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It's a System

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 06:42 AM
Meaning of Democracy

How many of you have actually read the meaning. I didn't see it before.

The system owns the military, the system owns the countries.
I know sounds crazy haha

Let me explain....

We vote for our PR agent with the system.
It's built in to make us feel good, we have a say.

The system owns the land. If you wanted to start a new system within this system, you must face the systems built up military. That the citizens have bought for it.

Why do we pay one man to run everything. the system is a corperation.

Corperation Meaning

It needs to grow.

What would a new system even look like, be like.

With internet, you could all vote for exactly what you wanted from government, in every aspect.

That is now the job of the senate.

We could all make the bills.

~What if a crazy person makes a new bill?

~What if a crazy person already is?

It comes down to Apathy.

Apathy meaning.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 08:23 AM
Actually you can own the land surface and mineral rights it cost more in taxes, than they awitched it late 1800's
to a lease of surface rights and mineral rights. housing was never to be an investment, as it requires maintance like a car. Above all it's concept, people are born ignorant into a concept. The one aspect your never taught, or never shown Its the illision the lie, as everything would not have value. No different than government it is a concept, the concept of governance.
This why the natives laughed at the white boy's who came over wanting to own the land tree's water sky rivers,
For the natives the concept never exisited, there were no things to own, everything had its own invidualality it's own rights and they lived by being there own balance within the natural system, The governance was done by the eagle, who "flies the heightest and see the furthest", who has the ability of looking clean through a person into there soul and would tell the Creator "the one who created" It is the creator's doing that gives the tests of learning for knowledge wisdom by any means nessary, as the Creator is infinity, "the infinite one" same as "the all seeing eye" The creators knowledge is infinite,and has infinite abilities, the entire universe or a grain of sand.

What you believe and what you know the difference is "ignorance" now you can not say you were not warned:>


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