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What Would You Like To Ask A Pastlife Regression Therapist ?

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:13 PM
We talk of ' our ' mind. ' Our ' consciousness. ' Our ' memories. ' Our ' past-lives. ' Our ' sub - super consciousness, etc.

We need to stop thinking in terms of ' I ' , ' Mine', ' Me ' etc.

What are ' our ' minds, ' our ' memories, ' our ' lives, etc. ?

Not 'ours' at all, are they ? Scientists like to claim they know where the 'mind' is located. But they haven't a clue. The brain is not the mind. It's said the brain is the hardware and the mind the software. And that's far closer to the truth, imo

' Our ' minds are really akin to sub-stations, aren't they ? They're not located in our bodies. Well, they are, in every cell. But our minds don't have a specific, physical location. Stuff (experiences, memories, etc.) are processed by our brains in many instances, before being uploaded to the free-floating Mind. And sometimes it works in reverse, whereby 'stuff ' from the Mind is downloaded to the physical brain

But what are Minds ? They're stations. They're connected to all the other stations. And all of them together feed into a Big Mind as well as merging into one Huge Mind. Some of us have fragmentary reception which we pick-up (like ham radio operators) from the Huge Mind. These fragmentary bits and pieces of course have been uploaded to the Huge Mind by other little cells like ourselves ... little cells from past, present and future

There's 'leakage'. Nothing runs perfectly, after all. We're led to believe we're separate and individual. Who knows who designed the programme. But in fact, we're not separate or individual at all. We're each just cells of the whole. And behind our backs, all those cells are swapping information as well as collating and filing all of it. Some cells leak and other cells receive

' Living' and ' Dead' are simply pieces of the whole as well. We believe we're 'alive', just as we believe others are 'dead'. And again, we've been tuned to believe this, when in fact there are no absolute boundaries between the living and the dead. We intermingle. But we're tuned not to realise this. Some of us weren't tuned as restrictively as others and so see both the living and the dead and can communicate with both also

It's a soup. We're splashing around in it but don't realise that - at least not consciously

Time is as flexible as all the rest of it. We might think we're communicating via ATS in March 2011 -- but who knows what Time we're in, when Past, Present and Future are really all one ?

We think we have a 'life' and a 'body'. But do we ? Or are they illusory too and are we in fact just random bits of consciousness floating around out there somewhere, half-awake, half-asleep, dreaming, remembering, holding conversations which might have actually taken place thousands of years ago but which we believe are taking place in this thing called 2011 ?

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi Woody - its been a little bit.
I think we may have talked on this subject some time ago - but just in case.

Many years ago I went through a past life regression. To share a small bit I basically what would have been considered a barbarian at the time. I eventually became chief of my little tribe was but not famous beyond that. I had a wife (who was killed by the Romans), two children and my tribe never made peace with the Romans. If my tribe would be classified as Celtic or Germanic I am not sure. We did take heads on occasion thou both Celtic and Germanic tribes did that. I am unsure how much I have shared before. I will share more if you want.

Anyway, perhaps I should have gone back for more sessions. But after the one I started experiencing spontaneous regressions as you mention. Flashes of a life all jumbled up and out of order. They went on for years and years but have mostly stopped now. When you experience these - is there any way to control them?

I am not sure why they mostly stopped coming. Maybe after so many years all of the flashes had came that were going to come? As you mentioned earlier, I remembered my death, I remembered many battles. I remembered the wedding of my daughter ( and the argument with the leader of another tribe who wanted her to marry his son). I remembered my son taking over for me as chief in my old age. I remembered splitting the skull of one of my own tribesman when I found him raping a young girl after a battle. I woke up screaming more than once from dreams of the Roman blade killing my wife...

Yes - some things carry over. Even before this I couldn't watch a history program on ancient Rome with out getting slightly angry and thinking bad things about the ancient Romans. This at least explained that in spades.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by Dock9

You make valid points in both previous posts!


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

Infraredman wrote:

Unfortunately, there has been a parasitical industry borne of peoples desire/belief in the eternal spirit. If that's what people want when they go to see a regression therapist, that's exactly what they will walk back out the door with

You talk a lot of sense

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

Well, well. Couldn't have asked for a more timely illustration of cells in communication, could we ?

I hadn't seen your post when I posted

Our posts are 2 seconds apart, maybe less, if the ATS clock went into microseconds. No way could I have read your long post -- gone back to extract what I believed to be valid objection to the past-life industry -- clicked to make a new post -- put your comment in quotes -- added my own comment .... all in 2 seconds or less

Synchronicity in action


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:29 PM
Just a quick general update to all posters.

As you will see I have answered several posts throughout the day and I shall continue to work my way through ... I've had a busy day and have not managed to answer as many as I'd hoped but please be patient I won't miss anyone out I promise.

And I still intend to add some tips and techniques but that will not be tonight otherwise it will be like I'm still at work
(I need to unwind


posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 02:23 PM
I've posted the following before on ATS - probably under one of my previous IDs

Problem with recounting something several times is that it loses its freshness and spontaneity. It sounds rehearsed and that's off-putting from the reader's perspective

However there will be those who haven't read it before. And if they're pondering the issue of past-lives, etc., it may provide them food for thought or even confirmation of some of their own experiences (which is always welcome when it comes to subjects like this)

I'd bought a book about self-hypnosis. The book's real thrust was the removal of negative suggestions. Negative suggestions are things which were said to us during our formative years or moments of heightened emotion - or negative comments made to others, but which our own subconscious grabbed and applied to ourselves.

Example: Man and wife having a violent argument during which they verbally abuse and insult each other. In the room happens to be their three year old daughter.

The husband screams to his wife, ' You're no good ! You're useless ! You'll never be any use to anyone ! ' etc.

The child is terrified. She's surrounded by turbo-charged emotion. Her subconscious, charged by the emotional atmosphere, embeds the father's words in her mind

Later, as a young woman, that child suffers failure after failure, despite her great efforts to succeed in her career and personal life. It's almost as if she sabotages herself repeatedly. In fact, that's exactly what she's doing. Because no matter how great her abilities and competence, her subconscious continually replays the message, ' You're no good ! You're useless ! You'll never be any use to anyone ! '. That's an example of negative suggestions and their destructive powers

So, the book I bought explained in plain-speak how to firstly uncover the negative suggestions (and it's claimed we all harbour them in our subconscious) and then how to remove them and replace them with positive suggestions. It's claimed that in a contest between the conscious and the subconscious, the subconscious wins every time. So it's futile to try to win using positive affirmations, for example, without first removing/erasing the deeply embedded negative suggestions. Negative suggestions ride on heightened emotions. Strong emotions are the road used by negative suggestions, even though those negative suggestions may not have been intended for their eventual victims

One of the methods recommended for establishing contact with the subconscious was use of a simple pendulum. Instructions for use of the pendulum were provided in order to establish contact with the sub/super conscious mind. Explanations as to how to uncover negative suggestions were next. And I didn't read the part about replacing negative suggestions with positive ones, because my experiment took off on a tangent

Like most, I found use of the pendulum to be easy and swiftly accomplished. And I was astonished by how swiftly and easily I established communication with my sub/super conscious mind. I tested it, as recommended and per instruction. In fact, very early on, I argued with my sub-conscious mind. You won't know how weird that feels unless you experience it. For example, I believed I had a complete and totally accurate memory of a certain event. My subconscious mind, via the pendulum, told another story. I didn't like or want that other story. I wanted my version. ' You're wrong about this, aren't you ? ' I suggested to my subconscious mind. The pendulum swung to ' No '. When I persisted, the pendulum simply shut-down and failed to move. This forced me to grab a notebook and pen and engage in mathematics re: dates, etc. No, that can't be right. I'll do it again. And again. I was sure I was right and the math was wrong. I needed to believe that. Finally I was forced to accept that my trustworthy memory of the event was in fact wrong. My mind, via the pendulum, had been correct. That shocked me. It meant I had to accept that what I'd believed for over 20 years was wrong and had always been so. The truth disturbed me as did the fact I'd successfully 'mis-remembered ' the incident; I'm a truthful person. Stupid waste of time to be otherwise, has always been my philosphy. Yet I'd lied to myself. It wasn't easy to accept

It was around that point that I departed the book's instructions re: locating negative suggestions. Meant to get back to it, but for the time being, my subconscious, via the pendulum, was embarking on a wild ride. I never did get back to locating negative suggestions, by the way

The ride commenced with a simple question I asked 'myself' via the pendulum. In response, a letter at a time, I was treated to a little rhyme or poem. It was short and non too elegant and stated that someone and myself had been ' Put together by God ' in the past and were intended to be together in this my current life. I almost gave my head a slap, because this stuff was supposedly emerging from my own subconscious, yet here it was prattling on like a cheap romantic novel. I was sceptical ... very

I was then provided a word. It looked Welsh to me. I was informed (via the pendulum) that it was the name of a town in which I'd lived during my alleged past life. I drew rough circles on A4 paper and divided the circles into sections, pizza style. In the segments I wrote Northern and Southern hemispheres. The pendulum swung ' Yes ' for Northern Hemisphere. New circles were divided into segments and in these I wrote various nations located in the Northern Hemisphere. Eventually, the pendulum swung ' Yes ' for Scotland

And so on. I was advised how I and my alleged spouse had earned our living. Far from glamorous. Dirt poor

By this stage, despite the time-consuming communication via pendulum, I felt I was in contact with a 'real' person. That person had a distinct personality. They were uneducated, very probably illiterate. For example, they frequently misspelled words I could spell by age six. But I liked this person. They tried very hard and I felt sympathy for them. I treated them with respect and always prefaced questions with ' Do you wish to answer this ? '. If the pendulum swung to ' No ', then I didn't persist, no matter how much I wished an answer. Sometimes, in response to a question, the pendulum swing to ' I don't know' or ' Uncertain '. Sounds bizarre here, but at the time, it was similar to holding a normal conversation. If it was really my own subconscious mind with whom I was in contact, then it seemed nothing like 'me' at all

For the next three days, I was consumed with this undertaking. During that time, I was told how and where my spouse had died, also details of my own death. As reason for my own death, I was informed I'd died of 'heart'. Immediately, I asked, ' Is it correct that in this alleged past life, I died from a heart-attack ? '. I had my pencil poised over the page to write ' Answer: Yes. Heart attack '. Instead, the pendulum swung to ' No '. I asked again for the cause of my death in the alleged past life and again was advised ( a letter at a time ) ' Heart '. And again, I asked if this meant ' heart attack '. Again, the word ' Heart '. So once again, I was in disagreement with my own subconscious mind ! I was sure that death from ' Heart' in fact meant ' Heart attack '. But my subconscious, via the pendulum, would not be bullied or coerced. Finally, I had to write ' Heart ' as the cause of death in my alleged past-life, although I was grumbling under my breath and still convinced I should be writing 'heart attack '. So, our minds have minds of their own ! Who knew that ? I certainly didn't, until that point

On the third or fourth day of the communication, I suddenly felt a shift in the atmosphere. It came out of the blue. I sensed that the 'person' with whom I'd until now been communicating had been replaced by another. And I didn't like this new one. It scared me. Additionally, the responses I was receiving via the pendulum did not ' feel ' the same and did not make sense. I was disturbed to such a degree that I put the pendulum and all my notes in a bag and put it away. Then I opened the doors and windows and went outside into the sunshine

I'd been given the name of what was described as possibly a 'town'. The name had sounded Welsh to me. Via the pendulum, I'd been provided a few slightly different spellings of that word. When asked, my alleged subsconscious mind had admitted, via the pendulum, that it didn't know how to spell it now. This led me to suspect the olden day spelling was slightly different to today's spelling

For weeks I tried to find that town in a British Isles road map book. Each time, I failed to find it. Each time I vowed I was through with it and wouldn't look again. But a few days later I'd find myself again trying to find it. One night, in exasperation, I said out loud that that was it - I wouldn't bother looking for it again. It didn't exist, obviously. The whole pendulum experiment had been a farce. Something had been playing with me. Or I'd gone selectively mad and had been inventing all of it. I went down the hall, turning off the lights as I went, heading for bed. Then something prompted me to retrace my steps. I was cursing myself all the way. Grabbed the road-map book. Flipped to the Index for the umpteenth time. Ran my finger down the page, as I had dozens of times before. Knew as I did so that it was a waste of time because the damn word wasn't there. Except this time it was. I nearly fell over. Grabbed a high-lighter pen and marked it in fluorescent yellow so it could never hide again. I was shaken by these events

Weeks later I got the courage to begin writing, snail-mail, to historical societies and the like in Scotland. First, I had to invent a plausible reason for my enquiries, knowing they'd be dismissed immediately if I revealed the reason for them

One by one, responses came back. Negative. No record existed of the people I'd enquired about

We sold our house, stayed in temporary accomodation while our new house was being built. Our dog was diagnosed with cancer and underwent several operations. Life was hectic. I forgot all about the letters I'd sent to Scotland. Then, months later and when we were finally in our new house, a large brown package arrived. There before me (and I still have them) were a letter to say one of the Scottish societies to whom I'd written had forwarded my enquiries to someone else, who in turn had sent to me copies of something called Poll Tax records (I'd never heard of Poll Taxes until then) which showed entries for my alleged past-life spouse and myself --- who'd lived in the hamlet (not town) with the strange name during the years I'd nominated (hundreds of years ago, as per information gained via the pendulum)

It was a strange moment - not pleasant but unsettling, disturbing. I read it through several times then put it away where it remains to this day, in a bag at the back of a cupboard.

Proof of a past-life ? Or telepathic or ghostly communication with a spirit ? I have no idea

I do not 'own' the past-life provided me via a pendulum. I feel no connection to a hard-working life and death by ' heart ' in Scotland. When I got a computer and connected to the internet, I looked for the hamlet in which I reportedly lived during a past-life in rural Scotland and yes, that hamlet exists to this day. There's not much there apart from a small and very old looking Church of Scotland and a graveyard, also some very ancient ruins, photos of which I've seen online -- just stumps of stone, basically, no more than a few metres high, on a hill. There are a few outlying farms, inhabited. It's an ancient place with 'ring stones' and other artifacts. Isolated. It would provide a hard life in any era. But was it 'my' life ? Does it matter ? Imo, it does not matter. I have nothing invested in it. I have no memories at all of this alleged past-life, other than the information provided me via pendulum. It could be the story of a stranger for all the meaning it holds for me. Very probably it is the story of a stranger, possibly conveyed to me because I opened myself to unearthly influence in the belief I was in contact with my sub/super consciousness.

Am I persuaded of the reality of past lives as result of that experience ? No. The experience does not convince me. Intrigues, interests, but does not make me convinced I've lived before. I'm not seeking to be convinced, either. I'm open to the possibility ... perhaps

I have had, spontaneously -- as have many people -- visions, fragments of memory which could not possibly have derived from my current life. They have remained vivid in the same way as real current-life memories, for close to 60 years. In fact, considering I had some of these 'memories/visions' when a very young child, they're more vivid than my real life memories from that age. They could more persuade me of the reality of past-lives than could the 'Scottish' situation. But again, who knows where these spontaneous memories/visions originate ? Telepathy, race-memories, etc. ? I've no idea. People have been having these experiences since time began, but we're no closer to an answer now than then. Maybe we're not intended to know, not programmed to learn the answers. Fascinating all the same though

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:13 PM
Well I guess my main concern is, does everyone get to choose a new life? Does every soul, the murderer, the pedophile, etc. Or do you consider this some sort of reward based off of behaviors during a life lived?

I'm just curious.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:35 PM
I hope that reincarnation doesn't exist.
I'll feel really slighted if, when my day comes and I shrug off my mortal coil, I end up in heaven to meet up with my parents and loved ones only to find they've all been reincarnated...!
Also, what do you think about those truly sick individuals who believe that those who are crippled or mentally ill are so because they are being punished for a sin they committed in a past life?

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by Tephra
Well I guess my main concern is, does everyone get to choose a new life? Does every soul, the murderer, the pedophile, etc. Or do you consider this some sort of reward based off of behaviors during a life lived?

I'm just curious.

I can't speak for woodwych, but according to eastern philosiphies, your actions in this life do influence your given soul in your next life. The main objective is to reach a state of Nirvana, if you do not perform well in this life you will become a lower life form in the next and will have to work to become better in the next. That is how I understand it anyway.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by InfaRedMan
reply to post by Tayesin

I don't want you to think that I don't believe reincarnation is possible or that we may even retain latent memory of previous lives. There's no scientific method to test the theory either way. It can neither be proved nor disproved. As I have alluded, I do question the hypnotic regression method as a valid one for retrieving reliable accounts. There's certainly some cases that stump me that don't involve regressions and those are the ones I find compelling.

I myself have childhood 'memories' of things that did not happen according to my mother including one strong memory in a period setting (perhaps 16-1800's), yet these memories reside alongside my normal everyday memories. They may be false, they may have been lucid dreams that embedded themselves into my brain during a high developmental period of childhood. I cannot say for certain. They may even be true.

Unfortunately, there has been a parasitical industry borne of peoples desire/belief in the eternal spirit. If that's what people want when they go to see a regression therapist, that's exactly what they will walk back out the door with. It is the weight of this expectation/belief from the individual, the subconscious desire to please the practitioner combined with questionable methodology from the practitioner that leaves me somewhat skeptical.



Thank you for your well thought out response.. very much appreciated.

I am sure that the fully-formed imagines and their emotional content arising in your mind are from within yourself. When they arise spontaneously without being provoked then I would tend to think they are your own memories rising to the surface.

As a child I felt so out of place due to having Feelings and Images of other times and places sitting just under the surface of life.. and it wasn't until I learned how to explore them for myself that I understood what was behind them.

Unfortunately I have to agree with your last paragraph. The new-age Industry, in general, has followed the same path as all other human endeavours.. towards unbalanced Ego and Greed. Over the years I've met so many practitioners who speak the flowery words well, who dress as expected and live the Lifestyle that the Industry models.. and yet most of those people had little ability or none and where winging-it with clients who knew no better.

I also noted what I called Upmarketing, where practitioners move to areas of more affluence in order to be able to charge more for their services... which to me is proof that they are not in Service to Humanity, but only in service to their Self because they will only work with people who can Pay the Fee. Which leaves the vast majority who may desire assistance not being able to afford it.. despite the new-age Belief that if you want it the money will come. Hence why I keep my fees very small.. only $50 for a session that can last from one hour to four hours... working until there is nothing left to See.

Thanks again mate.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:54 PM
Interesting post! Ive also been fascinated by past lives...having discovered many of my own...some by various techniques but the most believeable ones were the spontaneous ones...ive had so many diverse, poor, one famous, many very humble ... i also tried the Christos method on a couple of of whom enjoyed it, the other it frightened .. it think because of the life she encountered rather than the method i was using....ive also had the amazing experience on a few occasions of seeing my friends/family their faces for a moment or two change to that of one of their past life faces...all in all...i love this subject as it helps me to understand why i am as i am...and how the lives of ourselves and our friends/family intermingle throughtout the it!

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 07:05 PM
I have remembered 5 past lives but not much detail like names or years.
They have come mainly while using Selenite to relax and focus and one of them was from someone that regressed me.

The most recent one is being a very young black woman in England in the 70's (I am white in this life, live in the US and was born in a quick comeback you could say..) I was married to a white man..we were both young, very early 20's. He was abusive and shot me in the face. I died in front of our very young daughter in that memory. I believe my name was Maggie.

I have had visions of my death in another life also as a Native American, year unknown. I was a young female possibly a teen or tween age. I was running with a friend through woods and tried to be a dare-devil by jumping a river that had cut a gorge through the land..I missed the other side and fell to my death..I remember landing in the water and dying and looking up thinking "This can't be happening! This was a mistake!"

I had a vision that I think might have been in the 40's of being a woman in a dark room, possibly a POW and most likely a spy or someone held for war reasons. I identified that existence as being Gypsy or Romanian. There was a very angry looking man glaring at me through a window in the door.

I had visions of living somewhere Polynesian and being very incorporated in that life. Could be Hawaii or any of those Pacific Islands. This life resonates with me the most and probably why I wear my hair very long and collect things like that.

The other vision I had..this is the weirdest one of all and might seem weird to you. I knew I was on Mars "before the end"..basically it was a green place with animals and changed over the course of the vision to dry and dusty and dying and they were evacuating people off the planet because of the dust in the air and the giant windstorms that would come and destroy things. I was with my children that I recognized although they looked a lot different than the do now and were closer in age.

I would probably like to ask another pastlife regressionist how I stop that cycle of coming back..can I move on to a different thing?

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

hi there woody.

i have thought for years that i've had a few past lives. most of it comes from deja vu, but there are a few things that i would not have known, had i experienced it, i guess my question would be is there a way to self-regress, you know, do it yourself to find out who you were in past lives

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 08:15 PM
While I had no "awareness" of a past life, I do recall having a very curious perspective, at least in one sense as a child. From the youngest age I can remember, perhaps 4 or 5 years old, several feelings and concepts that seem very out of place for a very young child, I remember very clearly. I thought how incredibly fortunate I was to be born when/where I was, but most important to have the Mom I did. I KNEW I was lucky beyond belief, and I was very much aware of it. I later thought it odd to have such feelings since I should not have been able to compare my life with any thing. But I think as a child I was very observant, and perhaps I saw how other kids I knew were treated by their parents. Some of my friends FEARED their parents, and for very good reason. One slight mistake or "any thing" and they got the hell beat out of them, a lot. I wasn't hit till I was 8, and I came close to taking out the city of Chicago, with my "home made chemistry set" But despite having a strict father, I was never abused. And as I was later much more wary of him as I got older, he was having a lot of stress at work, as a young child I never feared him, or anything really. My Mom never hit me in my life.

I was encouraged to "debate, chime in and challenge" everything. Drove my one Uncle, who was VERY abusive to his kids nuts. I questioned my parents actions. My Uncle by then had labeled me the anti-Christ or something... I was taught that the only way to learn is ask questions, and where appropriate, call a spade a spade. We had a cardinal rule in our house, always be polite and respectful. We swore about "stuff" all the time except we never used (and I didn't know what it even meant until high school!) The "F" word. But swearing at someone? Inexcusable. And it just never happened. No one had to teach me or my sister "the rules" My parents treated me, my sister AND each other with respect and decency. So it's certainly possible I compared how I lived compared to other kids. But the weirdest thing was, for example when lying in my parents bed I felt it would insult them if I turned on my side with my back facing them. Even turn my back to someone when I left a room, made me concerned I would "insult" someone. How did I come up with that and that was there from a very early age...? I was not into classical drama at that age, to say the least.

I remember what may have been a dream, it seemed like one of being in a "very stuffy, very crowded room". If I was to put a name to it from a later perspective, it was like a sauna, but it was not a sauna. I remember actually clawing, climbing on top of people. I was having trouble breathing and my chest seemed to be "on fire". I gasped for air but couldn't get any.

Now one of the most creepy events of my life was in 1978 I went to I think it was in Eastern Germany (odd but we were able to visit, took a long time to get permission) But we were "doing Europe" and we visited DDR and Poland. For some reason I don't recall where we were, and I usually pay attention to such things. But there was a place that seemed like a reproduction of one of the "death camps," I need to check if they even had such things as "reproductions" Aside from the fact we spent a grand total of less then 8hours between East Germany and Poland, where the camps were to the best of my knowledge. (And I pride my self on knowing history, I have lectured on the history of technology) But there was a "copy"? Of a gas chamber, and I looked inside and felt "Christ, I have been here before" It was that room in my "weird dream" It didn't feel like a dream, more like a disassociated state, as best as I can gather. I am aware a false-dissasociative state, the kind often described as being "a witness to everything around them, including themselves" can happen with extreme fear. (I have never had any form of "psychotic fugue state") But w/two NDE's and a nasty neurological history that includes cluster headaches and seizure's, who can say? I have had a few very unpleasant events in my life, in one case was sure I would die, and just "let go". Strange but I felt, nothing. No emotion at all other then "oh, thats to bad... I had so much more to do. What a shame" I experience more "emotion" watching grass grow...

Any thoughts?

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

thanks for sharing your story with us

I totally believe in past lives, though I never have experienced any flashbacks (except for an intense dream I had as a kid that sticks with me for some reason, but it could just be a dream or crazy experience on the astral, who knows).

But, the more I grow as a spiritual person, the more I'm starting to get the feeling that we're everyone. That everyone who ever existed was and is you, perhaps you haven't even been them yet, but the goal is to gain every experience possible. But, this could also hint that perhaps we all share the same "universal consciousness" and our timelines feed that, which, in turn, feeds all of us.

So, have you encountered any evidence to make you suppose this as well? Or do you firmly believe there is only one string of you in quilted blanket, so to speak?

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 09:30 PM
1. If one is intrigued by a particular time in history, is this an indication that we might have a past life tied to this time period. For example, I feel drawn to the late 30's and early 40's (WWII) era and have often wondered if I didn't live in this time period.

2. One of my other thoughts is on futurelife. Many, many times I've felt that I've been born too soon. In my mind, I have these grandiose visions of what the future looks like and wonder if a future life somehow has the ability to peer into my life now. Weird, huh.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

My questions are these:
Do people's personalities remain intact from one life to the next?
Or do their personalities change?
Now that I think about it, does their intelligence remain the same, too?
What kind of spiritual and/or mental growth do they experience, if any?

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 12:54 AM
As I do not have the inclination to read every post, I apologize if the issue I raise has already been covered.

My question, and my concern, regards the reawakening of attachments and associations which may occur as a result of pastlife recollections. Are there any safeguards against this, and what advice can you offer to those who are caught in the powerful pull of such revived connections?

To illustrate with just one such example from my own pastlife recalls, there is one person with whose soul I have had very close and intimate bonds in almost every lifetime I remember, going back as far as the beginning of time on this plane and even beyond. Our connection has served a very definite purpose, and I can see that my own life this time around has been a preparation to bring this purpose to fruition. However, the other person, though initially fascinated, has made the choice to exit from the connection in this life, partly, I think, because my own awareness scared the heck out of them, but also because their own attachments and tendencies in this life led them in a different direction.

The point I am trying to make is that knowing the extent to which our souls' journeys are interwoven has posed a real challenge to my ability to see the relationship at the here-and-now realistic level, how it is actually playing out. It has been a trial to put aside my own knowledge and approach the connection from a pragmatic and down to earth viewpoint, dealing with what is, rather than all that is.

In this, and several other key associations, the pastlife awareness has been a great burden to carry, even while it has answered many burning questions. I wonder if this is a common problem encountered by others?

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:41 AM
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I know its odd but I know exactly who I was in my last life. My name was Elenore R. Smith and I was born in Handly W. Virginia. My mother hit me in the head with her shoe when I was 13 and I died the next morning of a brain anurisim.

In this life my mother admitted hateing my guts from birth and she gave me away permanently when I was 13. (coincidence?)

I believe who choose our lives with guidence from the council befor we are born. My question to you would be how do I know the lesson I keep returning to learn?

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