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posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 05:07 AM
I wrote some writting/poetry during a ruff point in my life. I've shared my writings with a few people. Every person who has seen them have told that there pretty good. Tell me what you guys think. Here is an example of my work:

Broken Glass:

Stains me, you taint me, you hunt me.
Finding that thereís nothing to sustain me.
My tank is far past empty.
I find that thereís nothing that could satisfy.

Inside I feel the sickness of this pain.
Pain is ever present.
I canít escape it.
Being numb is not a option Iím willing to choose.

This world, the more I walk the colder it gets.
My limbs are frozen, burned so burned from this bitter cold.

I sold my self to something empty.
Your so affectionless, causes this mess to cause so much stress.
I couldnít confess these words to you in the past.

Tested, so very tested from this distress.
It shakes my very being.
Just being, just doing is sometimes hard to do.

Words on paper are memories, bitter memories of the tears Iíve tasted.
Itís the only way I know how to face this.
Yesterday may be gone but the past has taken me away.
Iím left with but a few bricks to build up again.

Check out some more of my writings here >>

posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 05:17 AM
Nice oconnection, I'm feeling the emotion. Thanks for the link I will have a read


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