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Fallen Marine's father says anti-gay pickets will draw gunfire

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:52 AM

Originally posted by SMR

DO YOU FEEL IT IS RIGHT that someone holds up a sign that reads "Pray for more dead soldiers" at a soldiers funeral ?

That Soldier DIED to Defend the Constitutional Liberty of their American brothers and sisters.

Wanting to shoot the protesters is condemning the soldiers life and death into irrelevance. It would be the greatest insult of all to our fallen heros.

It doesn't matter "what" Phelps says.
The Soldiers Defend the Constitution. And I Salute Them.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:54 AM
People should all know this by now, that the "God Hates Fags" Westboro Baptists are really just a not-so-clever ruse to get conservatives to support burning the constitution..

It reeks of a psyop beyond imagining.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:56 AM
you cannot kill people for peacefull protest.

this is what has being happening in the middle east.

this is a very tiny group. if you ignore them they will vanish. this type of group feeds of the hate they give birth to.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:08 AM
That soldier fought for the rights of the Westboro church to protest freely, there is a difference in exercising your right and exercising poor judgment. I don't think gays should be allowed in the military. I agree with the church but they shouldn't have protested at the funeral.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
Isn't it funny that people hate Westboro more than Westboro hates gays?

America is dying because people think they should get to kill others for their opinions.

Westboro has done nothing wrong. Not a single crime.

I just think people are turning into tyrannical psychopaths.

Most of you are all brainwashed into hating the Constitutional Protections our forefathers fought and bled for.

If you kill Phelps you are killing Freedom.

ya people get killed for less, ya think?

kill phelps FOR freedom!

you don't like it? write a blog, teitter, macebook it!

you show up at my dad or kids funeral or mom's, can't guarantee your pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:16 AM
reply to post by SMR

That "disturbing the peace" claim obviously doesn't hold up in a court of law. You would have to prove that their intention was to start a fight, and that their signs were personal attacks, which they weren't, they were general statements. None of the signs were directed at the deceased.

The supreme court already ruled on this, and since free speech triumphed over 'disturbing the peace', I don't think there's really anything to dispute here.

My apologies for the mix up, it was the content of the signs that he didn't know until later, which still proves my point since he clearly couldn't have been incited to violence by something he didn't see.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:22 AM

Originally posted by fooks

kill phelps FOR freedom!

That's not such a great idea.

You will go to prison for a very long time, and I seriously doubt they will show any leniency for someone shooting another human being over their 1st Amendment Rights.

I seek a small government, but this is why we created the government in the first place. To defend us from real criminals who want to strip us of our liberties through violence.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:35 AM
good thing these westboro people are all old, we can get much larger protest groups assembled at their funerals with "good hates intolerance" and "hypocrites are evil" signs.
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:50 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

3rd degree manslaughter. crime of passion. common!

lol, get a jury to swing on 1st degree and you will trump johnny Cochran.

jezze, these people are playing with fire.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 04:37 AM
Ummm...maybe people need to be raging over the dead marines due to false and unjust wars?

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 04:47 AM
I find it interesting that the Westboro Church tactics use their homophobia to hurt and anger heterosexuals. I guess homophobia doesn't just only affect gay people.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

So your saying its ok to go to a soldiers funeral and protest against fags and how god hates america? Its also called discrimination in some countries. Id like to see them attack another race and get away with it.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:08 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

I call that BS Muzzle.

If a nation will not honor those who have died in service and protect their grieving families when they are at their most vulnerable, then that nation is not worth squat.

Everyone in uniform right now should desert. Everyone. Why fight for a country that clearly will not fight for you, or your family if you die?

I hope and pray that some good shot or ex-sniper kills a dozen of those Westboro Bastard Crooks. I'll throw a goddamned party.

Free speech my ass - so now I can yell "fire" in a crowded theater? Or break my military non-disclosure agreements?

"Free" speech is lawfully regulated and has been for many years. Free speech ends when it is intended to hurt another - ala yelling "fire" in a crowded venue.

The sick SOBs at WBC further traumatize people who are burying their dead. Why in HELL should that be protected speech?


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:09 AM
As a Marine myself, I find the WBC and their actions to be utterly 100% BS. But that doesn't make me want to shoot and kill people exercising their right to protest and speak their mind on what they believe with out prosecution. You know, it's one of the reasons why I have given a good amount of my life to serve my country. I know they'll get theirs in the end.

But you know, there are other ways of dealing with them. Psychological warfare. EXTREME EXAMPLE(don't take this seriously): As they protest the funeral of one of my fallen comrades, a person who gave his life not for the agenda of those in DC but for what he believed in enough to give his life, just fling massive amounts of human and animal feces at them. That'll shut them up.

But seriously, I've been wanting to do something to kinda get back at them, but playing their own game in non-violent protest. Sure, it's not really worth me wasting my time, but I think it would be fun to protest the WBC protest. Think about it, get a group of people with counter signs and get in or around their protest. When they realize the people who have just joined them are holding signs that say: "Westboro Baptist Church: We Love Us Some Buttsex!", I think they'll lose their minds.

All in all, no need to really play their game as their not worth our time and just doing what they have the right to, but there are non-violent ways to really mess with them. Hey, if you WANT violence, schedule the Hell's Angels or something for "protester protection".

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:26 AM
I have found over the years,christians can supress their true selves for so long,they let their carnality build to the breaking point then the flood gates open. To tear wbc down,you would have to focus on them individually. Tear them apart like they do those greiving families,its not about law! its about the god given right to mourn your loved one in peace!!

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:42 AM
One does'nt need laws and judges to regulate such behavior. A common feeling of human decency should be enough, and whoever lacks this decency, should collide with people who feel hurt because of this lack.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:44 AM
You wanna go and hurt spomebodys feelings, okay, but dont be surprised if, as a reaction to it, your gonna feel hurt...

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 06:05 AM
I find the church's action in bad taste and disrespectful towards the dead and the funeral. A funeral is not a place to provoke anger. It's a place to mourn the fallen ones and express the love towards them. This is to be respected.
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 06:10 AM
Any system of rights and laws which advocates the right of protest, over the rights of grieving families is demonstrably broken. While I empathise with the position held by anti war protestors , that the wars being fought right now are unjust and must end immediately, I cannot condone the behaviour of these picketeers, nor the choice of the courts on this issue.

For one thing, the WBC should recognise that as far as the men and women whose funerals they are picketing are concerned, these individuals are not responsible for the war in any small way what so ever. They are ordered to move and they move, leaving them with a choice. Follow your orders, or cease to be a member of the armed forces. While I believe that each soldier who is ordered to fight, ought to be given right of refusal on grounds that they believe the war to be unjust or illegal, should it be so, that is not currently the case. While soldiers are not free to choose thier battles, blaming them , or picketing thier funerals is not going to change anything. Its a blatant barb, designed to spark violent thoughts and angry scenes.

And one more thing. I believe in God. I believe in , love, and have a healthy friendship with Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and all round winner of the All Time Most Badass Award. I say that to provide context for what I am about to say. The ignorant fools in the WBC are not allied with Jesus in the actions they are taking , nor have they been ordered by thier God to do these things, any more than Ed Geins mother told him to kill people and make belts out of thier nipples, or make lampshades out of thier stretched and cured flesh. At best these folks are horrificaly misguided , and at worst they are knowingly going against the word , and the intent of Gods messege to his people. If changing foriegn policy is thier aim, then they should be out getting petitions signed, getting vocal support in the media organised, running marches and protests outside parliamental buildings, not harrassing innocent people at a time of deep pain. I think they know in thier hearts that they are wrong, and I can only hope God gives them mercy, because they will likely find none here on Earth.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 06:13 AM
I truly hate the people of Westboro Baptist Church.

I hate everything they say, I find them to be completely delusional, hypocrites, and a complete waste of my air. I would not shed a single tear should they one day be cut down with gun fire.

That being said... they have every right to believe whatever the hell they want to believe, just as I have the right to disagree. They have every right to voice their opinion, protest and do whatever makes them happy no matter how much I disagree, no matter how disrespectful I find it to be.

Attacking this group of idiots with violence is an attack on the freedoms we so proudly hold up to the rest of the world for why we are the greatest country in the world. As the old saying goes, I may hate what they say, but I will defend their right to say it. Freedom of speech is about protecting unpopular speech, when people agree with you, there is nothing to protect.
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