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Misuse of technology by man

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posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 12:40 PM
The chief powers and individuals in America who are responsible for the creation of Television entertainment and commercials, news, and other media, are responsible for the mass confusion of my people.

We are so contained within our homes that we have detached ourselves from every pursuit that involves thought or considerations of the great universe, especially those matters that concern celestial exploration, or science in general.

Our children are free to assemble in whatever eddy or puddle should appear before them, having no guidance whatsoever from the most useful and immediate source of human expression - Television.

Tools of marketing eventually turn into the very culture we maintain as a people.

What a arrogant and assuming activity to pursue! The people involved in the influence of America must be understood now. Any influence you make upon a people, a nation, or any large effect or power that you initiate, must be carefully considered.

You must be educated in this fashion: Every great force must have great guidance, and also be in accordance with the general good will of God, which is the product of both foresight and foreknowledge. Has any mortal, who has considered moving a great mountain, or influencing a great number, considered this?

Therefore all our efforts, which are great in the world, can be judged with great effect. American wars, our business, and our policies must be carefully reconsidered.


posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 05:07 PM
Although I do agree with you in that things like television, computers and video games have caused confusion and lazyness among some people, there are many uplifting factors to them as well. Televison provided a way of communicating that the phone or radio could not; vision. It allows you to see exactly what you hear. Wouldn't you like to be able to talk to your family on the phone while whatching them on the TV? I know that I love to see my mothers face every once in a while without having to visit her several miles away. TV also provides things like the wether and the news that keep us informed on worldly matters that we would otherwise not have known. Like life, the wether is not completely predictable but it is nice to know what might be ahead of us.

You are right, the technology (tv etc) does sometimes keep us from getting out into the real world where the things that really matter are. However, like you I am on this site. Why you ask? Perhaps it is raining outside. Perhaps I am bored. Or perhaps I want to be informed on what other people think and on certain interesting topics. All of these can be used as excuses to not go outside but they can also be used as viable responses. By staying inside all you do is create more problems for yourself. You lack exercise, you cant make friends, etc. But there must be a delicate balance between being technology and the real life.

You must understand that advertising isnt always out there to put us off our path and suck us in to buying things that are unhealthy or stupid. I often think to myself as I am watching the countless commercials for certain products like tampons, enough already, i have already seen this commercial a million times and frankly i do not care. The commercial not only wastes time but it often times corrupts people into buying things. But not always. Sometimes when I am thinking about what I want to eat for dinner I will turn on the TV and see which food commercial comes up first and go to eat there, just out of the fact that it makes the choice easier for me. As well the advertising provides a way for certain companies or shows to make money off their ads. Bill boards are a good example of a way for the city or a property owner to make some extra money via ads. They might not care about the ads but they make money from the ads being there.

I am not trying to say your views are wrong, I am meerly trying to provide an argument/a new understanding a pon yourself. I do agree that we are being over powered by technology, but not to the point that it is not helpful. I hope that you agree with me.

posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 06:57 AM
IMO television sucks away at the very essence of our culture. it puts a damper on communication skills. it is an evil entity that takes hold of unsuspecting good natured folk and does not let go until it has completely dehumanized its prey. lost and bewildered the poor sap will go in for more, not knowing their brain is being systematically turned into a unthinking uncomprehending pile of mush. so much unecesary knowlege is equivilant to garbage, piling up it takes away the crucial aspects of our intelect as indiviuals. if we all watch the same things we will all act the same way.

i still flip around the channels though
90% of the crap on there will only appeal to retards. i only watch informative documentaries, intelegent debates, and well written humorous cartoons. meatwad!

posted on Aug, 19 2004 @ 12:08 AM
as my 8th grade history teacher put it "human nature will # it up"

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