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10-minute' flash riot targets Seattle police over shooting

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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by imitator

Actually I used the term anarchist because it was used in the article. I was quoting the article. Hence the quotation marks. If you had read and paid attention you would know that. If you had read all of my posts and paid attention you would know where I stand on the issue of the cop.

So, pay attention and answer my questions before screaming troll. Also learn something about the hiring process for police officers. He was not hired by the community. He went through an aplication process with a recruiter. He then had an interview. After that interview he sat with a review board of senior officers. He then had to pass a polygraph and psych test. So, the community had nothing to do with it. He was hired strictly by the police department under guidelines set forth by the state. Does that mean that they should burn the whole state?

You call me a troll, yet you run off at the mouth like a key board commando. Yeah burning down the whole town is a great response to the actions of one person. Next time somebody is raped or murdered in your town, burn it down. I mean you let them live and work there. You must support their actions.

Just a little history lesson. Scalping is a European American thing and not primarily a Native American thing. It was in many ways a response to the bounty placed on "indian scalps." There was an issue with varmints destroying crops and causing an anoyance. So, the colonist placed a bounty on the hides of all varmints. Soon there after the scalps of Natives were added to the list because they were an anoyance and hinderance to expansion. There is only minimal evidence that points to scalping in certain areas of North America pre colombian contact. Mainly starting around the mid fourteenth century.

However the inhabitants of EurAsia were doing it before 440 BC. Western Europeans were getting in on the fun by the 9th century.

Grow up and act like an intelligent adult.
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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by nunya13

Just because someone doesn't agree with you does not make them a troll. Mike was very calm in his reasoning......

Has nothing to do about agreeing with someone or how calm they are.
For example: MikeNice81 comment "you have trouble with reading and comprehension" is straight from the Troll bible, it's called trolling.

Another troll tactic is tell someone "Grow up and act like an intelligent adult." Another tactic is history lessons using the white man version, with lies etc. lol

I hope your not his sock account.... but anyways, I should not be responding to him and his off topic TROLL garbage.

You say that the people deserved to have their buildings defaced because the cop murdered someone and impled they were somehow complicit.

Yes, their buildings deserved to be defaced with the word HELL, and the town should be painted red.

If someone murders someone in my neighborhood, does that mean the surviving family has the right to break in my windows in protest because of my proximity to the crime and inability to convince a jury to convict the perpetrator to my liking?

Not the same, this is about abuse of power, corruption and dictatorial prosecutors. If your neighborhood elected corrupt officials that have ruling impunity... Then Yes break out all their windows!!!

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