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Monsanto The HE3 Connection - Mounds Lab

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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 04:57 PM
Is this the "smoking gun" document that you guys have been talking about?

Originally posted by zorgon

I have one file that I have been debating on doing a thread on... its a report on HE3 delivery from a declassified government purchase order slip that involves a certain company and its a real can of worms. Not sure I am ready to open that one yet... but the date is 1964.

Originally posted by Exuberant1

I have seen a 'smoking gun' document.

John Lear and Zorgon have seen it too.

It is one of the more frightening documents that I have had the chance to read.

The information contained therein is so shocking and has so many implications that none of us have the balls to post it - And we're a ballsy lot.

One researcher saw an excerpt from the document and decided he couldn't read the rest. He refused to read the rest not because he doubted the veracity of the document, but because he had no doubts about it's veracity or provenance.

This document is on the internet somewhere, but I cannot point you to it. I do not have the courage and nor would I be so cruel. And No, it isn't here.

Originally posted by Exuberant1

What I can say is this - It has to do with mining the moon and deals with the amounts of certain lunar resources being delivered to places on earth and their respective prices. It shows who is involved and when - going back years before the first Apollo moon landing.

*I think it is fun to speculate about humans mining the moon, but perhaps it is not so fun when one finds out we are and who is involved.

Sorry I cannot say anymore than this but at least you now know such a document exists somewhere on the internet.


Here is a question for you:

Of all the companies/corporations on the Earth, which one would you least want to be involved with mining the moon?

I'm assuming it is, so what makes you think this HE3 came from the moon?

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posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 07:04 PM
Often when dealing with outrageous conspiracy theories it's not the conspiracies themselves that are the most interesting. What I find fascinating is the people and behavior associated with the conspiracy, for example when Zorgon posted this info on another forum not a single person questioned the amount of HE3 that was supposedly being mined from the moon and brought back to Earth in 1964. There was a lot of blind acceptance and pats on the back. That type of environment is perfect for someone wishing to establish their own mythos, but doesn't do much good for anyone in search of the truth.

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