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Alex Jones Rant + Flobot Handlebars

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 11:05 AM
With all the excitement from the Alex Jones' Justin Bieber rant, it made me remember this older Alex Jones rant that I put over the flobots "handlebars" video. All I'm gonna say is this video may cause seizures in more ways than one

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 12:07 PM
Some interesting 'synchronicity' moments:

0:05: Alex Jones says "don't call me a weirdo" right when the protester with the mask furrows his brow
0:13: "I know the bankers are putting poison in our food and water" right when the black clouds take over the sky, as if it symbolizing the globalists takeover of the world
0:17: "I know we're under war powers act" when the cameras are monitoring the city
0:20: "I know they're carrying out new world order" when the cameras red light focuses on the main protester.
0:22: "I know they staged those terror attacks" when the crowd of people begin their march towards the president, symbolizing the collective anger boiling over
0:26: "go passed the peer pressure" right when a cop raises his baton to smash a protester.
0:35: "Psychotic killers" right when a cop is shown with wide eyes looking at the horror he caused
0:37: "You b-- will probably end up killing me one day" right when a protester gets shot
0:40: "You know what it's like knowing you ruined my life" right when they show a close up of the cop's eyes in disbelieve
0:42: "I'm tired of your crap" when the bottles get thrown at the police and the protesters get angry
0:48: "We're standing up against you" when the lead protester narrows his eyes
0:55: "Some of us wont' make it personally through this" right when the main protester goes down, symbolizing Alex Jones? But he also says "some of us will", so it keeps you guessing.
1:00: Alex goes on a rant about CPS kidnapping children while the two kids on a bike ride past with the lyrics "I can ride my bike with no handlebars" in the background
1:06-end: Seizure moment! Black bars go crazy as Alex finishes his seething rant. "God is gonna deal with you!"

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