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Real Chinese Lantern

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 02:18 PM
Well... I seen alot of videos of UFO´s where debunkers are quick to call em chinese lanterns where I completly disagree... well enough rant, here is some beutiful sky lanterns for you, I dont think they are cgi


Lanterns have been a prominent part of Chinese culture for centuries. They were used by the military to send messages and warnings. Traditionally, they were hung in doorways to ward off evil spirits. Today, they remain a symbol of Chinese culture and celebration. The colors of the lanterns are specifically chosen for communication, social status and warnings.

Red Lanterns
Red is a lucky color in China and it shows vitality and maximum energy. Red lanterns are used to indicate a birth or marriage in a household.

Blue Lanterns
Blue lanterns signify that a member of a household has decreasing energy or is sick. It is a warning

White Lanterns
White lanterns are for when energy has been eliminated at death. A white sash is draped across the door frame, flanked by one white lantern on each side.

ลอยโคมยี่เป็ง (Yi Peng Festival)

Chiang Mai Yipeng Festival In addition, it is the great festival of Lanna duly succeeded from ancient age. "Yi Peng" or full-moon day of second lunar month of Lanna villagers is corresponding to the full-moon day of 12th month of central region during the end of raining season and beginning of cold season when the climate is very nice and fair. One tradition of Lanna other than Loi Kra Thong on the river is to light up the lantern and float up in the sky based on their belief that to pay worship to Phra Ket Kaew Julamanee in the heaven or to relief one' bad luck for more auspicious life.

Yee Peng Festival 2006

The Yee Peng Festival in Mae Jo, Thailand, 2006. Thousands of paper lanterns released at the same time after a beautiful Buddhist ceremony.

10,000 Loy Krathong ( Yi Peng ) Festival Lanterns Getting Released (widescreen)

Loy Krathong ( Yi Peng ) Festival lanterns called "khom fai" being released in Mae Jo, near Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2008

Thai holiday: Loy Kratong 2007 (Chiang Mai)

Loy Kratong and Lanterns

Taiwan Lantern Festival

5,000 paper lanterns are released into the sky

Heavenly Lantern Festival - Taipei

The heavenly lantern festival takes only place one time a year. It is usually held 15 days after the chinese New Year. In history, paper lanterns have been used to send messages over the enemy lines.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by Vandalour

This thread should be moved to the UFO's and Aliens forum.

So many UFO's...

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 02:48 PM
I made one once for fun. It worked good after I figured a few things out. Here's an indoor test and an outdoor launch.
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