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Inslaw's stolen PROMIS software & the bin Laden connection.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:07 AM
In the 1980's Inslaw, Inc developed a software program called PROMIS (Prosecutor's Management Information System) the Fed's took the software and modified and added backdoors to it. This led to three separate court cases brought by Inslaw claiming the government violated the contract and was engaging in software piracy.

.Designed as a case-management system for prosecutors, PROMIS has the ability to track people. "Every use of PROMIS in the court system is tracking people," said Inslaw President Hamilton. "You can rotate the file by case, defendant, arresting officer, judge, defense lawyer, and it's tracking all the names of all the people in all the cases."

What this means is that PROMIS can provide a complete rundown of all federal cases in which a lawyer has been involved, or all the cases in which a lawyer has represented defendant A, or all the cases in which a lawyer has represented white-collar criminals, at which stage in each of the cases the lawyer agreed to a plea bargain, and so on. Based on this information, PROMIS can help a prosecutor determine when a plea will be taken in a particular type of case.

But the real power of PROMIS, according to Hamilton, is that with a staggering 570,000 lines of computer code, PROMIS can integrate innumerable databases without requiring any reprogramming. In essence, PROMIS can turn blind data into information. And anyone in government will tell you that information, when wielded with finesse, begets power. Converted to use by intelligence agencies, as has been alleged in interviews by ex-CIA and Israeli Mossad agents, PROMIS can be a powerful tracking device capable of monitoring intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases.
—Richard L. Fricker, Wired magazine, 1993, "The INSLAW Octopus"

Inslaw had two limited contracts to provide Promis to Justice in 1982 and 1983. Neither application had anything to do with tracking terrorist activities. Hamilton's suits charged that Reagan Administration officials, including Edwin Meese, pirated the software, modified it for intelligence and financial uses and made millions by selling it to the governments of Israel, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and other friendly nations. After the installation of a CIA-created "back door" into the program, Israel, using its lifelong Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, reportedly sold the software to "unfriendly" nations and then secretly retrieved priceless intelligence data.

While investing the case journalist Danny Casolaro died from a mystery 'suicide' He had warned his friends that if he committed 'suicide' don't believe it and to know that he had been murdered.

At about noon on August 10, 1991, housekeeping staff discovered Casolaro naked in the bathtub of Room 517. His wrists had been slashed deeply. There were three or four wounds on his right wrist and seven or eight on his left. Blood was splattered on the bathroom wall and floor; and according to Ridgeway and Vaughn, "the scene was so gruesome that one of the housekeepers fainted when she saw it."

Under Casolaro's body, paramedics found an empty Milwaukee beer can, two white plastic liner-trash bags, and a single edge razor blade. There was a half-empty wine bottle nearby. Ridgeway and Vaughan write that nothing was placed in the bathtub drain to prevent debris from draining away, and none of the bathwater was saved.Other than a gruesome scene, the hotel room was clean and orderly. There was a legal pad and a pen present on the desk; a single page had been torn from the pad, and a message written on it: "To those who I love the most: Please forgive me for the worst possible thing I could have done. Most of all I'm sorry to my son. I know deep down inside that God will let me in."

Based on the note, the absence of a struggle, no sign of a forced entry, and the presence of alcohol, police judged the case a straightforward suicide. After inspecting the scene, they found four more razor blades in their envelopes in a small package. Police interviews further revealed that no one had seen nor heard anything suspicious. The Martinsburg police contacted authorities in Fairfax, Virginia, who said they would notify Casolaro's family.

A major note here, Danny Casolaro was known to be squeamish of blood and avoided even getting blood tests done because of his aversion to blood and needles, yet he is able to deeply slash himself in the right wrist three to four times and seven to eight on the left? Very strange in deed!

The mystery goes deeper, PROMIS allegedly has been sold on the black market and it's believed to have been used by Bin Laden to move his money around electronically without being detected by the CIA.

Bin Laden's reported possession of Promis software was clearly reported in a June 15, 2001 story by Washington Times reporter Jerry Seper. That story went unnoticed by the major media. In it Seper wrote, "The software delivered to the Russian handlers and later sent to bin Laden, according to sources, is believed to be an upgraded version of a program known as Promis - developed in the 1980s by a Washington firm, Inslaw, Inc., to give attorneys the ability to keep tabs on their caseloads. It would give bin Laden the ability to monitor U.S. efforts to track him down, federal law-enforcement officials say. It also gives him access to databases on specific targets of his choosing and the ability to monitor electronic-banking transactions, easing money-laundering operations for himself or others, according to sources."

Links to more in depth information about this intriguing subject:
Wired Magazine's Extensive Coverage Of It
Danny Casolaro
bin Laden in possession of PROMIS Also gives a history of the software and what it does.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 08:18 PM
Found a report on the subject.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:30 AM
Good find,OP! S&F for ya!
The Inslaw affair has so many twists and turns it warrants it's own thread.However I don't think it was The Russians who gave OBL the software it was his handlers in the CIA who did that I am sure you are aware that back during the Russo-Afghan war one of his aliases was Tim Osman.

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 10:00 PM
It's a real shame how some of these IMPORTANT theads are thrown to the side and forgotten about, but the Obama's "birth cert's" are the hottest topics instead..

PROMIS had/has a HUGE influence on government's Intel Communities world-wide, and just the fact that it's satellites are posted further into space then any other satellite but can focus on a single hair on your head is just AMAZING... "Absolute power corrupts absolutley."

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