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Do we have to do by example?

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 05:37 PM
This is not a video or any post meant to get any stars .
Just an observation.I am looking at activities in the middle east as you are.
And I see posturing and pressure into another's country . I do understand who have put those in power.
But we must realize that the sheeple are waking up.
All of these countries have been working to help the rich get richer.
Now they see what a bunch of sheeple they have been led.

And they look at the USA and what do they see? The same thing.
Now how stupid can we be? To stand up for the rights of other countries while our own is stuck in the same thing. Is this fair or do the bankers lead the world?

Please in the name of humanity , wake up! Only one race of hominids live here and we should be able to be us, Friends, communities. We only have one shot at this , and helping , are all one and our life belongs to everyone! Countries together as we advance to a higher stage of evolution. If you feel this and care about this please reply. But if you are a troll an d want to gum this up then karma will apply!

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