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I want to leave The United States of America, I've had it.

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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by EnhancedInterrogator

I think you missed teh point..?

2nd: for 2nds sake...
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 08:46 AM
I hope everybody understands that we are at war... I mean, I hope
the ATS community has had this mind set the past several years.

I know I have.

this is my war cry for Friday Morning: Raise Up!!!

thanks for all the feedback guys... Can't believe this thread took off.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 08:52 AM
I've realized I'd be a fool to leave this great Nation...

my country needs me... and if we go down... we all go down together.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by Tephra

heck yeah screw the meek!!

after we destroy the power elites, we will then turn to the "meek" who enabled TPTB thru sheeple lifestyles and sat WTF? you like being oppressed great, go wash my car!!

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by Pervius

It's illegal to homeschool your kids.

To say that Germany is repressive because of this shows ignorance as to why it is illegal to homeschool your children. To put it simply, the German school system is set up differently than the American because of this, homeschooling just is not possible.

Prostitution is legal, they were going to refuse to pay people unemployment if they refused to become prostitutes which is a valid job over there.

What? lol

Guns are illegal,

I think the hunter-forester guy that lives behind me that carries his gun to work every day would be surprised to know that guns are illegal. The shooting club down the street from me might be surprised to learn this as well.

only the rich can get a measely pathetic hunting rifle when they plop down mega dollars.

No, I could get one if I decided that I wanted one and joined the hunting or shooing clubs.

They pay heavy taxes, think it's half of their pay.

Just like in America, it varies from income to income. The people that make gagillions of euros pay something like 40%.

They have even worse spine surgeons than America. I read a story of an American couple that were over there and they operated on the guys wife over there...really butchered her up and disabled her. She's barely alive right now.

Since you're answering the question about how Germany is more repressive, I have to wonder how this shows repressiveness. That aside, if you're trying to show how medical is worse over here, this is a silly way to try and prove that. Maybe the surgeon messed up; you know, like American doctors do too from time to time.

Back in the early 1990's I stopped at a truck stop on the autobahn to buy a quart of oil, our car's oil light came on. $20 for a quart of oil.

I remember paying more than I would have liked at gas stations in America for oil that I would have liked. Maybe the first clue as to why the oil was expensive was that you stopped at a place on the Autobahn. Haven't you noticed that things are more expensive near the interstate?

To pay for college German girls will park their cars along the road and leave their dome lights on. That means pull over and for a few bucks you can get sex. They are actually reading their college books when you stop. It's how they pay for college. You'd think in a Socialized world heavily taxed you wouldn't see that.

Is this a joke? The students in Germany pay considerably less for college than those in America. My wife pays 300€ a semester for her studies. When I start in the fall, I'll be paying 150€ per semester.

In Frankfurt we were walking the streets one night in the "Red Light District". We saw kids young as 12 shooting up with drugs right on the street and just standing there staring into nothing. People shooting up all over....meanwhile some guy walked out of a bar with a beer and the police beat him with a club and hauled him away. They didn't mess with the people shooting up with drugs.

American big cities have these problems too.

German TV is totally different. Top nudity on public tv. They kinda demean women over there, American women wouldn't put up with it.

While I don't like that there is nudity on TV over here after midnight, I wouldn't go as far as to say that what they show demeans women.

I got pulled over by the German Police...nice guys. You pay them on the spot. I asked if they would follow me 1 block to the ATM so I could get money...they agreed and followed me to the ATM and I took out money and handed it to them. They went away.

Silly repressive Polizei. By the way, paying on the spot isn't because they're corrupt or anything. You can just do that here. If you don't pay them on the spot, you get you're ticket in the mail.

My family fled Germany in the late 1800's. I got to spend 2 years there for my job in the early 90's. Beautiful place....but I see why my family fled. If you ain't in the clique over there you ain't into money. Kinda like how America is now.

I moved over here three years ago and it's not as "repressive" or bad over here as you think that it is.

Don't think they have a drinking age.

16 for beer, 18 for harder stuff.

They don't have an alcoholic problem over there either. Since it's not banned....the kids don't go crazy drinking it up.

The drunks that wander the trains and town squares will be glad to know that they don't have a drinking problem. The kids that really do go over board will be pleased to know that they're really not.

Plus they're all too poor to be alcoholics.

Too poor in Germany? Haha! Germany is the number one economy in Europe and is a major world exporter. The people make just as much money here as in America!

A bottle of Jack Daniels was $180. Levi Jeans were over $100 too. In the early 90's. Probably higher now.

Of course, you're going to pay more for imported things. But, no, it's cheaper now. A bottle Jack Daniel's is 13€. I haven't seen Levi's lately, but I can buy jeans for 10€ if I go to the right place.

Excellent food

I don't find the Big Mac as good.

They have a special holiday where the men wear a tie and they all go out. Married people all go out separate. It's a free-bee night and if a girl cuts your tie you get to take her home and have sex with her. Marriage doesn't apply on that Holiday...they all love it.

This is news to me.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by octotom

Let me explain it to you simple then since you simply don't get it: Germany and it's history and existence is an embarrassment and insult to civilized human beings. We wish you wouldn't and didn't exist. Understand now?
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 09:02 PM

Originally posted by Epiphron
reply to post by sylvie

Lots of great information, thanks for sharing that with us.

Argentina. THE place to go... I know many millionaires and multimillionaires, and this is where they all flock to right now.

Why is this? What makes Argentina a hotspot for the wealthy?

They say it's the most "European" country away from Europe, it's still pretty cheap to live in, the food and wine are great, and the government is not interfering much. You can find places there that are nearly ideal to live in: moderate temperatures year-round, fertile land, very long growing seasons, remote locations, with quaint little towns that are yet unspoiled (which of course probably won't last very long once the millionaires' clubs have settled there

From personal experience, it'd be easiest to get a foreign girlfriend and marry her, so you can live in her home country.

That sounds like a truly great plan, but there's one problem... How does one go about finding a foreign girlfriend?

Well, man, you gotta do a LITTLE bit of work yourself...

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by octotom
reply to post by Pervius

They have a special holiday where the men wear a tie and they all go out. Married people all go out separate. It's a free-bee night and if a girl cuts your tie you get to take her home and have sex with her. Marriage doesn't apply on that Holiday...they all love it.

This is news to me.

He's referring to Altweiber-Fastnacht (Old Hag's Night") in Cologne and Duesseldorf. It's the first day of Karneval, a kind of over-the-top Mardi Gras that lasts five days. (That's five days of around-the-clock partying and drinking.)

Usually there's only half a workday on Altweiber-Fastnacht; people come to work in costume and by noon everyone starts drinking and moving into the streets. There's music everywhere and the streets and pubs are so crowded that you have literally push your way in. Women bring scissors with them and are allowed to cut off the tie of any man (most guys know it and wear old ties, but some usually forget and have their fancy silk ties cut, ha-ha). Anyway, cutting the tie entitles the woman to a kiss, so you only want to cut the tie of a guy you like, not some old geezer on the street. However, it does NOT entitle anyone to a one-night stand or such (although those happen quite frequently).

It's somewhat true that it's a freebie day and night -- there are some couples that split up on Altweiber and the husband goes one place and the wife another, and it's like "What's happens on Altweiber stays on Altweiber." That doesn't mean that everyone does that, though, and there is certainly no OBLIGATION to sleep around.

But yes, generally he's right.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by ToppDog

Originally posted by Angelicdefender2012
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

...You will still have to pay taxes to the United States for up to 15 years or something like that...

I have not heard this before. How can they justify that if you have zero ties to the US anymore & your income is earned completely outside of the US economy?

I'm not clear H they justify it. But every US Citizen that leaves this country MUST pay taxes after they leave. It is a federal and in some instances state law.

See below....

Taxes on World Wide Income
U.S. Permanent Residents (green card holders) as well as U.S. Citizens must report each year their income earned anywhere in the world. That means your U.S. income tax return must include:

■Foreign dividends
■Rental Income Earned Abroad
■Foreign pension income
■Foreign capital gains or losses on stocks, bonds, real estate
■Foreign royalties
■All other foreign income

Due Date of Tax Return
If you have your personal permanent residence is abroad on April 15th of any year, you get an automatic extension to file your tax return for the previous calendar year until June 15th. If you need more time, you can file several further extension requests which can extend the due date of your tax return until October 15th. If you owe taxes, and fail to pay the estimated taxes in by April 15th, you will be subject to interest and penalties for that underpayment. However, those penalties are not as severe as those imposed for failing to file your tax return in a timely manner. It is therefore wise to always file an extension if you are going to file your return later than April 15th, even though you do not have the money to pay your estimated taxes at that time.

Avoiding U.S. State Taxes
Do not assume just because you moved out of the U.S. that your previous state of residence has no claim on taxing your income. Many states such as California, Virginia, New Mexico and South Carolina make it very difficult to give up your "tax domicile" in the state and require that you file state income tax returns (and pay the tax) even if you do not move back until years later. Some of the criteria that a state looks at to determine if you are a resident for state income tax purposes includes your driver license, if you register to vote there, if you maintain an address there, the location of your bank accounts, if you own or rent real property there, the license plates on your cars, and if you still receive utility bills in that state. There are many other factors used by state taxing agencies to determine if you are a resident, but they are too numerous to mention here. You must be careful to reduce or eliminate all indices of residency or your previous state of residency in the U.S. will come after you for state income taxes. You must carefully plan your departure from your previous home state both reviewing the laws and taking the actual steps necessary to prove to that state you no longer have a "tax domicile" there after you move abroad. If you do not, the taxes, penalties and interest later assessed by that state can be huge.

You do have to continue to pay taxes in a state if you receive rental income there or receive income from a trade or business located there, even if you are no longer a resident. Investment income such as from stock sales, dividends, and interest are not subject to state tax unless you live there. Pensions are no longer taxable in the state in which you earned the pension if you permanently leave that state.
What About Returns Which Were not Filed for Years You Lived Abroad?
Though not required to by law, the IRS currently allows an expatriate to file past tax returns which were erroneously not previously filed and claim the foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits as if the returns had been filed on a timely basis. That usually means most delinquent expatriates who file past returns owe little taxes or interest after claiming those benefits. It can easily be determined if returns are owed for past years by ordering a transcript from the IRS. This can be done by a tax professional without triggering any inquiry from the IRS concerning the taxpayer.

Offers in Compromises and Payment Plans
If one of the reasons you are living abroad is that you owe the IRS or state taxing agencies Offer in Compromise programs which may allow you to settle the balance owed for pennies on the dollar. When you do owe back taxes, the amount owed increases at a fast pace due to interest and penalties and therefore can get very large compared with the original amount of tax owed. In order to make an offer in compromise you must file returns for all of your past tax years

Many delinquent taxpayers have through the use of an offer in compromise settled with payments of anywhere from 10% to 50% of the total amount owed. The IRS statistics show that in the past 25 percent of the Offers in Compromise have been accepted and that the average compromise was 18 percent of the total amount due. The entire process usually takes three to six months and requires filing financial information with the IRS and the required forms. You can make an offer which allows you to pay off the amount agreed over a period of time. The IRS very recently released new regulations which will increase the number of offers in compromise its accepts and allows taxpayers to claim hardship as a reason for the Offer.

Here is the link:

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 09:08 AM
I can't speak for the rest of Europe, but don't move to England. It is honestly horrible. People here are looking for things to complain about all of the time. They want the government to pull miracles out of their ass to satisfy them. Most of the people here have nothing more important in their lives than watching soaps or watching p0rn.

I've never been to the US, but it can't be as bad as this hellhole.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 10:43 AM
If you are US citizen, a good financial planner can help you dodge the tax on overseas income.

1. Move to a state with no state income tax (TX, FL, etc.). stay 3 months and become a resident.

2. Set up a pass-through limited liability company, doing business overseas. Hire yourself as its business manager. Pay yourself a paltry wage.

3. Set up a second pass-through limited liability company, to provide "concierge service." This LLC owns housing and vehicles and provides them for the executives working for LLC #1. They charge LLC #1 so much that it barely makes a profit, and store the rest in a foreign bank, as either a life insurance policy on you (which matures at retirement) or retirement investment account (which is pre-tax). You periodically "borrow" money from the LLC, using the retirement or insurance policy as collateral....

The rich do this stuff all day long. It's funny that people get so bent out of shape over this; the rich don't seem to complain all that much. You simply need the right corporate structure, and suddenly you have MORE RIGHTS than a regular citizen in ANY western democracy.

It's not expensive either. One of the reasons my state (Texas) created HALF of all the new jobs in the USA last year is because it only costs $200 dollars to file as an LLC here, and you can do it from out of state.

So, for less that 500 bucks, and the signatures of about 5 relatives or trusted friends, you can basically zero out the income it will take for your big expenses, like house, car, vacations, etc. You'll still have basic income tax. But if your "employer" provides your house and your car, plus your utilities, you barely need any pay at all; which means a very low taxable income.

This is what the rich do. I think there's even a thread on ATS where I gave more details. I used to work with those folks all day, and you can run a business based on providing this service for the wealthy. All the major banks do. I'll see if I can find the thread; it was called something like "do the rich pay their bills? or something....

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by dr_strangecraft

Yep, here it is:

Do the Illuminati pay their bills?

My response is forth from the top. I was thinking primarily of privacy and lawsuit determent, but the same tactics can be tweaked to "minimize taxes owed."

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

although, Australia has many benefits one being very much like America. the food takes some getting use to. I hope you like bland - flavorless crap - or sea food, sheep is also on the menu.. yuck. but the kangaroo taste like stringy beef. North is Tropical and South is chilly cold. a place to get lost... look up Townsville .
New Zealand is also acceptable location. rural and peaceful. Auckland is about as good as it gets there.

If your in your twenties and un married - good - Asia is where you want to go, play ground for the sexually active.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:16 AM
Certainly not an unreasonable decision, but make sure to do a lot of preparations before departing. I've thought along these same lines, and still plan on leaving eventually, but in all honestly I've decided to continue to save, and flip it a few times through this depression. In any which swing, up or down, you can bank. I've decided that the best way to start up in another country and easiest way to attain permanent citizenship into a good estate is to bring enough funds to start up a company. What's cool about this is you can simply take your current local culture, and migrate a niche or two into the new estate. Easy monies

I plan on ditching out last second before ww3, however long the game can keep on playing through without that card showing up. Because of the future global terrain, having a very fluid mindset and plans of action are essential. Don't get holed up in one location unless you have a very good thing going. I think it will be best to let the major powers duke it out, and to pick an estate that doesn't have much of a global role, yet is still pretty well self-sustainable. Not sure what that is at this point, or when I may be departing, but it's certainly something to take into consideration.

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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 12:27 PM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

Click here for more information.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by Liberterius

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the f*ck ugly face of ignorance.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 01:33 PM
Don't feed the troll.

Staff is already alerted.
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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

Doomsday, I live in Germany/France and it's exactly the same situation here. Like the first reply said, all you're going to do is replace one group of sheep for another...

It's not just the United States, it's the whole planet which is like this, populated by escapists.

We've created a world for ourselves which we continuously try to escape - why live in a world from which you spend all of your waking life escaping? And then can't wait till you can finally fall asleep so you become surrounded by dreams of something surreal, to try to avoid, even if it feels like just a few moments, the routine slavery we're forced to carry out day in and day out?

Through movies, music, TV, drugs, video games, the internet, we create a virtual reality for ourselves which makes us momentarily forget the blandness of this confusing, and therefore very misunderstood, existence.

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by Techy

And an ignorant f--k like you is one to lead us to truth. No, you are the face of ignorance, paranoia and mis-information. I bet your parents are proud. Mine were when I graduated Pure Math with minor in Physics. But you please do explain it all from your moms basement.......

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 01:18 AM
Status-quo is the norm, or Life on ATS.

What goes on, on this site? I find this to be typical: Someone has a problem, an experience, or an otherwise ‘out of the box’ thought, and posts it on this alternative site. The pattern is this: their post is assaulted by a host of debunkers and dis-info agents, some would be sincere, and some are probably paid…. “Get back in the box!” We can’t tolerate you being outside the box!

Of course, there are always a small percentage of posters who agree with what was said by the OP. Being this is an alternative site, this is typically a lot smaller percentage than I would have expected.

You have, on great occasion, the unexpected post- not thought about before, say in 5 pages of a thread… no-one before has mentioned it. It is totally out of the blue, and gives the subject a whole new perspective due to the light shown on it. These posts are pretty cool, and is one good reason why I like to visit this site.

Then you have the Christian response (of which I am one). They go on and usually mention Jesus… which you should take heed (although a lot of people don’t, to their peril). Jesus is the only answer to most or all of the problems posted on this board.

For example, your post about leaving the US. What would Jesus do? Jesus went about doing good. He lived in a country that was occupied by the Romans. Somehow, someway, it didn’t come up hardly at all. Yes He was crucified by the Romans. They were the tool. The Sanheidran- ruling Jewish people of that day, were the true instigators. Jesus lived His life and did His ministry regardless of Romans or no Romans. For your dilemma: Pray about leaving the US. It may be a good thing for you, or not.

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