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A British boy remembers his past life - The Sun reports..

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 01:35 AM
link - reincarnation is for real....

A British Boy Who Remembers His Previous Life

* Mind Body

[] Do people really have previous lives and future lives? The Sun,
a UK newspaper, reported a story of a boy who remembers his previous
lives. This six-year-old boy is called Cameron Macaulay. He is not much
different from other boys of his age. What differentiates him from
others is that he likes to talk about his "old mum", his former family
and a white house standing on the bay. But none of them is related to
his current life. The place he is talking about is a place where he had
never been in this life and is on the Isle of Barra, 160 miles away
from where he is living now. These things make Cameron's mother feel

Cameron's memory of his previous life

Cameron's mother Norma, 42, said that Cameron began to tell tales of his childhood on the Isle of Barra.

Cameron spoke about his former parents, how his dad died, and about his
brothers and sisters in the previous life. He also said that his "old
mum" was the one in his previous life. Cameron believes that he has a
previous life and he worries that the family in his previous life
misses him. His nursery school teacher told Norma all the things
Cameron was saying about the Isle of Barra and how he misses his mummy
and his brothers and sisters there.

Norma said, "He complained that in our house there was only one toilet,
whereas in Barra, they had three. He used to cry for his mummy. He said
she'd be missing him and he wanted to let his family in Barra know he
was all right. Cameron felt very sad. He wouldn't stop talking about
Barra, where they went, what they did and how he watched the planes
landing on the beach from his bedroom window. "

Cameron even said his dad was called Shane Robertson, who had died
because "he didn't look both ways." (It probably means that his father
was hit by a car.)

Norma mentioned that they had never been to the Isle of Barra. At the
beginning, they just regarded Cameron's story as something from his
vivid imagination. Cameron continued to feel sad for leaving the home
in his previous life on the Isle of Barra, and his feeling of distress
lasted for several years.

One day, Cameron's nursery teacher told Norma that a film company was
looking for people who believed they had previous lives. She suggested
Norma talk with them about Cameron. But Norma's family felt frightened
since many people didn't believe in reincarnation. Norma is a single
mother and has another son, Martin, who is one year older than Cameron
and also has been affected by this thing. Meanwhile, Cameron kept
begging her to take him to the Isle of Barra. Norma eventually
decided to take Cameron to Barra, to see what they could find.

Visit the Isle of Barra

Norma contacted the film company. They joined Cameron's trip to Barra.
Psychologist Dr. Jim Tucker from Virginia University in the U.S. also
went with them. Dr. Tucker specializes in reincarnation, especially in
children's cases. When Cameron was told about the trip to Barra, he was
very happy and jumped all over the place. They went to Barra in
February of 2005.

Norma said that Cameron asked her if his face was shiny because he was very happy.

When they arrived at Barra and the plane landed on the beach,
everything was just as Cameron had described. He turned to Martin and
Norma and said, "Now do you believe me?"

When Cameron got off the plane, he waved his arms and said loud "I am
back." He talked about his mother in his previous life who lived at
Barra and told Norma that his mother at Barra used to have long brown
hair down to her waist before she cut it off.

Cameron also said that Norma and his Barra mother would like each other and he was eager to have his two mothers meet.

He also talked about a big book which he read and God and Jesus. Norma
said that her family is not religious, but it seemed that Cameron's
Barra family in his previous life was.

In Barra, they lived in a hotel and began to search for clues related
to Cameron's previous life. They contacted the Heritage Centre and
asked if they knew a Robertson family living in a white house on the
bay. The Heritage Centre said no, which made Cameron feel very
disappointed. They then drove around on the island but they didn't find
the white house.

Later, they realized if he could see the place's land on the beach,
they must have driven the wrong way. Meanwhile they received a call
from the hotel with confirmed information that there was indeed a
Robertson family living in the white house on the bay.

Norma said that they didn't tell Cameron about it and drove to the
direction where they were told the white house was and to see what
would happen. When they got there, Cameron recognized the white house
immediately and he was extremely happy. When they walked to the door,
Cameron became very quiet. Norma guessed that he must think that his
Barra mother was waiting for him in the house as he remembered. But it
turned out that there was no one in the house, he looked sad. The
former owner of the house already died. The person who kept the key let
them in.

Cameron was familiar with the house and he knew every bit of the house.
As he said, there were three bathrooms and the sea could be seen from
his bedroom window.

After Returning Home

Researchers also wanted to track down one member of the Robertson
family who owned the house. Norma said that they visited this member at
Stirling. But they couldn't find any information about Shane Robertson.

Cameron was eager to see the photos of his previous life family,
thinking that probably he could find his father or himself. He always
talked about a big black car and a black and white dog. The car and the
dog were both in the pictures. Since they came back home in Glasgow,
Cameron became much quieter.

Norma said that it was the best thing to go to Barra. This trip made
Cameron much happier and he doesn't talk about going to Barra any
more. Cameron now knows that his mother and brother don't think
he is making up stories, instead, they found the answers that they were
looking for. Apparently, memories about previous life will fade away
gradually along with the growth of the person's age. Cameron never
talks about death with Norma. But he told his best friend not to worry
about death, because you will still come back.

When Norma asked Cameron how he came to stay with her, Cameron said
that he fell down and went into Norma's abdomen. When asking him
about his previous name, he said he was named Cameron in his previous
life as well.

Cameron's story has been filmed into a documentary by TV Channel Five in the U.K. called "The Boy Who Lived Before."


There are some stories about recalling one's previous life in Chinese
historical records. For example in the fourth biography of Jinshu
(Book of Jin Dynasty), it records that the well-known militarist and
writer, Yang Hu, had been the son of his neighbor Mr. Li in a previous

There are some scholars who are studying reincarnation in children. Dr.
Jim Tucker mentioned earlier is one. There are other scholars like
Carol Bowman who wrote a book called Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child and Ian Stevenson who is the author of the book Children Who Remember Previous Lives.

Many detailed cases they have collected all prove the existence of reincarnation.

Cameron's story also tells people that our lives are actually
continuous. Living and death are merely a form of existence. As Cameron
told his best friend, don't worry about the death because you will just
come back again.

Bad deeds committed by people will not vanish when evildoers die. People should remember this and never commit anything evil.

"The Boy Who Lived Before"

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 01:46 AM
The possibilities are endless!!

Amazing stuff, I would hope that it's true!!

my family believes in this stuff.

it sure beats the alternative!!

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by Gaussq

This is very cool! Having only read the written account, it lines up perfectly with my beliefs.
I have friends who know thinks they shouldn't, and can't, but they do know it.
From what they have told me, we are looking for something in each life we live.
Maybe a new experience, or to learn something. But we've been here before, and to me at least, that's comforting.


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:00 AM
Thanks for your feedback, the other thread here comes in handy as a background I find:

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:18 AM
i believe in reincarnation also here is another story you might like. its an awesome story

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by pez1975
i believe in reincarnation also here is another story you might like. its an awesome story

Thanks , that is a great story.

I add this story which I find extremely fascinating looking around myself to see how many siblings that fight about everything throughout their lives...

Exploring Cycles of Incarnation: Karmic Relationship Between the Four Sisters

* Evidence for Spirit
Hang Ming

[] A good friend of mine has been through many trials and tribulations in her life with a puzzle in her mind. Like many people before her, she often sighed in front of me, telling me in distress that she had no idea what the meaning of her existence or of her life is.

For as long as she could remember, her three older sisters had never been able to get along with her. Even when the four of them went shopping together for clothes, her three sisters would walk together hand-in-hand, leaving her behind and completely ignoring her. She is the youngest of the four sisters, and has always wanted to be close to her older sisters. She tried very hard to get to know them better and to look after them, but her three sisters had never cared to share any interest or topic of discussion with her. As a result, she had always been terribly hurt and distressed, and she wondered why.

After the four of them grew up and got married, she continued to care about them and look after them. However, her three sisters still refused to show any affection or even any appreciation for her devotion. Twice she literally almost got herself killed trying to help her sisters. Later on she moved to the United States. After she had worked a few years, she saved up some money and gave all of her savings to her three sisters in China for them to start their businesses. She had only less than 50 USD left for herself. She did not even have money for her rent for the next month. Her only income was her part-time job.

Later, her three sisters moved to the United States one after another and all of them moved in with her. For a long period of time after her sisters moved in, serious conflicts between her sisters and her took place on the daily basis. How matter how much she did for her sisters, they took it for granted and remained as hostile to her as ever.

She had to translate for her sisters in countless daily matters and had to drive them around. In order to help them adjust to their new lives in the United States, she tried her best, giving them a speedy orientation and teaching them the American customs and work styles. However, her well-intended orientation was interpreted as criticism, insulting and snobbish by her sisters.

Sometimes the conflicts were so severe that they would even physically fight each other. Once she was so furious that she kicked them out of her home. She made up her mind to disown her sisters, but soon afterwards she collected her sisters and apologized to them. Then she continued to devote herself to them as usual.

She was truly worn out. She was physically and mentally drained. Sometimes she would ask God why this was happening to her. She thought, "Why do I have three sisters that treat me as their enemy? If I have done bad things to them, I should have already repaid my debts by now!"

During a visit to my home, we talked about the subject of reincarnation. She believed in reincarnation and the karmic, or cause and effect, relationship, but she couldn't begin to imagine the karmic relationships between her three sisters and her.

When I told her that I have a good command of hypnosis and that during the hypnosis she might be able to visit her previous lives and learn the karmic relationships between here sisters and her, she was very excited and asked me to hypnotize her at once.

During the hypnosis, she saw a fierce battle between four martial art disciples in ancient China. The four of them were disciples of the same martial arts school. Three martial art disciples were chasing the fourth martial art disciple. The fourth disciple was the most talented and skilled of the four. However, he had no chance of becoming the heir to the martial arts school because he was the youngest disciple of all and seniority was the most important factor in determining who became the heir. Driven by his ambition and his jealousy, the fourth man betrayed his master and turned to an opposing martial arts school. [Note: To the ancient Chinese loyalty was paramount. One must not change to a second cultivation or martial arts school once he has become a disciple of one.]

In ancient China, death was the default punishment for a traitor to a martial arts school. As a result, the three disciples began to pursue the fourth disciple. They fought for three days and three nights. All four of them were severely wounded. Finally, they had a decisive battle at a Buddhist monastery on a mountain peak. They fought from the roof to the ground and from the ground to the roof again. During the fierce battle, they punctured many areas of the roof. They also fought in the hall of the monastery and during the process damaged a terra cotta bodhisattva statue. Still, neither side was winning.

The fourth disciple knew that in this battle of one against three, the three fellow disciples would take turn fighting with him and he would wear himself out sooner or later and die on their swords even though he was much more advanced in martial arts. Finally he devised a plot. He asked for a timeout and poisoned his sword in secret. In the subsequent battle, he injured his three fellow disciples with his poisoned sword and killed all three of them. Thus he committed a terrible sin and obtained a lot of karma. After a few hundred years, the debt was still unpaid. In the present life, all four of them were born as women and as sisters. This is not only a fine illustration of karmic retribution, but also a fine illustration of group reincarnations.

After my friend learned the horrible karma she had obtained from the murders, she realized why her three sisters had been consistently hostile to her since their childhood. Now she no longer complains about her sisters' behavior towards her. She is no longer upset by their hostility. She has learned to accept things as they come and maintain inner peace and tranquility.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:08 AM
OMG if having to live one life after another isnt hell i dont know what is i personally believe hes wrong, just a young boy with an active imagination and to much time on his hands.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:03 PM

Originally posted by lokdog
OMG if having to live one life after another isnt hell i dont know what is

That is what Buddhism says, human life is an eternal suffering generating karma, paying it off in an endless loop.

The only chance to get out of the loop is to cultivate up into a God. I use Falun Dafa as my tool to raise my level.

A friend of mine told me recently he was an Indian warrior in an old life but he was not killed in battle the way he wanted to die. He put on his best clothes and walked up to some white guys and pushed them a bit to provoke an attack. They pulled out some huge knives and stabbed him. He told me the pain was long and bitter before he passed away but he died the way he wanted to in that life...

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by Gaussq

I wouldn't believe anything The Sun says, not even the date it displays.
But if you want a truly eerie story, google for Carl Edon.
(And make sure you find a good and RECENT source.)

I don't believe in reincarnation myself, but that's one story that has made me doubt - or rather rethink - my convictions.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:22 PM
Thank you for the post , it is very interesting to read , i would like to mention that i neither believe nor dis-believe in reincarnation , I would like to know though that if we are reborn into a new body , how does the population keep growing , if more people are being born than dying , how would the numbers "add up"

Just a question , sorry if my wording is bad , and didnt mean any rudeness


Edit - I dont trust "The Sun" as a source either
(personal opinion)
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by johngtr
Thank you for the post , it is very interesting to read , i would like to mention that i neither believe nor dis-believe in reincarnation , I would like to know though that if we are reborn into a new body , how does the population keep growing , if more people are being born than dying , how would the numbers "add up"

Just a question , sorry if my wording is bad , and didnt mean any rudeness


Edit - I dont trust "The Sun" as a source either
(personal opinion)
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Master Li Hongzhi has explained that not only mankind has become corrupt this time in the universe. Also higher time-space dimensions have become corrupted. If a being up there does bad deeds he falls down to a lower place. Finally he ends up in this dimension, mother earth, the rock bottom place of the universe. Here one has an advantage - illusion - and a risk - illusion.... The advantage is whether he realizes this is illusion and that he must become good and eliminate his attachments to all the worldly matters. That way he can climb back up and become a God again. The usual case is of course not necessarily that good...

Anyway, this way we become more and more people and everyone is waiting to be saved before the rectification of this dimension happens. I use to advice people to remember:

Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance is good; Falun Dafa is good

Just my two cents at my level of understanding. No truth offered whatsoever.

An article in the Sun(I believe):
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Gaussq

Thanks for the reply i will have a look at it now and check it out :
It will make a interesting read im sure


Edit- Sorry i thought that was a different article i already read that one that is the same as the original post.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:33 PM
This boy is for real: - channle 5 had a documentary about the boy - the researcher who investigated Cameron

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:54 PM
Sorry guys, I know this thread had nothing to do with me, but.. this is like.. i don't know, i post something, and its a new tread... and then...

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:06 PM
If you haven't read them, both Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls are both fascinated reads.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:09 PM
I smiled broadly as I read this thread.

I'm a Spiritual Psychic Medium and this event is certainly consistent to many children and adults that I meet.

The detail given by the subject is often so amazingly accurate and can indeed be traced back through historical records and even photographs in some cases, that the subject has no idea exist.

Childrens memories are often clearer than adults and have less chance of being tainted but saying that I have been fortunate enough to meet many adults with similar recollection.

My main area in sensing peoples past both in this life and in a previous existence although with some people I sense no latter life.

Nice to see a close to heart refreshing post

Thanks for sharing

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:33 PM

One of my daughters was the re-incarnation of my younger brother who was about 30 yrs old when he passed.

We where aware that he was returning before his/her birth. She didn't remember so much as she had attractions for things that she was attached to before. She has some of the same character traits she had before and working out the challenges she was engaged in before.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 04:53 PM
Look into past life regression and The Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon. I think they might be onto something.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by Gaussq

The story of this one is petty cool. He remembers the location of his old house everything..

Except there are 0 records of the person he claimed to be, many of the family members he claimed to know, and none of his stories matched up with known history of the family.

Probably fake.

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