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EVERYTHING can be remote controlled

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posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 10:06 AM
Hello to all readers.
This is my first post.
I was (and still am) a little bit scared to write down,what I want to tell you.
The reason for this is,that some source has access to some of my internal
bodyparts and can at times do scary things like giving small electrical shocks,
that are annoying at times.
I am lucky to be still alive,because I think ,,if these things,that happened to me,,
would have occured to anothert unsuspecting person with a weak heart,
this person would have comitted suicide already or would have ended up in
the nuthouse.
There are several topics,that all have different subjects on this website to be
-mindreading (I am 100% sure,this source can read my mind)
-hacking my pc,controlling it,whithout needing to be online or having any
modem or hardware installed
-manipulating the tv programm in various ways at the speed of thought
(for example I could watch any movie with a totally new dialouge by the
original voices of the actors.A sort of interactive tv,where I was involved in
the movie,getting messages)
-wherever I went,the source could comunicate with me through the use of
lightbolbs or neonlights,that where blinking or flickering in a intelligent way
(think about the old seance game
ne time blink YES,two times NO)
-the source can use electric devices remotely ,even if they are switched off.
(TV sets,fridge,radio,yes even a toaster make loud noises,like a bang.By now
I understand,that the way to do this,could be by electromagnetic or static means,like when you switch on or off your tv or monitor,only in my case very extreme.)
-digital tv from a sat receiver could be distorted in a way,that gave me messages(very low level comunicaton,for example a small object in a movie
(like a suitcase) would be distorted to coloured pixels,what would tell me (at some stage) to leave the location.
-low level manipulation of any tv programm (for example a newsreader would
get "painted some black teeth)
-the source could even cut the whole electricity at willl(the best example was,
while watching SNEAKERS: when Robert Redford got cought in the tunnel by cia men and one said:Too many secrets...)
-and of couse a lot of unexplainable events,that happened to me
(just one example:while staying in a friends house,I was reading in a book from Richard Feynmann called:The pleasure of finding things out,I got all the
time feedback from the lightbollb,near me,sort of telling me:Yes,this sentence or part,you are reading right now,is important...
Now,my friend has an old cashbox with a turning numbercode switc,you know,these safe combination things.Just a few days before,we where trying to open it,because my friend forgot the number.
Now I was reading in the book the part Los Alamos,where Feynmann explained,that he exchanged all safecombinations in the office to the same code.I dont remember it riight now,but it was 3 or four double digits.
Then the light was blinking quite strong to give me a sign.Well,I thought,
just for fun,nobody is watching anyway,I wanted to try this safecombination from the book on my friends cashbox.Slowly turning the wheel to the given numbers,and voila, it sprang open.
-my story also involves the sources use of nature and anymals:
small example:I was reading a newspaper.A fly landed on the paper and sort
of John Nashish ,I emidiately looked at the word,on which the fly landed:
WORLD. Then the fly walked on and stopped on the word: WIDE.
Then it took off,did some rounds in the air and landed back ont the newspaper: POWER ....Ok,world wide power .The fly took off and came back to sit down on the word STRUGGLE. After that it didnt come back.
Coincedence ? Maybe...
Also a lot of electric devices get broken,when I touch them,or they dont work anymore propperly.
Just one more happening,before I close (for now):
I read a book called :The Journey of the soul by William H.Church
On a part about atlantis there where some religious numbers for jesus,
I think 22 and a 6 for something else,
So I just read the lines about the numbers,as my radioalarmclock goes on.
The exactly time was 22.06 .I never switched on the alarm for that time...
And just after that my VCD player paused the mp3 cd,that I was listening to,
while reading.Also dont know why,but guess,what was on the counter?
Song number 22 ,time 06 seconds.
Strange ??? Indeed.
If you dont mind,I would like to continue with this true story.
I have made a sort of diary together with this source,that covers some material for a book.
A little feedback from you would be nice...

posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 01:30 PM
A) this shouldn't be in Medical Issues and Conspiracies- more of a paranormal issue, i think.

B) Sounds an awful lot like the matrix, among other sci-fi movies.

c) where did you copy and paste it from? the punctuation, and spacing, makes it a pain in the rear end to read.

posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 03:08 PM
sorry,I didnt copy this story from anywhere,it is my own experience and everything is true.
I am new to the board.
Maybe you can fix it to the right place?I am not a computer wiz.Wher should I post my story ?

posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 03:26 PM
I'll move it for you. I was trying to decide the best place for this post.

posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 04:32 PM
Gotta say Bobo, what you are presenting sounds very "John Nashish" to quote your own neologism.

Seeing connections on multiple levels, believing your thoughts are being read/broadcast/commented on through the paths of flies and the flickering of lightbulbs. This sounds a lot like paranoid schizophrenia.

If you did author the material at the head of the thread, you owe it to yourself to see what an MD has to say. If you ARE suffering from thought control, drugs like clonopin and depakote can actually improve your independence of thought.

If the doctor says you do not have organic brain disorder, then you'll need to find other methods:

you might laugh, but if it cuts out the mental clutter, then who can say, right?

posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 05:28 PM
Good point you make her Dr.Lovecraft.
The reason for me beeing still around in public,
is that I kept my mouth shut for nearly 5 years now.
It is obvious,that I would have ended up in psyachatric hospital,had I
tried to proove my encounters to anyone.
That is the insurance for this secret society or whatever it is,that nothing
comes out .
Nobody believes you anyway.
But I tell you, this Source has sufficient money and influence to do things,
that you wouldnt believe anyway.
But here now I feel safe in a way,as there are many stories posted,like mine
and nobody has to believe me.
I like the link,you posted
In the beginning I also never believed in any supernatural stuff,but my view changed soon.I have some books,which I read with the light giving remarks,.
In these books I started to make notes,whenever the light gave a sign or whenever I heard some noises like dog barking or someone shouting and when I now look at them ,I see John Nash was close to something,when he looked at the pigeons .

posted on Jul, 17 2004 @ 05:44 PM
There was a double-post mixup so I will close this thread. Discussion can carry on over here:

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