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weavybaby new member

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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 12:35 AM
hi guys, new member to ATS from australia, been reading it for a long time now and finally bothered to sign up, and hopefully one day post some incredible news about something going on in the world lol.

ive always been fascinated by the amount of knowledge available if you share it around, and of course you have to diseminate the fact from fiction based on your gathered information.

things like the end of the world. ghosts. dreams. aliens all interest me and i believe most of it is true and just hidden away. after all.. if the net and media wasnt around to TELL us whats going on... would we even have a clue.... the end of the world might of already occured in some location and the rest of us are just waiting for it to show up lol..

anyway i look forward to posting something someday.

heres to an interesting future

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 12:36 AM
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Hello weavybaby, and welcome to the Introductions Forum of the ATS community. For now you can reply to any thread in any member forum you wish, as well as send & receive (PM's) Private Messages to Staff only. Once you have achieved 20 posts, you will then be able to start your own threads and additionally send & receive messages to and from fellow ATS members.

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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 04:30 AM
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I guess you are the kind of person that might be very interested in reading the book Zhuan Falun in my signature below. It deals with all the mysteries of human life, how to become a good person, opening your third eye, developing your supernormal powers etc etc.

And that is why the book is forbidden in China and all people practicing Falun Dafa are persecuted by the communist party since they become so powerful from the practice..


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