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House Budget Resolution Would Reshape National Energy and Climate Policy

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 05:59 PM

House Budget Resolution Would Reshape National Energy and Climate Policy m

H.R. 1 cuts more than $1 billion from the budget of the Department of Energy through the end of FY2011. While only a portion of DOE's activities support clean energy technology and innovation programs, an analysis by the Breakthrough Institute (where I am employed) estimates that the budget resolution would cut at least 17% from the budgets of the core DOE agencies most-engaged in energy innovation activities.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 05:59 PM
This is a very worrying article about how the new budget will sever large part of government-funded clean energy programs. Among those cut:

The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy who looks into alternative energy sources and their viability.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy who manages investments into new energy projects.

The Office of Science who is resposible for funding energy innovation research.

These are only 3 of the many different programs affected by this budget cut. This is a very disheartening step backwards by our government, in a time when oil is quickly showing itself to be overpriced and outdated. m
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 06:10 PM
It just leaves the entrenched energy industries firmly in control, with no progress in alternative energies for the foreseeable future.We'll still be stuck with coal and gas and all this fracking nonsense while other nations take the lead in renewable and sustainable energy production, all so these companies can keep their obscene profit margins.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by RockerDom

The only reasonable route at this point is Thorium micro nuclear Power plants. At an investment of $2500 per home for thirty to forty years of power I am all for it!

WInd and solar is useless except for special applications . Wind especially is nothing but a giant SCAM!

Thorium as a Secure Nuclear Fuel Alternative
The Basics

Thorium is a naturally-occurring fertile material – the only other one on earth besides natural uranium. Like uranium, 232-thorium can accept a slow neutron and transmute into a nuclear fuel, which then undergoes nuclear reactions, releasing enormous amounts of energy. The fissile material created is 233-uranium isotope. This thorium fuel cycle carries with it a number of important natural properties some of which contrast sharply with the uranium fuel cycle:

-At no point in the thorium cycle – from mining to waste – can fuel or waste products be used as bomb material in any way;

-The thorium fuel cycle is inherently incapable of causing a meltdown according to the laws of physics; in nuclear reactor parlance, the fuel is said to contain passive safety features;

-Thorium-based fuels do not require conversion or enrichment – two essential phases of the uranium fuel cycle that are exceedingly expensive, and create proliferation risk;

-Thorium fuel cycle waste material consists mostly of 233-uranium, which can be recycled as fuel (with minor actinide content decreased 90-100%, and with plutonium content eliminated entirely);

-Thorium-based fuels are significantly energy efficient;

-Thorium fuel cycle waste material is radiotoxic for tens of years, as opposed to the thousands of years with today’s standard radioactive waste;

-Thorium fuel designs exist today that can be used in all existing nuclear reactors;

-Thorium exists in greater abundance and higher concentrations than uranium making it much less expensive and environmentally-unobtrusive to mine;

These facts have many serious implications for the efficiency and security of energy delivery in the United States, and the world.

Some industry players, such as Toshiba, Hyperion Power Generation, and NuScale Power, think they have a better idea: small, distributed units designed to power the equivalent of a midsize town.

Glibly nicknamed "backyard nukes," these mini power plants don't require a lot of capital, and to hear their proponents explain it, they're safe too.

Hyperion, based in Los Alamos, N.M., is developing a system utilizing technology licensed from the famed Los Alamos National Laboratory that costs from $30 million to $50 million.

Hyperion CEO John "Grizz" Deal says that the entire plant, including the reactor and protective cabinet, will be about the size of a hot tub -- eight feet tall by five feet wide -- and will be available in late 2013.
0:00 /3:52Nuclear still waits for its moment

Neighborhood associations need not fret about tiny Three Mile Islands cropping up in their communities. The units are designed to be buried 15 feet or more underground. When the core needs refueling, the power company simply digs up the system and installs a new one. "It has very few moving parts, which means no operators are needed,"

Chemical & Enginering News


posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 10:03 PM
Same ol story... spend the money n wars, then claim we are 'broke' when it comes time to pay for domestic programs.

All on track to make America a third world former super power.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 10:19 PM

Originally posted by RockerDomThis is a very worrying article about how the new budget will sever large part of government-funded clean energy programs....This is a very disheartening step backwards by our government...

You think they don't have readily available means of clean, renewable energy already? the DOE and the EPA's main goals are depopulation, as it is with the rest of the federal government. I wonder how green you'll be when you starve and watch your kids starve due to these policies? Or maybe you'll / we'll freeze to death. Texas is already having regular blackouts due to federally-mandated retiring of power plants.

Obama Shuts Power Plants

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by grizzle2
Texas is already having regular blackouts due to federally-mandated retiring of power plants.

Obama Shuts Power Plants

Are you sure? The article you cite quite clearly states the Administration has prevented NEW power plants from being built.

The 'rolling blackouts' appear to be industry-instituted, much like the Enron Blackouts in California around 2000

Its what these companies do to create fake scarcity.

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 12:29 AM
That "Obama shuts power plants" is a garbage article, AJ goes off his rocker most of the time, I read him once in a great while, but 90% of the time he's just babbling in some delirium. They want to build new coal and gas plants so they can keep us locked into that form of energy.

Blackouts aren't caused by Obama, we just had a big one, caused by an Edison plant in Ohio that shut down the power grid from NY all the way into Canada. The Energy industry has got the government wrapped around it's little finger and will never allow alternative energies to be developed, not while they can bilk grandma Milly for her last dime. Oh yes, Grandma Milly was the affectionate term used by Enron as they plotted to screw over Californians in their twisted little scheme, the one cooked up by Bushes friend "Kenny Boy".

We pour 700+ billion a year into a bloated military, which just happens to be the world's largest consumer of oil and the number one customer of Big Oil, it's one hand washing the other. The last thing they want is cheaper or renewable energy, 'cause who'll profit then? They can only charge you so much for the delivery on their lines (then again, Enron did show you can do pretty good just with that alone...)

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