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Immigration DID lower our wages!

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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by byteshertz
He is not blaming the immigrants - he is blaming his country for letting them in - as you said " for the mess you've all allowed yourselves to get into " - the OP is expressing his displeasure to his representatives for not looking after what was in the best interests of the citizens at the time.

So blaming the gov for letting them in is not blaming the immigrants? My points got nothing to do with representatives. IF people had not accepted, and supported, the exploitative system of capitalism, and tried to install a system that benefits the majority of American workers, then immigration would not be a problem. IF we had helped Mexico also install a fair labour system, instead of supporting capitalism and the exploitation of Mexico, then the workers there wouldn't need to look elsewhere for work.

I believe if you check the OP this is regarding britain not America - but either way he has a right to complain, he says has been against this for a long time - and now has the people in power admitting they messed up.

OK I jumped the gun on that, but the situation is the same. It's years of British Imperial rule that created half the problems in the countries they get immigrants from. Again capitalist exploitation comes home to roost.

Wow youre a nasty peace of work - this guy (the OP) expresses his fundamental right to complain that his people are losing work because too many foreigners are being let in to his country, and is showing his frustration that he has been saying this for a long time but only now his government is admitting they messed up. He feels his representatives have not represented him but somehow you apply his complaint to a different country - and you go as far as labeling him a socialist.

ANOK I think you misstyped the second letter of your name.
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Scuse me?

I didn't label him a socialist LOL. I AM A SOCIALIST, it's not a dirty word my dear. I was asking people to thank your socialist friends for the labour movement, that ensured that American workers had better wages and working conditions than other countries that didn't have a strong labour movement. Most people don't even realize that if it wasn't for left wing socialist types you would all now be trying to run the border to Canada for work.

Before you call someone nasty please learn to comprehend. Immigration is not the problem, whether they're let in or not, it's the exploitative system of capitalism (The private ownership of the means of production) in their country, and in your own, that is the problem.

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posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 01:09 AM
Wages are suppressed on Guam because the military brings in H-2 workers.

Obama's bringing in 33,000 H-2 workers to do his Billions in construction for the Guam Military Build Up. Too bad you American's cant get those jobs eh? They've suppressed wages on Guam for decades.

In the 1980's-1990's there used to be big Fiesta's every weekend on Guam. People had good paying Civil Service jobs and used their money to host village Fiesta's. Now there's no Fiesta's. DOD got rid of the Civil Service jobs and used cheapo contracted labor now. All are near minimum wage. Hawaii's Defense Contract workers make $35 an hour and get $22 an hour in "Fringe Benefits".....yet the poor saps on Guam get $7-11 bucks and thats it. And they have the highest cost of living of any US Soil. Most expensive electricity, most expensive gas, most expensive new US automobiles......America's been robbing them blind.

Then again DOD's been going on the cheap. The F-22 hangars in Alaska were built by illegal immigrants, somehow smuggled past Canada's border guards...right. They were likely flown in. The Veterans Affairs Hospital in Florida is using illegal immigrants to build it instead of Americans. Guess they're using their Billions saved to buy off Dictators around the world/ embezzle themselves Billions Americans used to get in wages.

We're poor because of their war plan. We're being robbed.

posted on Mar, 26 2011 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by James1982
when you say hand it over, your relay saying taking it from you....LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS DID FROM THE NATIVES INDIANS.....I like when people think this is their land to begin with.....your a GUEST HERE just like everyone else! This country never belonged to the Europeans they just stole it from the natives. O'h by the way my heritage is European..................

posted on Mar, 26 2011 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by James1982

By the way pinhead, 45 percent of Mexicans are white...... You don't want to come off as a racist, but you sure think like one!.....i would respect you allot more if you just came clean!


posted on Mar, 26 2011 @ 04:30 PM

Originally posted by James1982
People talk as if Immigrants taking citizen's jobs is a myth. How is this possible? If an illegal immigrant is working, they are working in a position, that in their absence, would be filled by a citizen. It is a fact they are taking jobs from us. And doing so illegally.

You are quick to blame the immigrant but who is doing the hiring?

Americans just like you mate. So why do you not say anything about the employers.

Be honest, if America was in the situation Mexico was, and you couldn't make enough money to survive on, someone in Canada offered you a good job, would you not take it? Illegal or not, you would be taking a job a citizen could have. Illegal is irrelevant and just an excuse to hate.

I came to the US legally and took a job a citizen could have, what is the difference? Legal or illegal I still took a job a citizen who was born and raised here could have took.

Mexican nor American workers created this problem, the owners of the means of production did, we the people should be on the same side, we are all suffering the same problems, WE are not our enemy, the owners of the means of production who play us like fools are the ones we should be blaming, not each other. I know you've heard of divide and conqueror. Until we the people realise we are all in this together then nothing will ever improve for any of us, it will just continue to get worse.

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