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Just a few things on my mind

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posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:00 PM
I'll start this off by saying, I do not like complaining, I do not want anyone feeling sorry for me, because I (at least think) don't feel sorry, or bad, or anything.. Just, flustered.

So there are a few things I want to post about, and I'm going to post it here because the only other forum I belong to ( I post using my real name and I do not want this to be associated with my name, just in case someone takes it the wrong way.

That all being said (lol)

I'll start with cancer. I personally wanna give a big F U to cancer. There is a very nice lady that I used to work with who is literally down to her last days due to cancer. Now, I'm not sure what caused her cancer, I never wanted to ask, but one thing that always bugged me was that, even after diagnosed with cancer, and knowing what smoking does to your body.. she still chose to smoke. Now, as a smoker, I could not reasonably tell someone not to smoke, it would be hypocritical, but I do think if you are to get cancer, the first thing you would want to do is kick the thing that could have caused, or at the very least accelerated that cancer! Just my humble opinion, and again, she is free to chose her lifestyle.

Now, we worked on the same team, and we were always real friendly with each other, I even came to her house on occasion and will obviously be attending her funeral when it comes. I am saddened by all this but I know that it will be better for her to pass, than to live in the pain she is currently in. In this respect of my "rant", I just ask ATS for positive thoughts, prayers (Im not personally a prayer, and I hope not to offend those who are alike), or whatever energy you would like, to hope she has a less painful passing, and gets to her next chapter in peace.

A more concentrated rant....
I was lucky enough to have a child while I was married, and that child is my sole purpose of existence. I would do anything for her, she knows this, well pretty much anyone who knows me knows this. I am however, divorced from her mother. That creature on the other hand, as bad as this sounds, I would celebrate to learn of her demise.
Last year, we filed our taxes joint married (as we were still married at the time) and when it came time to divide the taxes, she decided there was nothing I could legally do to reprimand her of not sharing the tax return. So she walked away with 7k. Now I was THE main worker, and she stayed at home with our child. Then we got divorced, and upon advice of my attorney, I did not pay child support from the temporary order (a whole different rant, I will leave out because lets face it, ATS doesnt wanna hear about it.. lol) until the amount was corrected on the final decree. Well that left me 4 months "behind" on child support, which I have no problem paying back, however...
My tax return this year was taken
They take out more than they themselves admit they LEGALLY can, or have the right to (I have to wait on a refund from them at the end of each month, which most months isnt even the correct amount)
UGH.. anyways, I will leave that mess alone.

My final "rant" which is more of just a "plea" if you will, to fellow ATSers on a few things that I have noticed here.

1) I know a lot of you are of like minds, and can "add fuel to the fire" so to speak, but if a subject is so far out, and probably doesnt deserve response, do as I do, and do not respond negatively. It adds attention to the OP

2) If a post is made, which has an older, similar topic already existing, trust the fine moderators of this site to do their jobs and close the new thread, or merge, or whatever they do. It is snarky, rude and just makes you look as though you want a taste of power when you point out "this thread has already been made, god dont you use the search?" Now I know that some are helpful in their meaning, by pointing the OP to the topic to join in discussion, but some do it for nefarious reasons, and it shouldnt be tolerated

3) Some of you, I worry about what you post. Your opinion is yours, and I value everything you say as that, and I do not judge based on that. However, you may want to re-evaluate your life, if what you post is sincerely how you feel. There are SOOOO many good things in life, whether it makes me a "sheep" or whatnot to enjoy some of these things, I really dont care. If you are that miserable in life that everything is a set up, trap, or deception created for an "end game" then chances are you do not have access to friends, family or support in essential areas which is important, and it (IMHO) reflects a great deal of depressive state. Basically, find SOMETHING to be happy about, even if its contributing to "TPTB"

Have a great weekend coming up ATS

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by JustinIowa

First off with your lady friend, quitting smokking will not help the situation. She might as well be happy with her last few days.

Now as for your ex, i understand. i had one back when and paid dearly, and then paid again dearly Etc. wash rinse repeat.
Your attorney gave you bad avice, to go against a court order whether temporary or permanent is bad.
For your taxes and her 7k, yes hers cuz you ain't gonna ever see a dime of it.
Write it off and learn from the bad experience and tell yourself never again.
Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:37 PM
Dear oppressed one, whatever happens from this moment on....your life has changed and has gained wisdom. I can read it in your words. This, regardless of the cr*p is a good thing because you will have a better perspective in future.

You have a daughter. That is a blessing that has never come my way and something I raise a glass to.

She is the future, your future. Love her, cherish her, never let her feel the wrath you feel for your ex hag, the hag will screw her own life up....believe me...the world is full of them and your daughter does not deserve to become one of the ranks due to the bitterness of her parents.

Cancer...if a smoker wishes to smoke after being diagnosed with cancer, let them be. Chances are the damage has been done and to take the pleasure away now is not only too late, but selfish in denying them the choice. WE must always live with others shortfalls, but it's a different story when it's about US I'm sure.

The world is unfolding as it should. How we percieve each day and the trials and tribulations is a mystery to some and a book to others. Page by page we are greeted with new revelations and encounters and have the choice to see positive or negative and the reactions between the two.

Give your friend the best days you can while she is with us and give your daughter her best days until you die.

You will recieve the same in return.

Peace my friend, be well, and let others bathe in your light (unless they deserve a wake up call).

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posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:47 PM

3) Some of you, I worry about what you post.

Sorry about that!

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 11:28 PM

Originally posted by JustinIowa
That creature on the other hand, as bad as this sounds, I would celebrate to learn of her demise.

...yeah, it does sound bad... sounds like your love for your daughter is secondary to your hate for her mother... maybe you need to take the advice that you posted for others (below) and apply it to yourself and that particular situation...

Originally posted by JustinIowa
However, you may want to re-evaluate your life, if what you post is sincerely how you feel.

If you are that miserable in life (snipped) it reflects a (snipped) depressive state.

...thats really good advice... cant teach love if you hate and, sooner or later, your bad attitude is going to damage your daughter... do the right thing and just let go of the bitterness... i know it sounds hard to believe when you're still in the trap of being angry or hating but letting go is SO easy... hanging on to bitterness is hard work...

...your daughter is worth the effort and so is the rest of your life...

...there was a time when i lived to hate one particular person - even said it was my reason for being, why i survived - tons of excuses and, boyOboy, was i protective of my justifications... when i finally let go, it was the most freeing thing i had ever done for myself... wish i could take back all the energy and years i wasted - i'd be young and spry again, lol...

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