example - if memory serves - when I made that rh - thread - I had yet another run in with someone. I believe I had another incident around that time. They are so frequent though - that I lose track. Anyway - what happened was - I had a gas station working literally SCREAMING at me - accusing me of attempting to steal gas.

I was sitting in my car. The person with me was in the store paying. Uh, I think if I was going to steal - I'd be um.......driving away? Ya think?

I told this lunatic this - he went back in. Then came out *again* - and began screaming at me - all over again. The guy was literally frothing at the mouth.

These kind of incidents happen to me OFTEN.

Later that day, when I returned home, I realized that someone had stolen my bike.

Yeah. MADNESS. The bizarre irony of these things, the uncalled for hostility. It is MADNESS. And it follows me like a black cloud of doom.

Here's another hot one I just happened to be discussing with a friend of mine: I am also STALKED by a DENTIST. And - the man is INSANE. I am SO HAPPY that my phone is broken because this jackass or his staff called me Sometimes 4, 5 times. OK? Now WTH is up with that???

So I found out that this guy once threatened to kill his entire family! Yep, lotsa interesting legal databases out there - I looked up this guy's *name* rather than his biz name - and found all sorts of stuff. This LUNATIC kidnapped his own kids, took them to EU, attempted to extort money from his parents - under threat of killing them all.

I don't go looking for these nutbags. I called 1800 DENTIST just like everybody else.

And look who *I* wind up with.

I am not kidding you - I somehow manage to encounter the worst of the worst people.


I did just want to vent, and I know there is no sense dwelling on the past. And I should not get so upset because someone rang my doorbell. Chances are - it isn't "The Stalker". Might be the Homicidal Dentist! Or a Process Server - maybe even the Drunken Mailman come back to say hi. YAY! Maybe they'll all show up together and I can throw them a goddamned party.

I try to have a sense of humor and keep things in the past. However, I do also recognize that this seems to be par for the course for me - so I'd better learn how to handle it.

No point in dwelling on past problems. But - I do think it very wise to work at *preventing* any future problems.

Yes indeed, I will be looking into "privacy". And in fact have been researching these things somewhat already. Did you know? The phone company won't take an alias or nick name. Ah, but I *will* find ways around that, as well as any other potential problems.

One more hot one - for those who continued reading here - I do thank you greatly for your kind words and support! So - like I said - I'm a female, blue eyed blonde, average size / slim, I look like a librarian for lack of a better description. So me, this creature - was once hauled off in handcuffs by the cops under suspicion of stabbing 7 people. The suspect was male. I was in my *pajamas* when I walked outside to see what was going on.

I'm telling you. It is MADNESS.

It's not easy being Whiffer

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