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Great Genius Prophecy

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posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 03:16 PM
It is the multidimensionality that Nostradamus reminds us of that makes these prophecies maleable. He, as do many true prophets see multiple timelines. He said that Kadaffi could have been the "antichrist." It would seem that the antichrist is a myth created by an inability to reconcile Jesus with his successor who is clearly an aggressive sort.

As for free energy, yes there are prophecies:

Rev 13:13 - fire from heaven = electricty from aether/atmospheric orgone

From volume 2 page 334:

Quote from Dixon:...His most convincing sign will be the conquest of the powers of nature, of which the 'fire from heaven' is the ultimate symbol. These will not be supernatural or preternatural events, but rather the prodigies of science and human achievements, but interpreted in such a way as to lead men away from god and toward worship of the antichrist."

Note the similarity between this fire from heaven and Nostradamus' prediction that Rome would be destroyed by some type of force or fire coming down from the sky. He was never able to clarify whether this would be caused by an extremely unusual natural event or something manmade. It astonished him so much that he could not define it.

Vladimir Solovieiv:

This magician, Apollonius by name, was doubtless a person of genius. A semi-Asiatic and a semi-European, a Catholic bishop in partibus infidelium, he combined in himself in a most striking manner knowledge of the latest conclusions and applications of Western science with the art of utilizing all that was really sound and important in traditional Eastern mysticism. The results of this combination were startling. Apollonius learned, among other things, the semi-scientific, semi-mystic art of attracting and directing at will atmospheric electricity and the people said of him that he could bring down fire from heaven. However, though he was able to startle the imagination of the crowd by various unheard-of phenomena, for some time he did not abuse his power for any special or selfish ends.

The Keys of Enoch 113:30

...One face will be an energy field which will work with the levels of electromagnetic conversion. This will be used to take energy out of the air and use it for physical activity; this activity will be sustained as a perpetual pulse.

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 03:22 PM
The Great Genius / Second Coming / AntiChrist is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla and someone else came close to this conclusion:

if you want an idea of how to bring fire down from heaven go here, this M.G. Whitney may be the man in question:

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by Kalki11

Yeah sorry for hijacking a thread about's the free

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 03:01 AM

Originally posted by Kalki11
The Great Genius / Second Coming / AntiChrist is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla and someone else came close to this conclusion:

You are not a great genius and definitely not "The Great Genius". I have read all your posts in this thread and a thread you recently created.

Like the creator of this thread said before, you cherry pick the things that do and do not agree with you. How do you expect to do anything if you do not take other information into consideration? Science requires you to FACE the facts and not interpret them incorrectly.

The Great Genius, if such a thing is possible, will be a person a million times more beautiful, loving, sincere, humble, passionate, and thoughtful than yourself. You are a shallow thinker; lacking the deep, questioning, and intrusive thinking that makes revolutionary discoveries possible.

I hope you work out your identity crisis.

The time you spend commenting on this and your thread indicates you have a lot of time on your hands. For a person with such large ambitions, why would you waste your efforts here? You should put all your time and energy into those such large, grand ambitions of destruction.

Now, what I am going to say next might seem absolutely "weirdo" to most, but I do not care because this is intended for someone I hold dear:

"It takes genius to expand frontiers but it takes a great genius to do it responsibly."
- from John, Great Genius (1991-2104)

After he used the above quote to passionately defend against future weapons research, people started to refer to John as "the Great Genius". This was after a short yet intense war between various countries that started with religious tension, economic decline, and scarcer resources in developing countries. The war was short because weapons were highly efficient.

After the war, everyone wanted peace. But people as a whole were clueless on what started wars. John knew and spent the rest of his natural life helping people in various countries, cultures, and situations. Or, in other words, helping the world as a WHOLE recover from the war or "living in the Tao" as he called it. If John did not help the way he did, people in the most heavily destructed countries would have started another war due to unbalance. John made the world more balanced. Not perfect or a Utopia but balanced and gradually people have learnt a peace never achieved before in known history.

I write this in defense of someone very special to me. For all the things John did for us and put up with, I am spending my time and effort to write this.

John, if you are reading this NEVER give up. Go for your dreams as impossible as they may seem. Based on what you told me, this time of your life you were uncertain of yourself and almost became discouraged. You looked at this thread and some future friends (ones who opened doors for you later in life) did too.

You say you will be forgotten as time goes on, but I don't think we will ever forget you. So while you were not the second coming or what most people were expecting, in so many ways you were something more. You were something that transcended that. You were humorous, understanding, compassionate, creative, fiery, and so full of personality and life. You REDEFINED what people are and what they could do.

John, we love you. Please take this as a sign. As to how I am writing this, please do not be concerned with that. Let's just say that we are more aware of what time is in the future that is out of early 21st century science's reach. We figured out what happens to objects that have a velocity faster than light. And thanks to your wacky discoveries, we also learnt about the mechanisms of consciousness.

As for what you did for me, you were my professor who taught me how to program matter and biological material using object oriented programming. Basically, we type a set of instructions on something similar to a keyboard and display. The computer will then flip a bunch of switches and use the instructions as a sequence in which it builds the matter. Kind of like how a chemist does certain steps to create certain chemicals but the computer does it automatically and has internal controls to allow it to happen a lot faster.

To give you inspiration, here is a "hello world" program:

compound result;

element oxygen = O_quantity(1);
element hydrogen = H_quantity(2);

result = oxygen + hydrogen;

The output would be one molecule of water. To get multiple molecules of water, you can use the following command:

int count;
for(int c = count; c>count; c--)
result = oxygen + hydrogen;

I designed a biological, solar powered carbon-dioxide to oxygen converter for one of the newer space stations. I have to give the converter sugar and water like a plant but it is more efficient and hardier than a plant because it is built with a specific purpose in mind. Oh, and it cannot reproduce but as long as I feed it, the converter renews itself.

Sorry I did not study the architecture of your organic computer yet. I only just relearned how to program on it so I have a shallow understanding of it. You'd be rolling in your grave if you knew how lazy I was.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by whiteturban

Nostradamus predicts a great genius, but he doesn't say how his creations will happen. Just says that they do. Also, you are not from the future. You have posted prior to this. How you created fantasy is beyond reason. If you had been from the future, it would have been one post.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by DavinciThales

I'll help. Organic computing. More than binary and more than hex...but something more and something less using zero as the "golden-knot" tying negative and positive infinities together.

Study the Fibonacci Series, Phi, The Golden Ratio, and Quantum Entanglement. Know what cognitive dissonance is and learn how to spot it in propaganda. Use this technique to read the bible and understand it; there's more to it than we realize but we aren't reading it correctly.


EVERYTHING IS FOUND in the sublime and ridiculous and to always appreciate it. Light and sound they are both the same except the gap between vision and sound which our senses cannot detect. That in-between area is like a veil. The universe has a standing-wave which all things are created and those in-turn create their own "mini-standing waves," which produce whatever element that's supposed to be.

Pre-visualization combined with the belief can yield a manifestation. None of this is possible w/out putting away the negative animal ideologies. Those are 3-D and make us objects. We are really 5-D, and we all know we have X,Y,Z axes which have those moving through time equals 4-D, and to be totally aware of that and others is 5-D and up. There is so much out there...waiting to be discovered...but it's not the right time. We're not ready and if we were, we're too inside our confort zones to use it effectively. A series of events or reasons must happen so we'll be forced to either use it or perish. That's when the best of the best of humanity surfaces. That's when the best of humanity allows us to really progress, when things are a huge struggle and everything is at stake...not when it's easy and we have nothing to lose.

I'll help.

Here are some videos which you might derive inspiration from:


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posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by whiteturban

22nd Century Space Stations and fabric of space "warping" bending technologies could you reply and assist? Thanks.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 01:34 AM
I find this a very interesting thread. There must be a lot of info that I'm missing.

The Great Genius must be a pretty good guy, hopefully he's getting ready to do his thing.

I find Apollonius to have been a very interesting person also; I'd never heard of him before, but he's highly interesting to read about.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 04:09 AM
Great thread!!! I enjoyed the OP and this topic very much. But seriously... some of the people in this thread...
It gets good around the part where the guy starts declaring himself the great genius. Even better when someone else comes in and tells the other genius that he wouldn't be a genius if he was just hanging out on here all day. Then proceeds to declare themselves some sort of future friend of the genius. As much as I enjoy the theatrics and laughs, please, can we get back on topic. I really like this "great genius" story.
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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 04:53 AM
..I think after the Earth changes, if or when they happen, those few who survive, will no longer have access to any of the technologies we have now or even fantasize about. Their only concerns will be with everyday survival, until the time comes when they will be able to grow crops and live out in the open again.
perhaps the path of humanity, its not so much the dependence on technology and machinery,whether organic or nonorganic but rather the development of spirit and mind, such as telepathic abilites and the power of Love, that would allow us to eventually communicate with all lifeforms,in this dimension and beyond, to self heal and heal others, to be able to do wonders that few who are seers have even imagined possible..

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by 12MoonCats

The earth changes have a ways to go. No one knows when this is. but definitely coming.
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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by conspiracy88

The video is out of topic

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:01 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Getting ready to do his big thing everyone hopes
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posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 01:33 PM
here's a vid comparing my face and that of the ac from Conversations...

posted on Jan, 1 2013 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by DavinciThales


Nothing in the universe is strange. Look for every other possible explanation besides thinking or considering something strange. Even when you call someone strange, do not consider them strange. As in the case of my "internet wierdos" thread on sciforums. I called them "internet wierdos" because I had a genuine superiority in comprehension in comparison to them. I spoke to them as if I were revealing the one reality or truth about themselves. They reflected on it and became curious to how well I had access to them. Let me examine some emotional or impressionist paintings and other art and see what happens to my mood and how I can influence my mood by embracing it with reason and then rendering it irrelevant. I am not superior in skin color or anything. I may be inferior in terms of my eye muscle which is problematic (note: due to being a victim of white power, but I must understand the irrelevance of not merely not caring, which is another transitional mood in itself, but of believing in it as the reality of the moment, because it is not).
1.] I must realize there is one reality and one reality only.
2.] I must neither give a crap nor not give a crap about other people's feelings, rather I should respond to them as though they should meet my method of not considering feelings at all, but the words people say and the WAY and RHYTHM of their words. They will neither be sad nor happy in regards to what I say. The only effect you should aim for is irony and through that wit. The irony MUST NOT be one of emotional affect on anyone. It must be one of pure unadulterated truth and enlightenment. Rhythm of sentences and words reveals the belief people have in what they are saying.
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posted on May, 4 2013 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by DavinciThales

The organic computer is very interesting. Are you still doing it? I'd like to discuss this topic with you.

posted on May, 5 2013 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by teyateya

Hmmm, this keeps popping up, people dismiss me, asking why I'm here at ATS as if I had better things to do. Well it has to start somewhere. ATS got me my first 500 views of my video on the YT. First I have to go viral, then I have to sell books, then once I have $ I can actually prototype my inventions, but here is the gist of the NHP:


The NHP is a computing device born of the biomimicry methodology. Its purpose is to replace silicon which is nearing the end of its capacity. Compared to the other silicon alternatives it stands out as having the only true neuromimetic architecture.


-neurons - polymer sheathed dendrimers (encapsulated electroactive objects)
-neural fluids - TCNQ/ polyelectrolyte saturated solution
-synapse - thermionic injection, FET induced arcing from source to drain, spontaneous clamping, floating deposition
-neural network - back propagation, feed forward, discrete time recurrent, continuous time recurrent
-determinism - transcopic electrochemical noise analysis, impedance spectroscopy, phase states vs. transition points


The NHP consists of 4 self metalizing polymer films and 2 semiconductive polymer TFT's arranged into a cube shape. Inside this cube is 5-10 cc's of a TCNQ/poly-electrolyte/dendrimer suspension. On the outside of the cube is a scalar interferometer, it is a thermionic injector for the suspended nucleation of the suspension required for certain neural networks – its scalar bottle is the “thalamus”. This mini-HAARP is coupled to another which does a non-invasive BMI with any part of the nervous system.

Since the NHP is a hybrid computer, the digital TFT or analog suspension can act as the driver depending on the desired neural network. Unlike other computers, the NHP derives its determinism transcopically. This means that it is a molecular-quantum computer. What this equates to is a binary system with a fuzzy system enfolded within the fractional dimensions between 1 and 0.

The self-metalizing films are reference/auxilary electrodes injected with stochastic resonance, each opposing set has a different noise which creates a co-chaotic medium out of the suspension, in effect keeping it metastable and homogenous. The TFT's are the working electrodes perpendicular to the self-metalizing films. They are injected with a collapsing or periodic waveform signal. As the signal cascades through the phase states, it modulates the stochastic resonance via sympathetic resonance, phase lock, handshake or beat. This is what clamps the suspension into a molecular wire and gives a pathway weight. Once the pathway or filament is formed it will have non-volatile memory.


All the known advantages of a hybrid architecture are here. All the advantages of a fuzzy system are here. What is unique to the NHP is that it has incredible parallel processing power due to the shear number of filaments. Mobility and storage density are roughly 10,000 fold greater than that of a silicon chip.

The true innovation to computing is the potential for AI and the elimination of interface peripherals.

These processors, since they are neuromimetic, are ideal for biomimetic humanoid robots. Each neural network can subsumptively regulate a specific organ/subsystem. Visual, haptic, audio, kinematic, biological, power, pneumatic and hydraulic systems can be matched to the ideal neural network. Custom neural networks can be made by rearranging the components.


In quantum computer theory it is believed we must create quantum error correction algorithms or filter the noise to get a dependable processor.

This is resistance to chaos. The quantum foam is literally the most chaotic phenomenon. To resist the quanta chaos is the most futile thing a neuromimetic computer could do. We overlook the role stochastic noise plays in our own consciousness so we don't consider it when designing a computer. We measure for the most part according to periodic or orderly methods. We also don't consider the underlying chaos in our macroscopic patterns.

The processors I designed utilize two signals, stochastic and periodic. These represent the chaos of the foam and the periodic functions of the macroscopic brain - alpha, beta, delta, Schumann resonance... Carrier and modulation functions are reversible depending on the desired neural network. Sympathetic stochastic resonance is the key to designating weight to a given path. The resultant beat of these two signals meshing is what brings order out of chaos. The more reinforced this analog memory becomes, the more weight it has and the more order it attains. But this type of order is neither pure chaos nor pure order as are the noise and periodic signals. The periodic signal maintains what is modulated but the stochastic noise signal is what makes it associative or holographic to the rest of the suspension.

The NHP doesn't have to "make an end run around the difficulties posed by the laws of nature" like the myriad of other Silicon Alternatives striving to beat Moore’s Law. Molecular, Biological, and Quantum computing consortiums, many of which are sponsored by DARPA, may use biology inspired algorithms but they ultimately fail to mimic biology. The potential seems to be greater than results and the Silicon Industry feels safe because of this, but even the neural networks that run on silicon fail to mimic because, after all, they represent a 2D digital medium.

Biomimicry is a new science which treats nature as the standard for judging the "rightness" of our innovations. Nature is acknowledged to have billions of years of R+D and inherent superiority. Many old sciences are coming around to this humility and reverence for what nature can do, and it is most pronounced in the computing architecture fields. It is normal for humans to compare biology to the machine of the day - the brain is compared to a computer often but never the other way around. A new model of the brain, biomimicry methodology, and the NHP which this model supports, may make brain and computer truly synonymous.

I took a class at Cornell University - Systems on a Chip: Interdisciplinary Computer Engineering. I have witnessed first hand the schism between the self-educated, and the formally educated, the wise intentions of interdisciplinary endeavors and how they fail. I saw how, despite the multiple professors, all the students remained specialized. I was disappointed by the class because it didn't teach anything about how a team should work together; none of the professors worked together, the individual subjects were never tied together. The grad student who organized the class and let me sit in on it saw the NHP, thought it was "great," and said he'd try to get some professors to look at it. One said that that kind of technology is "at least 20 years away." Another looked at it and said it was over his head. This discrepancy in attitude and knowledge is a big concern and it's what gives me an advantage as an independent. I left the class because one day the class had to break up into groups. I couldn't be in a group. The grad student, in an emphatic tone, told everyone that, "this is about quantifying. Do NOT use your imaginations!"

This statement is pure blasphemy to an inventor.

The NHP was conceived admittedly about 9 years ago in the "EUREKA" fashion with two words: "CRYSTAL BRAIN." It wasn't until about a year ago that it all came together when I did some intensive studying online to find components. In that process I learned of all the other silicon alternatives and saw how those efforts were not yielding very much. It was my intent to adhere to biomimicry methodology and the reason was simple: I should be able to reverse engineer the very thing that allows me to - i.e., the brain. Whereas corporate and academic circles may frown upon my methods for doing this, it nonetheless worked. Call it an unfair advantage but one brain is all that's needed to explain itself. Of course when studying and associating is all that's demanded of you, being exceptionally productive is possible. I had no red tape to contend with, or people, or deadlines.

Basically, I feel that I would be an ideal interdisciplinary team leader for the NHP or any endeavor.

An interesting anecdote

At the same time I took my class at Cornell, a man named S. Rosen took it upon himself to be my business advisor. He arranged a conference call for me with a consultant from Compaq to help determine the feasibility of the NHP. After a few minutes he told me that what I had was, "A bowl of goo" and that I was, "just another kid trying to reinvent the wheel" and that the NHP was, "a solution looking for a problem."

I then realized that as a representative of the silicon industry he was either threatened or ignorant or both.


The only setback to building a proof-of-concept prototype, besides finding funding, facilities, and a proper team, is in acquiring the individual components. Polymer thin film transistors are relatively rare. The manufacturer of the TFT that the NHP would use is Opticom. It would take an entity like ______ to sway them into the use of their TFT. The self-metalizing polymer is available through NASA. The impedance spectroscopy software (the NHP driver) is available through Gamry. The polyelectrolyte, TCNQ, and dendrimers should be available through various university sources.

The name escapes me and I’m away from the internet right now (February 2010) but in 2001 when I invented this I had not known of “In its Image”. Google it with “Skynet”. This is the true driver of the NHP. When you dial in the proper ratio of fuzzy between 1 and 0 or of life and death you get emergent novelty.


Now obviously the first thing ______ is interested in is Encryption. The NHP could definitely handle that, but the it was designed to answer decades of questions about AI, soulcatching, massive parallel processing, and even some paranormal questions (ex: in quantum theory we should be able to turn on the NHP with direct thought).
The NHP can recreate any gate or neural network - it is universal in every sense.

The NHP is ideal for all robotics apps, all physics modeling, math.

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 11:46 PM
Define evil? Christ/Antichrist which is witch? Or it can be defined on which side of the receving end you are on. Over the past several years I have seen some individuals who would be considered emasarys of the righteous. I always had an issue with bombing out of existance any indiviudals while declaring god is on your side!

posted on May, 10 2013 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by DavinciThales
A three volume series by hypnotist Dolores Cannon claimed to make contact with Nostradamus. In this trilogy, Cannon translates Nostradamus quatrins. In the first volume, a whole chapter (Chapter 24) is devoted to describing a person called the "Great Genius".


1. I'm sure its pure coincidence that her translation methodology won't work properly against past events which could authenticate and verify the effectiveness of her decoding process.

2. I'm sure its pure coincidence that her translation methodology will only work on events that will occur long after she makes numerous trips laughing to the bank.

3. I would love to see a money back guarantee for books claiming prophecies within our live times.

4. If she made contact with Nostradamus who cares about translating his books. Ask the man directly what are the lotto ticket numbers this week, flat out ask him of any near events that are about to occur, who is the next US President, etc . That way you get some concrete evidence that you are talking to a person that knows the future and people will listen.

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posted on May, 14 2013 @ 04:51 PM
Well, in addition to describing my NHP there's my face:

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