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$10,000 lie detection software sold to LE can't detect lies and is being upheld in court!!!! !

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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 12:31 AM
This post is to inform the public that the new cvsa or other voice stress analyzers used for lie detection is no better but actually worse at any type of lie detection than the original polygraph. There is no 100% sure fire lie detection tech in the world. If the statistics are correct then why buy the technology at ten grand a program? I contend that the polygraph and the layered voice analysis systems are both fraudulent in their claims of truth verification. Keep in mind that ALL voice analysis lie detector manufacturers will not submit their machines for independent scientific study to verify their claims to being 100% detection of lying. Even the inventer or CVSA and the founder of the National Institute for Truth Verification states that it can't detect lies from truth. In some states the Layered voice recognition software is admissible in court and convictions can be handed down because of faulty tools the LE are using.
I want the LE officers to have every means to gather evidece but the chances of convicting an innocent person skyrocket when the polygraph and the CVSA are employed in the" target="_blank" class="postlink">
And if that is not enough proof that people are being prosecuted with this phony malarky then check out his video of a kid psychologically manipulated into a confession of killing his sister only to have the real killer show up and prove he did the crime. One innocent person in jail over pseudo science is one too many. . this poor old lady was fined in excess of what she needed to be fined and was labeled high risk because the over the phone lie detector thought she was deceptive????" target="_blank" class="postlink">

this link is concerning the hand held lie detector .
I would recommend people to go the for more information and the fellow that spearhead the site was an ex U.S defense counterintelligence officer.

This next video states they are 85% accurate but consider if there were 100 people questioned and 1 crime committed then 85 of them are released. 15 of were detained for further questioning and ultimately one was convicted. Of the 100 people the real perp was released based on his results. The one innocent even though his readings were submitted as evidence in court were against him and faulty it was enough to convict. The general public believes the lie detectors are the end all be all and if you fail one then you have to be lying. If you don't believe this is propaganda then why are the voice stress and polygraph used so much on daytime sydicate talkshows like springer, maury povich and steve wilkes??? I think more should be heralded out to the public about the farce of lie detection and it is pseudo science and has no place in the justice sytem that is suppossed to be based on fact and not opinion.
I am currently working with a detective in the district that I live in to expose the truth about the lie. The detective quit his job as a detective when he was told to lie about the validity of both sytems of lie detectionin court during a case; Cvsa and polygraph.
I may be a pain in the !@#@ but my alliances are with the common man that is innocent and is convicted based on lies. I am not against the LE but want them to succeed in doing their job to keep us safe but erroneous convictions based on pseudo science is blasphemy to our God given country.
I would encourage you to scour the net and other sources to find more information because it is not enough to take one man's word for anything, its up to you ultimately to make a real decision.
I have another link to a police" target="_blank" class="postlink"> g/articles/1933-the-computerized-voice-stress-analyzer-cvsa

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 12:45 AM
In the last link it states that the CVSA results aren't used in court but I had trouble finding evidence of that claim either for or against. so I can say my title may or may not be misleading. The polygraph are only admissible in a few states and remember the CVSA is not a polygraph and is a different form of stress detection. CVSA falls in a different catagory under court law than a polygraph and has its own set of legislation for its uses
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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by agentblue

Thisis nothing new. Voice stress analyzer and Lie detectors that use galvanic skin response are not, nor have they ever been, admissable in court. They rank up their with the portable breath tests (P.B.T.) that we use on DWI traffic stops. Since its not a calibrated instrument, the result is not admissible in court. All we can use it for is to confirm our suspicion from the SFST's (which is pretty much useless with the new HGN standards).

All we can say is the PBT was administered and yes it did, or no it did not, test positive for alcohol. We cant use the number response from it (not to be confused with an actual datamaster / breathalyzer test).

Lie detectors are not admissible in court.

80% reliable my ass... Iwould like to know what company shill is pushing that BS.

As a side note, Do we really think its a good idea to say we think we are 80% sure the guy lied about killing the kids?
Talk about playing Russian roulette with a semi automatic..

There are ways to get around the tests by either physical distraction (which will be noticed on the machine) or mental discipline where your esponse does not trigger any physical reactions that are detectable.

Even then if they are, the response is not lieing, but being deceptive.
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