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Italy threatened with successive car bomb attacks

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posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 08:16 PM
A group called 'Khalid Ibn al-Walid Brigade, Al-Qaeda' has made threats against Italy, demanding that they withdraw from Iraq.


Here is the statement made by the group:

"O Italian people, your government has participated in the war on Iraq and sent troops and arsenal to our country. We urge you for the last time to demand that it withdraw peacefully from Iraq," said the statement.

Dated July 17, it was signed "Khalid Ibn al-Walid Brigade, Al-Qaeda". Its authenticity could not be verified.

"If your government does not obey, the solution lies in successive car bomb" attacks, the statement said.

"We came to you with our truce offer but your government did not respond favorably. Accept therefore the results of your government's decisions. We swear that the cars of death will not stop," the group warned.

"We recommend that you import body bags and make coffins to fill with the dead," it added.

There were other statements made last week against Italy by the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade, threatening 9/11 style attacks against Italy.
Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade, "We'll Really Burn Italy"

They really seem to be going after Italy more than other countries in the coalition. Perhaps they feel they can make more of an impact over there.

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