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Pentagon Orders USS Ponce, USS Kearsarge, 1200 Marines To Libya (Breaking!)

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by Misoir


Thank you for your insight, and your comments. Your post is a must read. Excellent!
I do think your spot on!

I see the globalists at work in the Muslim Brotherhood, as I have outlined here:

However, I have not had time in to fully investigate Libya and its complications.

I am sure there is more than meets the eye, as you have so well outlined. Thank You!.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:27 PM
Moving that many assets into the region is going to do 3 things, in this order:

1. Attempt to scare the Gaddafi regime to give up and get out.
2. Run limited sorties to keep Gaddafi regime air assets out of the sky
3. Secure and protect the oil refineries from BOTH sides.

IMO, I wouldn't take out the air strips/radar with jets, I would run some Predator UAV's and drop some hellfire
missiles on their antiquated radar sites (hell, the Enterprise may be able to simply jam them).. take out the air fields and see what evolves...

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:08 AM
Misor, I agree that your post was well written, but UNFORTUNATELY, your logic erred. Your subjective view of Islam had been the fault of your errors.

1. Why this continual fear of Islam, that some keyboard warriors need to use blind hatred to replace intelligence and aquisition of knowledge?

Is it because Islam poses a threat to the way of western living? No drinking, no eating of pork, ladies coverup, no porn? Everyone knows full well the vices of the western civilisation, let's be honest and straight talking. We love pork, drinking, ogling at beautiful women and will FIGHT to stop it from being taken away from us. It's a fact, admit it.

But the thing is, such vices are also against the doctrines of the western civilisations, but only hypocritally kept under the rug successfully.

In all honesty, vices that does no harm or taken lightly hurts no one. It is only the excesses of it, such as drink driving, obesity with heart problems, dangerous carnal desires against innocent women, etc, that will result in harm and destruction of civilisations.

Islam is no more than just another religion that attempts to keep mankind straight, and are not without its own hypocrisy or lip services that the western world indulges.

2. a.)The SA lmonarch had recently pumped $37 billion cash into the hands of his citizens to prevent uprisings and discontent. This is not a sign of benevolent generosity, but a bribe and evidence of how corrupted his rule had become. That he could come up with with that obscene amount of money goes to show how much he had hoarded, mismanaged on nation's economic policies for his own greed, kept away from the masses, which if he had done it long ago, there would have been no discontent.

b.) Mubarak the dictator is of the same mould. He amassed great wealth at the expense of his masses while he ruled authoritatively, denying civil freedoms for his people. Not only that, he would kill and murder to maintain his rule, as the Egyptian protests had shown.

c.) Gaddafi and sons - need I say more? They are there for all to see. Monsters, inhuman, and everything vile.

I can go on with the lists of dictators currently ruling Middle East. The point is - they had, terrorised, tortured and murdered more people than Al Queda ever could. It is of no surprise that their citizens rebelled.

3. Worse on the list of humanity's enemies are the bankers and Corporations with their obscene wealth made off the backs of workers and slaves. They had financed wars on BOTH sides, profitted mightly for centuries, corrupted and taken over govs, sacrificed millions of youths to die for their interests and not for the masses, etc, ect.

These are evidences that you can see and read daily, with discussion and debates with everyone else including the leaders of community and cross sections of knowledgeable societies across the world.

And you, Misor, as well as others blind like you blamed the pathetic Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and muslims for our civilisation's ills?????

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Perhaps there is more than meets the eye?

Regional economic zones are a prime part of the globalization process. One well-known example is the concept of a “Trilateral” bloc of Asia, Europe, and North America, instigated by David Rockefeller as per the Trilateral Commission.[3] Others include NAFTA, European Union, APEC,[4] and the like.

The globalists under the impress of “market forces” could attempt what could not transpire under Qaddafi or Nasser, an Arab bloc.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Let me address one simple fact to you, and make it perfectly clear so I do not have to repeat it again, maybe I should use bold letters.

I do not hate, dislike, despise, distrust, look down upon, belittle, prejudge, or in any way shape or form have any disrespect or a lack of equality with Muslim people from any ethnicity, country, or region. These Muslims and Arab Muslims are being used as a toy by the elite, this is not their doing they are being had, I wish they could stop this and reverse it because what is about to happen to them and their entire part of the world, will kill vast numbers of them. And the sad thing is, they see this, they know that the are being deceived and these revolutions are staged, but to what level they are about to unfortunately find out.

They will be blasted back a hundred years for the fault of materialistic, ignorant, arrogant, jealous, power craved, elitists from the West who are now ready to destroy the dollar and let them all die. The CIA playing these games with the terrorist organizations who not only were used to attack us in the West but also terrorized, persecuted, subjugated, and oppressed their own fellow Muslims, is beyond disgusting and worthy of life imprisonment and perhaps even execution.

So before you try and judge me, when you truly do not understand what are behind my ideas, you prove yourself to be ignorant. Now I am done discussing this with you.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:43 AM
I will also add this information...chart one reveals the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, and the London banking houses which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their holdings with their subsidiary firms in New York.

Crude oil price is set by speculation on the trading floor.

So now the critical resource of oil is driven by speculation at ever higher abstract electronic levels of futures trading. Increasingly, the distance becomes greater and greater between this abstract trading (fueled by rumors of storms in the Gulf of Mexico, or some possible political turmoil in a region of the world, or some other frightful excuse for bidding up) and the physical supply and demand for oil and its refined products.

These oil gamblers in New York and London try to justify their frenetic daily bidding by saying that these futures markets provide liquidity, and a clear price for oil.

And currently oil is tied to the U.S. dollar. For now. That is about to change.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 02:23 AM
reply to post by Misoir

At least I managed to get you to clean up on the muslim bashing.

As for your beliefs that the revolutions are stage managed, that is only your own assumption, having a comfortable living here in the west while our brothers and sisters in the ME are suffering daily.

And with that comfortable living, perhaps phantoms, swamp gas monsters, 3 letter sinister agencies can be easily created as THE driving force behind revolutions, rather than the END RESULT of the manipulations by the rich elites which we are suffered from, and are equally taken aback by its ferocity and fear for their investments there.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:06 AM

Originally posted by SeekerofTruth101
reply to post by Misoir

At least I managed to get you to clean up on the muslim bashing.

You never got me to "clean up on the Muslim bashing" because I never once bashed Muslims.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by schuyler

Question, since you seem so knowledgable. What about using our force to help the rebels establish a defensible means to get the oil assets they now control out of the country to sell on the market. If they have the means to load their oil on to tankers and get it out, that will give them a big leg up on the government forces, since they could reliably trade for arms, equipment, etc.

One of the issues I've heard they are running into is that they are running out of storage space for the oil they are pumping. They can't shut down the wells and other equipment, apparently, because you might have a really hard time getting it up and running again (why, I don't know, that's just what I read).

If the US can give them a safe corridor out of Benghazi and elsewhere to get their oil out, and to load arms and equipment coming in, that could well win them the war if it becomes a protracted conflict.

Edit: I should probably add, that letting them sell their oil also benefits the markets as it will, hopefully, push the price of oil back down. the worry I hear is if the price goes above $125/barrel. At that point, the cost becomes a serious burden on the whole world economy (which can't handle it too well these days), so any means to keep these prices down...which have been spiking with the good for everyone.
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by LifeInDeath

You brought up a very valid point, and if there is any doubt about a 'no-fly-zone' being implemented, it was vanish once the countries hungry for oil and facing skyrocketing prices finds out about oil overflowing into the ground.

Probably an immediate 'no-fly-zone' at the port areas and surrounding regions including the sea up to100km, with full authorisation to fire upon ANY targets that will hinder the planes' or oil operations, including tanks, rpgs, and naval crafts, will be implemented ASAP.

Whomever controls the port, will get to load and unload those oil without fear unto tankers. With the rebels controlling 90% of Libya and with at least 90% of Libyans on their side, they should be able to control the oil productions - UN to supply tanks and military equipment manned by Libyans to lay seige upon Tripoli, with no one getting in or out except to civilians seeking for peace less Gaddafi and sons.

Sometimes...Pragmatism rules. Too bad Gaddafi and sons turn out to be mass murderers, and none will deal with him except fellow mass murderers,fortunately only a minority in our civilised world.
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by LifeInDeath

That's an interesting idea. I've been concentrating more on the "where are our forces--really" and "what is logistically possible" rather than "what should be done." So I don't have a good answer. I think establishing such a corridor would require boots on the ground, and this is something the rebels have said they do not want. So politically this would probably shift the focus and might not be such a hot idea. The US has plausible deniability right now. Except for maybe some special forces, the US has not invaded, not bombed, not set up a no-fly zone. If we did any of this, the focus would shift to the US and we'd be in one of those "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" scenarios. Of course the rebels could go from "stay away evil empire!" to "Please help us" in a heartbeat, so you never know. It's happened before.

I also suspect this would be difficult to pull off diplomatically, i.e.: Get lots of nations, the UN, etc. focused on shipping oil out from underneath Khadaffi. Although frequently the target of ridicule, nations must deal with the regime in power. People say that is hypocritical. We dealt with Khadaffi yesterday; now we tell him to bug off, but the fact remains. You must deal with the regime in power, no matter how distasteful, unless you declare the regime completely out of power. If "the world" were willing to do that, you'd require a way to neutralize all the firepower Khadaffi still has and is using, including air power. So that would mean an escalation of the conflict.

Back to my own little haven leaving the politics to others, we don't have the forces in place to do much. The Kearsarge is short-staffed and incapable of doing anything but 'surgical' strikes, i.e.: Nothing really big. The Enterprise is out of range unless you establish a huge tanker line, though it could get their quickly. Even then, it has less than 100 airplanes. It's the calvary without the troops. Both the CVN GHW Bush and the CVN Reagan are ready and could get there in a couple of weeks, the Reagan via the Pacific would take longer. The addition of either or both would be formidable.

Much has been said that we have "50,000 troops in Germany" and we could fly them down, but think about this. Most of those "troops" are support personnel. (I was just at one on Darmstadt, Germany, a few months ago.) These guys are not battle-hardened, combat-ready troops. They are not airborne. They are people like Intelligence Anlaysts (think Private Manning) who listen to the rebels on headphones. The number of combat troops we could pull from Germany is far less than 50,000. You'd have to ferry them in or fly them in and get them on the ground safely, and there's that problem again: Boots on the ground.

Whatever happens, this is a long-term deal. More carriers will take a couple of weeks to get there and that begs the question: Would Obama let this happen? Would Obama order an invasion of Libya? Certainly McCain would already have a no-fly zone established, but he, umm, lost. Obama has campaigned against this kind of behavior. Of course, he campaigned against Guantanamo, too, and that's still operational, but the point is that he is pre-disposed to not do much and he prevaricates. It took him six months to decide to send extra troops to Afghanistan. Face it; the guy does not move fast.

Bottom line for me is I can tell you where the carriers are, and let you make of that what you will. I don't know what is going to happen, but none of it looks very good to me.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:30 AM

Gadhafi Forces Strike Coastal Town; U.N. Appoints Envoy

Forces loyal to Col. Moammar Gadhafi launched air strikes on a rebel-held town Monday to check the rebels' advance west toward the capital, as the United Nations called on Libyan authorities to end hostilities and appointed a special envoy to the country.

WSJ's Margaret Coker reports on major battles between forces loyal to Col. Moammar Gadhafi and rebel in key cities along Libya's coast. Oil prices have breached $106/barrel as a result. Also, Jon Hilsenrath on demand for U.S. grain outpacing supply.
Journal Community
An air strike hit Ras Lanouf, a key oil port east of Tripoli, but there were no casualties, the Associated Press reported. Mohamad Samir, an army colonel fighting with the rebels, told AP that his forces are expecting reinforcements from the east.

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