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3-2-2011 Several Dream Fragments Near Store

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posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:04 PM
Last night I had several dreams that took place mostly in the same area, I guess my brain was being lazy and just recycled the same dream world
; the area was where one of the Dollar General stores are/is in my birth-town.

My memory of the dreams and what order they go in, is/are not clear, but I will try to put the pieces together.

I think the first dream involved my parent's going to get ice at my dad's workplace, which was not in its real life location, but it was located where one of the Dollar General stores was supposed to be.

No one was in or near the shop, as usual, so my parent's were alone; but some of my brothers and I were walking near the park, which is not far away, so I could see my parent's automobile.

At some point a group of men came, I am not sure where they came from, but they came with guns to the shop where my parent's were; so my brothers and I went to make sure that our parent's were okay.

The group of men robbed my parent's and then started to steal gas and other things from the shop, but then my brothers and I arrived; and the men started to shoot at us, so we took cover.

We were not going to run and leave our parent's, so we stayed to fight, even though we had no guns or weapons; since we were not running away, the men seemed to think that we had guns, so they ran for cover outside of the shop area.

My brothers and I then ran into the shop where our parent's were and we locked the doors and windows; and so we were then under siege.

We stayed locked up in the shop for at least 24 hours; we probably looked for weapons and other supplies, while we waited.

The men were still outside the shop area for most of the 24 hours I think, but at some point we could not see them from the windows anymore.

I snuck/sneaked outside to see if they were hiding and then I saw another group of men coming with guns, but I recognized some of the men as former classmates of mine.

I decided to talk with them and try to get them to help us indirectly, though I was cautious and worried that they were a threat also, if I did not handle the situation properly.

They recognized me and I told them that a group of men had attacked us, and I told them to be careful; they seemed to have also come to steal some gas and other supplies, like the other group of men, but this group of men knew me so they did not attack me.

I talked with their leader, who was one of my former classmates, and I managed to handle the situation in a way that caused him to want to stay near the shop to protect it from the other group while not harming my family or me.

They were not there to protect us, but to protect the shop area, because they wanted all the supplies for themselves and they did not want to share the stuff they stole with anyone.

I managed to convince them to stay protecting the area, while I went on a mission for them, in exchange; the leader wanted me to find his cousin and give him a message, and bring him back to the shop area if I could.

My family would not be harmed by them, his group would have more time to steal stuff, and his group could fight the other group of men if they came back; so everyone was getting something out of the deal.

I then walked around town looking for his cousin and I found another one of his cousins, so I asked him did he know where the other cousin was that I was looking for, but I woke up as we were talking.

The second dream is so unclear that all I can remember is being in the same area where the Dollar General store is supposed to be, but there was another building there; and I remember being inside this building, and I remember something to do with entertainment wrestling or something like that.

I remember seeing some old fictional former wrestlers and some fictional wrestlers I think, and I was not supposed to be in the building.

I think I remember a female employee and I meeting in a bed room to hide, and talk about something; but some men were coming to the room, so I hid in a closet underneath some clothes.

The men looked in the closet for something but did not see me, and I remember finding a magazine that showed the old and current photos of some of the fictional wrestlers or whatever I saw in the dream; then I woke up.

The third dream took place outside the Dollar General late in the afternoon, and Pauline Croze was having a concert with her band.

Only about ten people were there, and I was there with a woman, maybe the woman from the second dream; I can not remember what she looked like, but I think she may have looked just like Ms. Croze but I could be wrong since that would not make much sense.

The woman and I were standing behind the small crowd of people, and we were leaning on a wall-like area.

The atmosphere of this dream was nice, especially compared to my last dream with a Pauline Croze concert.

Ms. Croze performed several of her songs in French, and maybe two or three songs in English; she even performed some fictional remixes of a few of her songs, one of which was an English song that she did with new lyrics and with a pop and R&B singing style.

I was flirting with the woman that was with me during the concert as we both enjoyed the show, it seemed that we did not know each other well, but we were pretty comfortable around each other.

In between songs Ms. Croze would talk to the crowd in French and sometimes English, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The crowd was not interrupting her in this dream and they seemed to be enjoying her music.

Ms. Croze and her band were in a good mood, and their instruments and her microphone worked in this dream.

At some point Ms. Croze and her band took a break, and she ran to the park for some exercise and maybe to find the bathroom.

I continued trying to get closer to the woman who I was with at the concert, and things were going good still.

Ms. Croze came back and joked & talked with her band, and the crowd for a few minutes; but I stayed back listening and talking/flirting with the woman instead of going to talk to Ms. Croze & the crowd.

The concert started back and I remember listening & watching, and occasionally I would look at the woman next to me and slowly lean closer to her.

We exchanged glances, words, and other types of body language as we both enjoyed the concert; but I woke up at some point while listening to one of Ms. Croze's fictional English remixes of one of her songs.

Then end,
-John Jr


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